24 Best Karaoke Songs For Duets

It Takes Two...

You either love them or hate them, but there is no question that karaoke nites or even days are one of the most entertaining pastimes for many people across the globe.

There is nothing better than getting together with friends & family, having a few drinks, and letting your hair down as you belt out some of the best karaoke songs for duets that everyone can enjoy and even join in with.

So you have smashed it as a soloist at karaoke, all you need do now, is smash a duet with a friend.

You will have twice as much fun, twice as many laughs and more importantly twice the vocal range.

A karaoke duet involves two singers who share the stage and have equal importance in the performance of the music they select, although this is often overlooked after a few drinks and generally turns into a free for all.

It is good fun at the end of the day and that is what karaoke is all about. Having a good time with friends, family and other enthusiasts at any given "karaoke" time with some of the best karaoke songs for duets.

Perfect Harmony

Performing duets are one way in which to encourage shy or nervous singers who find it difficult to choose a solo song that suits them.

There is nothing more pleasurable to the ear than a duet that is sung in perfect harmony.

All you need do now is to grab the microphone with your partner, friend or even another karaoke singer. Get that perfect duet vibe going, electrifying all those other wild karaoke revelers who are more than ready to share in the magic of your performance.

You will most certainly have twice as much fun, twice as many laughs and more importantly twice the vocal range with the best karaoke songs for duets.

Classic Duets

There are so many classic duets to choose from that you may find it difficult selecting the best one to suit your vocals.

Rest assured, duets are a sure fire way to make any good karaoke party a smash hit!

Best Karaoke Songs For Duets

The following are just a few carefully selected best karaoke songs for duets.


Lady gaga & bradley cooper shallow

This song had to take pride and place at our top spot. 

In the sha-ha-sha-la-la-la-llow... has earned a place in the 21st century as one of the greatest karaoke duets. 

No one can argue with that!

frank & nancy sinatra something stupid

This legendry father and daughter duet is a perfect choice to get the night started.

Easy to sing along to as it flows at a comfortable pace. Perfect for most karaoke duet performances.

eminem & rihanna love the way you lie

Melody & Rap. A perfect combination for a memorable duet all you need do is decide who has a feel for rap and who has a voice for melody.

You will have no problem smashing this!

Frozen love is an open door

Choose your character, Prince Han's or Anna. Bring your musical and acting talents to the party with this classic from the movie Frozen.

With fast paced harmonies & dialogue, let your inner actress / actor carry you away.

lady gaga & ariana grande rain on me

No question "Gaga" can smash any vocal and paired with Ariana Grande this is pure dynamite.

If you love to party and dance then what are you waiting for?

This song will nail your duet stage performance!

Jay-z & alicia keys empire state of mind

You may not be in the concrete jungle of New York where dreams are made of, but your dreams can still come true when your duet recreates this classic on stage.

elton john & kiki dee don't go breaking my heart

Elton just wanted a song that he could sing with his good friend Kiki. Bernie Taupin came up with this infectious melody & harmony and of course this was a smash duet hit.

You should have no trouble getting to grips with this one!

John travolta & olivia newton-john summer nights

Aaagh those Suummerrr Niiites!!... I will tell you more, tell you more.

Who doesn't know and love this popular 1978 song from "Grease" the movie. I am sure you will have no trouble reaching the high note at the end as everyone will be pitching in on this one.

A classic hit & one of the best karaoke songs for duets ever.

paul mc cartney & michael jackson say say say

What a duo! Two of the greatest legends in the history of music.

Simply in no doubt as to why it claimed the top spot on various rankings.

queen bohemian rhapsody

A mini opera in it's own right and proclaimed as one of the greatest rock hits in the history of music. The more the merrier for this classic karaoke great.

marvin gaye & tammi terrell ain't no mountain high enough

What a duet, what a dynamic couple. 

Sadly, this song gained no real recognition when recorded in 1967. It was 5 years later that Diana Ross recorded it and received a Grammy nomination for it.

However, the original made it into the Grammy hall of fame in 1999, thirty two years too late in my view.

aretha franklin & george michael i knew you were waiting

Now we're talking, romance that is! 

Aretha got the man of her dreams when she paired up with the icon that was George Michael on this chart topping duet.

Elaine page & barbara dickson i know him so well

Be warned, you will need a multitude of vocal ranges to churn out this classic Elaine & Barbara number from the musical Chess.

celine dion & peabo bryson beauty & the beast

Written for Disneys' animated film, this beautiful rendition is one of the best karaoke songs for duets and a perfect choice to sing with your partner.

Start practicing now if you want to look sweet & adorable at your next family karaoke party.

one direction what make you beautiful

You can "light up the world like nobody else" when you perform this happy song on stage.

A definite mood booster!

kc & the sunshine band thats the way (i like it)

Uh...HuH...UH...HuH... It sure is. Assuming you get all the Uh...HuH's.. in the right place!

joe cocker & jennifer warnes up where we belong

This classic duet by two great artists was from the movie "An Officer & A Gentleman".

Deservedly hitting the No.1 spot and winning a Grammy & Academy Award in 1983.

dolly parton & kenny rogers islands in the stream

This golden oldie country-pop crossover is a sure fire crowd pleaser, beautiful song with great harmonies for a perfect duet performance.

Written by the Bee Gees this was an excellent pairing of two great artists.

david bowie & queenunder pressure

You will definitely need some courage if your going to try and match the power vocals of these two legends Freddie Mercury & David Bowie.

Great duet choice!

shane macgowan & kirsty maccall fairytale of new york

Karaoke Xmas party hits, and what better way to kick of the celebrations than with this festive classic.

An ideal duet song to select for your festive party, but to match those slurred vocals of Shane Mac Gowan, you may need to down a few pints of beer first.

sonny & cher i got you babe

Excellent duet choice which no doubt will see the audience singing along as well.

Released in 1965 this legendary husband and wife duet sold over a million copies on its' release.

This one has repetitive & easy to recall lyrics so get that 60's style flowing and get rid of those " negative vibes man"

john travolta & olivia newton-john you're the one that i want

Bring some attitude to this classic which is best performed with a loved one.

A lot of fun & easy to sing as both female & male vocals get even amounts of stage time.

Bill medly & jennifer wares the time of my life

You will have the time of your life on stage with this fabulous duet. 

This "Dirty Dancing" classic will never cease to get people on their feet trying moves that only the sex icon that was Patrick Swayze could master.

Great choice!

Diana ross & lionel richie endless love

Nominated for an Academy Award this is one of the best duets of all time.

With the "Supreme" vocals of Diana Ross and the dulcet tones of Lionel Richie, what more is there to say.

Relate To The Lyrics

So you think you are ready to perform some of the best karaoke songs for duets?

All you have to do now is bring the house down with your next performance. Choose your partner, choose your classic duet song and let your vocals and harmonies shine.

Remember to relate to the lyrics and put emotion into your performance and encourage your partner to do the same if it is a romantic duet.

At the same time don't worry if your harmonies are not up to scratch or you forget some of the lyrics.

You are there to have fun so don't take yourself too seriously. The crowd are sure to participate and cheer you on!

If your vocals are not up to scratch then Karaoke Kooks have selected 19 best karaoke songs for bad singers!