11 Best Songs to Sing in Karaoke


If you are simply looking for a good night out belting out some of your favorite songs, then hopefully we can get you on the right track with the best songs to sing in karaoke.

Karaoke is all about the fun element and not about whether you are a Soprano, Baritone, Tenor or if your ladies voice is alto or mezzo.

Only the real top vocalists will research how to improve vocal technique to show off their talent.

I don’t know about you, but I think being a good or bad singer when it comes to karaoke entertainment is totally irrelevant.

It is all about having a great time, a good laugh and enjoying your night out. Having said that there are a few best songs to sing in karaoke that will help you along the way to becoming a karaoke star in your own right.

Karaoke Debut

Your big karaoke debut is up and coming, you are ready to step into the spotlight, put on your bravest face, grab the mic and prepare yourself to belt out one of your favorites.

But which one? Unsure of the best songs to sing in karaoke makes doubt creep in and makes your confidence wane as you question:

  • Is My Voice Strong Enough?
  • Can I Hit Those High Notes?
  • Will I Make a Complete Fool of Myself? (Who Cares!)
  • Should I Do a Duet?

You do not need to have a great voice to “climb every mountain” although let’s face it, some people are born karaoke stars.

Nevertheless you can still shine in your spotlight if you choose from the best songs to sing in karaoke.

So at least take a look at some of the songs that are fairly easy to sing along to that make you feel good.

Best Songs To Sing In Karaoke

backstreet boys i want it that way

Well I don’t need a karaoke night to sing along to this little gem of a song.

No matter where I am if I hear this song I go full throttle giving it everything I’ve got. Having not been blessed with the greatest voice I find the lyrics are not hard to navigate and the repetitive chorus makes this little gem a karaoke classic.

bruce springsteen born to run

This one is a definite crowd pleaser regardless of your vocal ability. The “Boss” released this in 1975 and was his first single to make the charts.

Not surprisingly 25 years later a well delivered “Baby we were born to run” will ignite any karaoke night.

whitney houston i wanna dance with somebody

Who doesn’t love this classic Whitney song? Easy to sing along to and a real crowd pleaser for any karaoke night.

ben e king | stand by me

Get your tissues out for this teary classic which has been covered more times than I care to count.

Popularised in the 1986 movie of the same name, it is one of those tunes that regardless of your vocal ability everyone can belt out on the night.

I know it is hard not to feel intimidated when the act on stage before you might as well have won every award around the globe for their vocal capabilities, but remember, karaoke is all about fun and entertainment.

Laugh, Cry, Enjoy. Karaoke is not about whether you can sing or not, it is for you and your crowds’ entertainment.

So get your glad rags on, grab a drink, grab the mic and let’s create some karaoke magic.

Crowd Pleasers 

Pharrell Williams | happy

What can you say about this little ditty? It is happiness in abundance.

It requires minimal effort on your part, simply get up there, clap, sing “Because I’m Happy” especially as there are few unique words in these lyrics to get everybody rocking along with you.

outcast | hey ya

Pump up the crowd with this fiery favorite. You don’t have to worry if singing is not your forte, just get up there and do some of your fantastic jumping around, on stage moves.

tears for fears | everybody wants to rule the world

Worrying your voice is not good enough?

Well, this little pearl of a song is easy enough for anyone to pull off. You can sing the recurring melody at your ease, never worrying that your voice may not be up to scratch.

erasure | respect

This 1988 pop favorite will allow you to show your inner man diva and gain the respect you deserve. Be careful when the falsetto kicks in at the end of the chorus though, or you might need to clench those butt cheeks!

So You Want To Sound Impressive?

Don’t we all! Improving your karaoke game should begin with some easy songs as learning to sing can be difficult with no formal training.

Singing easy songs will not only help you to get some practice in but will build your confidence as you learn what best suits your voice and tone.

Look for songs that have an easy melody and memorable lyrics to get you started.

abba | mamma mia

Released by this amazing Swedish group in 1975 this classic upbeat song is one that I am sure everyone knows by now. If you are looking to make an impact with your karaoke debut this is the perfect song for you.

With lyrics that are easily remembered and repetitive, you will have the whole place on their feet singing along with you.

elvis presley | can't help falling in love

The king of Rock n’ Roll released this song in 1961 for his Blue Hawaii album. It is classed in pop genre and is regarded by many as one of the greatest romantic songs ever.

If this song is transposed in the right key, both males and females can confidently belt out the memorable lyrics to this romantic melody quite easily.

john lennon | imagine

The lyrics composed in this song by John Lennon have undoubtedly had an unparalleled impact throughout the world.

He talks about a world where there are no borders, people live in peace and there is no suffering. Imagine if that were the case, what a wonderful world we would live in.

This was the best selling single during his long career and no doubt it’s popularity will continue through generations to come. If you choose to sing this on your karaoke night you should have no doubts to your capability.

This unique arrangement lends itself to any karaoke beginner as the simple lyrics and stripped down melody makes it a perfect choice to get your karaoke debut of to a smashing start.

Sing What Comes Naturally

When it comes down to the nitty gritty you should simply choose a song that not only compliments your voice but one that you also thoroughly enjoy.

Finding the perfect song for your voice may not be that easy but if you remember these key factors you will find the songs that are perfectly easy for you to sing.

  • A Range of an Octave or Less
  • Lyrics That are Easily Remembered
  • No Falsetto (Michael Jackson Comes to Mind) Ouch!
11 best songs to sing in karaoke - michael jackson

Bearing these factors in mind you should easily find a selection of songs to suit your vocal range and get you strutting your stuff to the best songs to sing in karaoke.

Last but not least remember there are many ways that you can enhance your performance in the spotlight.

  • Choose a Winning Song
  • Replace Fear with Humour
  • Learn Some Mic Technique
  • Give a Great Performance

I hope these tips will be of some help on your karaoke journey to improve your vocal performance and enable you to be a confident karaoke kook.

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