10 Best Karaoke Duets Country Style

The Grand Ole Opry!

Don't we all just love a lil bit of Country music?.

Any true Country music fan will be familiar with Tennessee's No.1 attraction The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville where many artists past & present showcased their talents to the world.

The Opry is the platform that launched the careers of many of our now most famous singers, and gave us some of the best karaoke duets country to entertain and delight any audience.

Today, the venue is dedicated to honoring and showcasing a mix of country legends and many of the current chart-toppers who followed in their footsteps.

It is "country's most famous stage" and has been called the home of American music. You can tune into their broadcasts through many channels across the globe.

Best Karaoke Duets Country Style

Some of the best karaoke duets country style were written and sung by many of the biggest names in country music.

Artists such as Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton, "a match made in heaven", with their distinctive voices, recorded a great number of duets throughout the decades including the classic "Islands In The Stream".

The pair last sang together at Kennys' farewell concert in 2017 and sadly the legend "The Gambler" passed away in March 2020.

A great loss to the country music community.

Johnny Cash & his beautiful wife June Carter Cash were not only one of countrys' greatest love stories, but were a dynamic duo in the world of country music.

They worked and wrote together & performed some of the most iconic country songs in history including, "Jackson" & "Ring of Fire".

They were married for 35 years until June passed away in May 2003 followed just 4 months later by her devoted husband Johnny.

Their epic love story still lives on in the wonderful music they performed together and country fans will be forever grateful for their legacy.

Country Roots

Country music is defined as having roots in folk music from the the rural parts on the Southeast and Cowboy music of the West in the early 20th century.

Generally it is simple in form & harmony and is typified by melancholy or romantic ballads accompanied by stringed instruments such as, banjo, guitar, fiddle & steel guitars with often narrative lyrics and repeated chorus's.

There are so many types of country music giving you a vast selection of best karaoke duets country style to choose from.

  • Country Rock
  • Rockabilly
  • Outlaw Music
  • Bluegrass
  • Western Swing
  • Honky Tonk

The best karaoke duets country style are some of the best songs to dance & sing along to. The beats make them easy to dance to, & the lyrics are generally easy to remember & relate to. You will have no difficulty belting them out at your next country karaoke night.

Most country songs are related to personal stories of loss, love & many other experiences that resonate with people who listen to them.

Country music has an expressive power unlike most other genres of music and it is this emotional content that generates it's long lasting appeal.

This genre of music is one of the most enjoyable to listen and dance to (get those line dancing boots ready) and also to get everybody toe tappin' the karaoke night away.

Country Favorites

Mosey on over and take a look at our top picks in the country genre and see if your favorite made into our Top 10 greatest duets.

Keep Calm & Stay Country!

kid rock feat. sheryl crow picture

Who would have ever thought that these two famous talented artists would join forces to record a duet.

They met at the Grammys and went on to write & record the song in one day.

The lyrics are compelling & relatable and will definitely win karaoke audiences over as it is still being played on radio stations throughout the USA and will be for many more decades.

brad paisley feat. alison krauss whiskey lullaby

Released in 2004, this song with it's heart wrenching lyrics cannot but evoke deep emotions from anyone who hears or sings it.

Remember when you duet on this song to show and express the pain & emotion within the lyrics and you will have even the most cold hearted crowd in the palm of your hand.

carrie underwood feat. randy travis i told you so

Carrie Underwood recorded a cover of this song 20 years after it was originally written & recorded by Randy Travis.

Not long after she had recorded it a Cincinnati DJ created a mashup with the two artists versions and it took off big time on radio stations and Youtube.

This prompted the two artists to get together on American Idol and perform the song as a duet.

Following that performance they went on to release an official version of the song.

Put your heart and soul into this duet if you want to smash your performance.

johnny cash & june carter jackson

These country music legends Johnny & June made more of a lasting impact on country music than any other duetting artists.

This song first appeared on the album "Carryin' On with Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash" in the late 60s and includes 11 other great duets by the couple.

"Jackson" was very popular with country music fans throughout the 60s & 70s and also had a further rise in popularity when it was included in the 2011 motion picture "The Help".

This song with it's great lyrics is perfect for any karaoke session and will always be included in our picks of the best karaoke duets country.

dolly parton & kenny rogers islands in the stream

There is no way this could be left out of our recommendations of the best karaoke duets country style.

Kenny & Dolly made this one of the best classic duets ever. Written by the Bee Gees originally for the great Marvin Gaye as an R&B tune but was ultimately transformed into the country-pop crossover we now know.

This is one to add to your karaoke country playlist.

kenny chesney feat. grace potter "you and tequila"

The lyrics in this song are so powerful, it resonates with many people who day to day face a struggle to free themselves from ongoing damaging ties that are steadily destroying their lives.

When you duet on this song be sure to put up a real good fight to smash your performance.

brad paisley & dolly parton "when i get where i'm going"

Widely popular with country music fans this song was nominated for song of the year at the 2006 Country Music Awards. 

This deeply moving & sentimental song deals with contemplating ones own death and what comes after it.

Great lyrics and a perfect duet choice.

willie nelson & julio iglesias to all the girls i loved before

Get your bandannas at the ready for this classic 1984 country music duet.

Nelson & Iglesias were named duo of the year in 1984 by the Country Music Association. "To All The Girls I Loved Before" was named single of the year by the Academy of Country Music.

A surefire winner!

brad paisley & carrie underwood remind me

There is so much truth & power to the lyrics in this song that resonates with partners who are seeking to ignite those flames of passion that have slowly disappeared in the relationship over time, and who are both ultimately to blame.

This duet gathers perspectives from either side in the hope of rekindling the love they once had.

Country duet at it's best!

alan jackson & jimmy buffett It's five o'clock somewhere

Released in 2003 this song spent 8 weeks on the No.1 spot of the Billboard Hot Country Charts, and made it on to our list of the best karaoke duets country style.

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere is a popular expression often used as justification to drink at any time of day, given that somewhere across the globe it will be 5.00pm.

Happy hour in many restaurants & bars also usually starts at 5.00pm.

So pour yourself something tall and strong, check the time & get your country karaoke show on the road.


If you cannot find a song in the best karaoke duet country style selection, then you should not be here!

Country music will never lose it's popularity due to several reasons.

Songs are short & sweet

Most songs usually range in length between 3 to 4 mins so they are neither repetitive or boring to the listener.

Simple songs

Believe it or not you need only be able to master 4 chords on a guitar to play most country songs although there are more difficult songs containing 5 chords throughout the whole song.

Emotional songs

They are either happy or sad lyrics and when read aloud they evoke the same emotion as when music is added.

Selfless artists

Country singers generally write music that their fans want to hear and not on what they themselves enjoy.

They always relate to their fans and that is why country music has such a loyal following.

Talented artists

Many country singers did not write their own songs in the past and concentrated mainly on just singing.

There were a few exceptions, notably, Merle Haggard, Dolly Parton & Hank Williams, although over the past few decades many more country singers have followed their lead and chose to write their own songs with great success.

Country Music & Karaoke

Country music & karaoke go hand in hand in todays entertainment industry and the best karaoke duets country style will keep karaoke lovers belting out renditions of these timeless classic tunes for many decades to come.

Please feel free to add your favorite country duets in the comments below!

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