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15 Best Karaoke Songs For A Group

Bring The House Down!

When you are out on the town with a group of friends, there is no better way of letting your hair down than with a group singalong. You can choose from some of the best karaoke songs for a group to perform at your local karaoke bar.

That way you can all join in the fun & make complete fools of yourselves together!

Let's face it, karaoke with a group of friends guarantees a great nights entertainment, and as you are all going to be doing the same thing, you are not going to be judged as harshly as when you go solo.

The best karaoke songs for a group gives you the option to choose from a catalogue of classic hits that you can belt out to the crowd with confidence.

Maybe for starters when you are all eager to show of your theatrical passion "Queen's" Bohemian Rhapsody will get you up and running (assuming you are in the early stages of alcohol consumption) and will set the mood for the rest of the evening.

Tips To Keep In Mind

  • Choose songs that were originally recorded by groups as they are more suited for any karaoke group performance.
  • Make sure your song choice is not too long or complicated, as you do not want the crowd to lose interest in your performance.
  • Do not choose songs such as "YMCA" which have been "done to death" in karaoke settings even though everybody will know the words.                Enough is Enough!
  • Bear in mind that just because the original group may have had only 3 members does not mean that 6 of you can't get up to sing it. The more the merrier, will simply add to the fun on the night.

These tips are only our suggestions, so you can decide for yourself if you take them on board or not.

Best Karaoke Songs For A Group

'n sync bye bye bye

The harmonies on this song are pretty difficult to master especially if you have had "one too many" cocktails beforehand.

So forget about the harmonies and you will find it much easier to perform.

You will certainly bring the house down if you include all the iconic, waving dance moves.

the black eyed peas where is the love

This is a great song with rapping, singing & features a fantastic mix of vocals, & is one of the best karaoke songs for a group to perform.

Not only that, it is an easy song for a group to sing as there are no harmonies to worry about.

One point to remember with your performance is that with rap groups each member always joins in the last phrase or word in unison which is the case throughout this song. 

You will have no problem with audience participation if you encourage everyone to clap at the end.

mamas & the papas california dreamin'

A 60s classic from an iconic group. The harmonies are exceptional and difficult for most to master.

The flute solo could certainly make for an awkward pause in your performance, so maybe one of the group should mimic playing a flute if only to get over the awkwardness and get a well deserved laugh from the crowd.

Worth a try!

the weather girls it's raining men

This is one of the best karaoke songs for a group and would be well suited for all you girls out there.

Grab some poor unsuspecting guy from the audience, drag him on stage, and this will certainly enhance your performance of this classic singalong tune.

Harmonies are difficult on this one but just get up there, belt out those lyrics that we all know inside out.

bee gees stayin' alive

There is nothing more stimulating than some classic disco music to get your karaoke "John Travolta" moves rockin' the audience.

This "Saturday Night Fever" showstopper will test your harmonies so ensure that you are all prepared for the high pitch vocals this song requires. 

abba dancing queen

Who doesn't love a bit of Abba at any karaoke night?

Great vocals, Great dance moves, Great costumes.

Get your Dancing Queen moves going to this song. We all know, you can dance, you can jive & you will "have the time of your life". 

This is one of the best karaoke songs for a group that will get the whole crowd dancing and singing.

chubby checker twist & shout

Although this was a solo performance by the great man himself, it is an absolute winner for any group to perform & get the whole karaoke bar singing & twisting the night away.

Just Enjoy!

spice girls wannabe

It would not be a karaoke night without the girls themselves!

Choose your favorite Spice girl and get those moves going "zigazig ah"

Scary Spice in your group needs to be 100% committed with her performance as her iconic rap is what holds the whole song together.

Be careful not to scare the crowd away!

destiny's child bootylicious

How much fun can you have with this song? 

The vocals for once are not dominated by Beyonce, so all three vocals are evenly split.

Practice the harmonies & sing with confidence and you will be bootylicious stars in the spotlight at any karaoke group session.

the proclaimers 500 miles

If it easy lyrics and crowd participation you are looking for, then the nonsensical lyric brilliance of this smash hit will do the trick!

Karaoke at it's best!

journey don't stop believin'

Come on now guys, this classic rock anthem is yours for the taking.

Drunk or sober you can belt this one out winning the audience over every time!

Don't Stop Believin'.....Ever!

Billy joel piano man

The best karaoke songs for a group most definitely had to include this song to round off the perfect karaoke night.

With an audience who at the end of the night will be "high in spirts" or should I say "on spirits" they will be eager to join you in your performance of this Billy Joel classic.

Karaoke perfection!

alanis morissette you oughta know

Let's hope none of you girls in the group have been dumped on the night, or the crowd is in for some serious screaming vocals as you prepare for the "single life".

Best karaoke "Hate My Ex" group song ever.

Go for it girls!

britney spears hit me baby one more time

I can see it now, a group of girls in uniform, classic Britney style, with plaited locks, knocking this one out of the park to the enjoyment of all the male karaoke patrons in the bar.

Probably the best karaoke "Treat of the night".

the beatle hey jude

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na! 

What else is there to say? Your group performance will go down a storm with this "epic" of a song by the "Fab Four".

Try keeping the crowd quiet on this if you dare!

Karaoke Song Choices

There is such a huge catalogue of music & music genres spread throughout the decades. This makes it simply impossible to select the best karaoke songs for a group party that everyone can relate to or choose to perform at karaoke, whether as a Soloist, Group or Duet.

Given that, we have researched to find a selection of popular karaoke hits that we hope will at least resonate with some some of you Karaoke Kooks out there.

If not, we apologize to those of you whose favorite songs are not in our selection and would welcome your input on songs that you feel should be included in future content.

It will be a pleasure to hear from you and also for us to gain some up-to-date insights as to what music is "killing it" in your local karaoke bar.

Keep on Kooking!

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