19 Best Karaoke Songs For Bad Singers

Are You The Worst Singer?

When it comes to karaoke you have two outcomes.

  1. 1
    Win the crowd over
  2. 2
    Lose the crowd

Being a talented singer who can belt out a Celine Dion number confidently does not necessarily mean that you wont bore the crowd to death so, what are the best karaoke songs for bad singers?

Sometimes, as is the case at my local karaoke bar, the worst singer who had a good sense of humor about their lack of vocal ability nearly always stole the night with their performance.

A karaoke crowd are there to have fun and enjoy most performances whether they are good or bad.

The question is not "are you a good singer"? but "are you good at karaoke"? a totally different metric.

The best karaoke songs for bad singers will at least give you you a chance to prove how bad a singer you really are.


The whole point of karaoke is not about worrying if you can master those high notes all the time, but more about having the confidence to get up and put on a show that will capture the essence of karaoke and totally engage with your audience.

There is no getting away from the fact if you are not a good singer or even tone deaf you already know pretty much how bad a singer you really are.

There are some cases where singers who regardless of how excruciatingly painful it is to listen to, believe that they actually have the voice of an angel.

The best karaoke songs for bad singers will always expose your true vocal ability.

This is never more apparent than on a number of tv talent shows where acts arrive on the stage and leave us totally mind-boggled as to how they ever got through the selection process in the first place.

All About Entertainment

Basically, it is for us the viewer to see the fun element of the show regardless of how the contestant may feel when they are boo'd off stage by the audience.

The panel of judges generally sit there splitting there sides at the performance they have just been subjected to.

  • If you've got, flaunt it !
  • If you haven't got it, flaunt it even more !

At the end of the day if you can entertain the crowd on the night you will no doubt leave the professional singers scratching their heads wondering where they went wrong!

Singing the best karaoke songs for bad singers can sometimes have a better outcome than you may at first think.

The best way forward for you if you are a bad singer is to pick the "cringiest" song you can think of and go with it.

Obviously your performance will not be a jaw dropping experience for the crowd, but one sure thing it will do is to entertain them and make them laugh.

Winners & Losers

If you can get over the nightmare of being laughed at and take the whole experience in the light hearted manner that is karaoke, then you are already a winner. If you can't then your best option is to get a couple of friends to join in with you and have a good singalong, have fun and forget about the quality of your vocals.

Best Karaoke Songs For Bad Singers

There are quite a lot of karaoke songs out there that are more than suitable for people who have bad singing voices.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an accomplished karaoke kook, you need to grab the bull by the horns and start giving the performance of your life at your next karaoke night or party.

The following list of our best karaoke songs for bad singers will definitely make your karaoke experience more enjoyable, if not more memorable than ever!

billy ray cyrus achy breaky heart

This crackin' lil' country number with its' catchy and easy to remember lyrics will ensure you have lots of fun at any karaoke night/party even if your voice is not up to scratch.

wheatus teenage dirtbag

This one sneaks into our list simply because any bad singer can master these lyrics. Why not get your mates to join in a singalong for even more fun and entertainment.

right said fred i'm too sexy

What can I say? You will never go wrong with this one no matter how bad a singer your are, simple because Fred himself couldn't sing to save his life.

You will probably come out on top singing it far better than him.

Believe it or not, this bands' achievements include No.1 hits in 70 countries including USA & UK.

So you see, there is hope for all you bad singers out there.

the bangles | eternal flame

What are the best karaoke songs for bad singers?

Even if you think this song is not appropriate for really bad singers, that is what makes it an excellent choice.

Singing it with a really bad voice makes for a fun night of karaoke entertainment.

celine dion my heart will go on

Yes, something will definitely go on and it will not be good singing!

It will sound more like cats screaming with those high notes that will be impossible for you to reach.

Nevertheless, have fun!

chumbawamba tubthumping

Never let your bad vocals stop you from the challenge of singing this amazing song.

It really is the one to get the party rockin'!

fugees killing me softly with his song

Sorry to have to say this but you will probably kill them with your bad vocal rendition, even though it is a great song for any karaoke night.

joan jett & the blackhearts i love rock n roll

This has a powerful chorus that is easy to sing along to. Britney covered this song and a couple of her hits "Hit Me Baby" (one more time) & Toxic are great choices for all you bad singers out there as long as you put some energy & attitude into it.

niel diamond sweet caroline

The chorus in this song is a party, so don't worry if you are a really bad singer.

It is one of the most popular karaoke songs ever so you can smash this one with some crowd participation.

nancy sinatra these boots are made for walking

So easy to sing along to! Get your walking boots on for this belter of a song.

One of the best break up karaoke songs apart from the classic Gloria Gayners' "I Will Survive". 

Let's hope you do on the nite!

blink 182 all the small things

It doesn't really matter how bad a voice you have with this song as it will probably be on par with those who sing it.

A good light hearted funny song!

rebecca black friday

You can definitely go for it with this song, as it is one of those that will make you sound good no matter how bad your voice is.

Having an insight as to the best karaoke songs for bad singers is always an advantage.

maroon 5 girls like you

This has an interesting lyric & tune. It is one of those songs that is easy to sing for even the worst singers in the world.

justin beiber sorry

If you really wanna! have a go at singing this catchy song with simple lyrics & music. It is sure to get the crowd excited and pumped up.

johnny nash i can see clearly now

Push the button on this golden oldie that is so easy to sing even if you haven't got a note in your head.

A simple melody & easy lyrics make this one of those really feel good songs to get your karaoke nite up and running. 

The champs "tequila"

It may be worth downing a few before hand as it certainly won't make you sound any worse than you already are. 

An excellent song for bad singers and great for crowd participation. "TEQUILA"

The beatles yellow submarine

Get all the bad singers you can find together to sing this one out.

Not one of the more popular songs at karaoke but an excellent choice for bad singers everywhere.

Tone Loc wild thing

Piece of cake for all you bad singers. Pretty monotone song but you can smash it as long as you give a wild performance.

lou bega mamba no 5

Forget about your vocals as there is no skill needed whatsoever to sing this song.

The best karaoke songs for bad singers were obviously chosen with this in mind.

Lyrics are easy to follow and you are sure to get plenty of crowd participation.

Don't Take It Too Seriously

Remember karaoke is an art form for some people to channel their inner rock star or songstress.

Those of us who are not blessed with vocal strength have to face the fact it can be a humiliating ride of shame.

When push comes to shove and you find yourself on stage being egged on to sing by friends, don't let stage fright get in your way.

Dig deep for that courage we know you have, grab a mic and choose one of these songs selected especially for all you really bad singers.

You never know you could actually end up being the best of all the singers on the night. You will sound so bad, that it is actually good! 

Select one of the best karaoke songs for bad singers and you will be well on your way.

Don't get your hopes up though and most of all remember don't take yourself too seriously.

Now you have mastered your solo performance, it's time to check out the best karaoke songs for duets!