30 Best Karaoke Songs Of The 90s

What Music Defines The 90s...

Regardless of the era that brings back your memories, we have to realize how privileged and lucky we are to have been exposed to such a diverse library of music that I am convinced will be widely proclaimed by future generations.

Many of the best karaoke songs of the 90s are as popular today as they were back then.

To be honest it was a decade that simply defies categorization, but having said that, the cross section of music left us with a legacy of ground-breaking sounds still rocking us in our boots today.

What I love most about the 90s was that you could be an R&B fan, Country fan, Mod, Rocker or Hip-Hop explorer. Anything you wanted to be!

Basically because the perception of what popular music was has made such a radical shift you could fit into any of these music categories. 

Grunge Phenomena 

The 90s introduced us to "Grunge" an alternative rock genre with lyrics that generally addressed such themes as self-doubt, neglect, social & emotional isolation, psychological trauma and a desire to be free.

This Grunge phenomena was instrumental in creating a music revolution and was probably the most misunderstood of all music genres.

The musical era of the 90s was filled with a range from rap, pop, alternative music artists and not forgetting a deluge of one hit wonders. 

Due to this plethora of great music we have some of the best karaoke songs of the 90s to still enjoy to this day.

In the early 90s there was a surge in popularity for "Techno" or as it was often referred to house or dance music.

Hip-Hop continued in popularity throughout the decade and it is this diverse cross pollination of music genres that left us with a legacy of boundary breaking sounds that remain with us today.

Remember the fiery screams and fuzzy guitars of grunge, the thumping big beats of the 90s best dance music not forgetting the synths of West Coast Hip-Hop.

Mix & Remix

People danced all nite long, anywhere they could find a venue, clubs, factories, fields (yes fields!) and warehouses. Nowhere was off limits.

Dj's became Superstar Dj's in their own right in the 90s as they were not satisfied to play & remix other artists classics, they preferred to show off their own artistic musicianship in the mix.

Before long, Paul Oakenfold, Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers were headlining at festivals throughout the world.

Ever wonder what the 90s would have sounded like without the Stone Roses & Happy Mondays.

They gave us some of the best karaoke songs of the 90s!

"Madchester" came and went but created the frenzy Brit Pop. Blur vs Oasis, "The Battle of Britpop" were constantly in the headlines and acts like Pulp, Elastica and Super Grass were killing it with brilliance regularly.

Music History

Hip-Hop saw young artists relaying lyrics that were heavier, scarier and harder, telling the world what was happening in the hood.

Feuds & gangs were notorious, but legends like Eminem, Tupac, Biggie, Snoop, Wu-Tang Clan & Dre whose music defined a generation will always be remembered.

Teen Poppers worshipped the likes of Britney & The Spice Girls in the 90s and to be fair they gave us some of the best karaoke songs to sing.

Best Karaoke Songs Of The 90s

Somewhere in the best karaoke songs of the 90s you will find a genre of music that ignites your fire with an explosion of wonderful memories that no other decade can.

Green day basket case

You can let all your frustrations out with this great karaoke shoutout that will probably bring men in white coats to your door!

jane's addiction been caught stealing

This classic rock song has managed to make its way into movies, tv shows and video games. Not forgetting your singing karaoke machine. 

Regardless of your taste in music I dare you not to head-bang to this one for sure.

michael jackson black or white

Is there a decade when MJ was not around creating the most memorable sounds in music history? No, I didn't think so.

This song is all about non-discrimination and racial peace.

Released in 1991 this is one of the best karaoke songs of the 90s.

coolio & stevie wonder Gangsta's paradise

A collaboration of two great masters of music. Coolio's lyrics mixed with Stevie's "pastime paradise".   Karaoke paradise!

los del rio macarena

Who doesn't know how to macarena? This Spanish dance song is one of those 90s tracks that everyone can sing along to on karaoke night.

aerosmith i dont want to miss a thing

This power balled from hard rock band Aerosmith was composed as part of the soundtrack for Armageddon.

A memorable song and a great crowd pleaser.

Britney Spears baby one more time

There is nothing more perfect than this teen pop song to get your karaoke party into full swing. One of the best karaoke songs of the 90s to get any party pumping.

ace of base i saw the sign

This cult classic hit from Ace of Base has topped a number of local charts in its' time and was even included in the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the USA.

A great staple karaoke number!

Chesney hawkes the one and only

Yes well it was, and we can't take that away from him. There was a plethora of one hit wonders in the 90s and sadly for Ches he was one of them.

Having said that it is a good little karaoke number for all to enjoy.

spice girls wannabe

The female of the species all wanted to be a Spice Girl in the 90s. 

They blew in like a breath of fresh air telling us all, what they "really really want".

Get those margaritas flowing and become whichever Spice Girl takes your fancy!

Billy Ray Cyrus Achy Breaky Heart

A lil bit of country will always get those feet tapping on the dance floor.

Be sure not to break anyone's achy heart with this timeless karaoke hit.

oasis wonderwall

Get your vibe on with this epic Oasis classic. It is one of those hits that you can leave until the end of the karaoke night when you are ready to slow things down.

Wonderwall! Wonderful!

aqua barbie girl

There is no karaoke party without a Barbie Girl. Great little karaoke number but leaves you wondering how living life in plastic can be fantastic?

the cranberries zombie

The 90s decade was a period of grunge & angst and most people preferred a more relaxed tempo whilst still wanting to fight the fight.

This song tells how systems of oppression makes us feel like zombies.

Leaves you with plenty of scope for your style on the night!

radiohead creep

There is no better way to release all those built up frustrations than to listen to this song.

Should go down well on the night for anyone who has had their heart broken!

no doubt don't speak

In other words "talk to the hand".

It would be unforgivable to leave this classic karaoke song out of our best karaoke songs of the 90s selection.

deep blue something breakfast at tiffanys

If your looking for an alternative song for your karaoke party then this iconic number is the perfect rock song for you.

christina aguiera genie in a bottle

I'm sure all your wishes will be granted if you show off your belly dancing skills as well as your voice.

Bust those moves!

nirvana smells like teen spirit

Hello, hello, hello, how low...

Get those heads banging. It's contagious.

Karaoke Rocks!

Bush machinehead

Breath in, Breath out, and you will rock this 90s classic.

Prince 1999

Iconic sound of the 90s. Sure to get the karaoke party swinging.

So party on like it's 1999!

shania twain man! i feel like a women

.......or vice-versa, whatever tickles your fancy.

This 90s number is perfect for any karaoke fun night.

guns n roses civil war

Released in 1991 this song as with all GNR music, is perfect for all you Hard Rock, Heavy Metal fans out there.

celine dion my heart will go on

Let's hope & pray that your karaoke performance does not go down like the Titanic!

At least your heart will go on.

backstreet boys i want it that way

Reaching No.1 in about 25 countries "Tell Me Why" you should not be flying the karaoke flag for this classic 1999 BSB number.

hanson | mMm bop

The 90s gave us such a diverse range of music that this one had to make the list of the best karaoke songs of the 90s.

This feel good number reached No.1 in a dozen countries and was nominated for 2 Grammys.

Get those blonde curls flowing, wear a pair of baggy jeans and you will Mmm Bop your way to karaoke stardom.

tlc |no scrubs

This song ranked No.2 on the Hot 100 Billboard Chart Single at the end of the 90s.

Now, decades later fans are still honoring TLC, singing out those lyrics "hanging out the passenger side of his best friends ride"

One for the top of the karaoke charts!

sheryl crow |all i wanna do

Too right!  Have some fun with this easy karaoke sing along hit that reached No.2 in the U.S charts.

cher |believe

When we thought she had hung up her fishnets for good back she came with this chart topper. 

Only Cher could achieve this kind of success throughout the decades.

rem |losing my religion

Let's hope it's not you in the corner, but you lapping it up in the spotlight with this Grammy Award winning song of the year released in 1991.

Inspirational 90s

The 90s certainly did give us a wide range of great karaoke hits. If it is inspiration you are looking for hopefully you will need to look no further than our top choices of the best karaoke songs of the 90s.

Boost your mood with karaoke & turn that frown upside down.

Add some nostalgic songs from the 90s to your karaoke playlist now.

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