16 Best Karaoke Songs 2000s


Nostalgia for the 2000s is now gaining in popularity for themed nights and themed parties.

After all it was 21 years since the Millennium, hard as it is to believe. It was decade that saw a rise in Online Gaming, HDTV, Blu Ray, High Speed Internet & MP3 Audio.

Not only that, it was also a decade of a great diverse range of music. Some of the best karaoke songs 2000s included Hip-Hop, Country, Dance, Pop Punk, Pop & so much more.

The 2000s are not as fondly remembered as previous decades probably because it is the most recent.

Through the passage of time it will earn it's natural place in the past and we will look back at the influences the 2000s had on music, fashion & lifestyle.

For the moment we can reflect on the music, many of which were upbeat catchy, vibrant & more importantly some of the best karaoke songs 2000s for a great party night. 

Best Karaoke Songs 2000s

linkin park in the end

Rev up your 2000s karaoke party with this 2002 Rap-Rock hit.

I dare you not to sing along with Linkin Park on this Nu Metal track.

With an energetic chorus and catchy rap verses, there is no doubt that this song will be on your karaoke 2000s playlist for many parties to come.

kelly clarkson since you u been gone

The catchy chorus and simple lyrics make this power pop song a great choice to perform at any party.

gnarls barkley crazy

2006 Yes! "I remember when" this was one of the top hits that year. 

Everyone was going "Crazy" singing it.

The verses were easy to sing and the upbeat tempo made it perfect for everyone to sing along to.

50 cent ft. nate dogg 21 questions

This mellow love song was a far cry from 50 Cents' gangsta rap.

He must have been chilled out when he wrote and recorded it.

The steady beat & catchy verse will no doubt make this one of the best karaoke songs 2000s to add to your setlist.

zac brown band chicken fried

"Chicken fried with a cold beer!" 

Sounds just the ticket for any country karaoke bar.

This great band never fails to get the crowd singing and dancing all night long.

foo fighters all my life

I'm sure you have been searching for one of the best karaoke songs 2000s to perform.

You have certainly found it with this 2003 hit.

Don't be intimidated as this is one of our "heavier" picks on the list as it is actually an easy enough for anyone to perform.

justin timberlake sexy back

We simply had to include this well known hit in our best karaoke songs 2000s countdown.

Easy lyrics, catchy & fun chorus make it one to get the crowd rockin' their bodies all night long.

daft punk one more time

Let's hope these are the words your audience are chanting when you perform this upbeat Daft Punk 2001 hit.

Forget about the robotic voice effects and just get up there one more time.

lady gaga poker face

As always Lada Gaga brings it home with this 2008 chart topping hit.

The repeats in the chorus and verses make this an easy song for anyone to sing and is sure to involve some great audience participation.

white stripes seven nation army

This 2003 rock anthem with catchy hooks, jazzy guitar & brilliant drum work is a perfect choice for karaoke as it is easy to sing along to.

You are gonna "fight'em all & a seven nation army" will not hold you back.

Get up there and earn your stripes.

beyonce single ladies (put a ring on it)

Rising to fame as the lead singer of Destiny's Child one of the best girl groups of all time, Beyonce soon established a solo career when the group disbanded in 2006.

Her accolades are to many to mention. She has won awards throughout every category in the music industry and Billboard named her as the highest earning black musician of all time.

I doubt anyone will match her vocals, but come on girls, do it for all the single ladies on karaoke night!

Amy Winehouse valerie

I doubt anyone can compare to the one and only late Amy Winehouse.

Known for her deep expressive contralto vocals & electric mix of music genres which included R&B, Soul & Jazz.

Still, it is one of the great hits of the 2000s and popular for any karaoke session. 

outcast hey ya

No karaoke party is a party without "Hey Ya"

One great song that everyone will know.

This song is awesome from the first note and will have the crowd boogying on the dance floor all night long.

pussycat dolls don't cha

This song is one to definitely get all the guys hot under the collar.

Don't Cha worry too much about the vocal performance, get those bodies working the stage and you will go down in karaoke history.

Won't Cha!

lady gaga bad romance


If you can match this fashion and style icon's vocals you are well on your way to stealing the spotlight at karaoke.

One of the most memorable pop songs, this single established Gaga as a Lady to be reckoned with.

oo la-la

kylie minogue can't get you out of my head

La, La, La / La, la, la, la, la

Got to admit these lyrics are simple enough for any budding karaoke performer.

Once again Kylie pulled it out of the hat with chic, stylish & definite "dance to" number.

Hope the crowd can't get you out of their head after your time in the spotlight.

The Noughties

The noughties was dominated by mainly Hip-Hop lasting right through the decade although rock music still had its' loyal fans.

Pop music was still going strong with brilliant catchy songs from Girls Aloud, Scissor Sisters, Duffy, Maroon 5 & Robbie Williams.

We were treated to some classic pop hits from superstar artists such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake & Rhianna.

We reminisce over the loss of some of the most iconic names in music:

  • Johnny Cash
  • June Carter Cash
  • Nina Simone
  • James Brown...  "The Godfather of Soul"
  • Ike Turner
  • Luciano Pavarotti
  • Isaac Hayes "Shaft"
  • Odetta "The voice of the civil rights movement"
  • Dave Day "Most subscribed musician on Youtube"
  • Michael Jackson "King of Pop"

The legacy that these great music artists / legends left behind will continue to impact the music industry around the world for decades to come.....R.I.P.

We can be thankful for one thing that we managed to dodge in the year 2000.

The world did not crash as predicted with the "Millennium Bug" Imagine what life would have been like if all technology had failed within a 24hr period.

Enough Said!!!


We can look back on the noughties now and reflect on some of the great artists & music that we still to this day get nostalgic about and many who's careers have gone from strength to strength and who are still entertaining us to this day.

The best karaoke songs 2000s gave us some absolute gems that we can now all add to our playlists for a karaoke journey back in time that no one can fail to enjoy when your karaoke night kicks off.

If you haven't done so already, it's time to: 

Add some Nostalgia to your Playlist Now!