32 Best Karaoke Songs of the 80s

A Decade of Iconic Sounds!

The '80s heralded a decade of iconic sounds, fashion & hairstyles unlike any other.

We saw Tina strutting her stuff asking "What's Love Got To Do With It"?. 

Jagger and Bowie "dad" dancing in the street and Cyndi Lauper impressing on all the girls out there that they "Just Wanna Have Fun". These were just a few of the best karaoke songs of the 80s.

Fashion was flamboyant and outrageous to the point that in many cases you needed to stand at least 3ft away from each other to allow room for those "Dynasty" inspired style shoulder pads!.

Glittery jackets where a must thanks to Michael Jackson and his impressive moon walk at the Motown '25 special.

Understated 80s?

It was decade where nothing was understated and perhaps this is why the '80s were remembered more for the outrageous fashion than as a defining era in music.

Dance - Pop and Euro Disco took precedence over disco music as it became less fashionable and in its' place we saw the emergence of New Wave & Dance Music.

To be fair, the '80s did leave us with some iconic memories that will in some ways save it from the ridicule it so often deserves and at least our party nites can incorporate a diverse selection of the best karaoke songs of the 80s.

The artist we now know as "Prince" poured some Purple Rain on us and we were Sledgehammered by Peter Gabriel.

Springsteen & U2 wowed us and had no problem filling stadiums to capacity as is still the case today.

Albums of the '80s

We were gifted with albums that to this day need no reference to the artists who recorded them.

  • The Joshua Tree
  • Born in the USA
  • Straight Outta Compton
  • Appetite for Destruction 

There was such diversity in the music industry throughout the '80s from Sex Pistols Punk to the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin.

Simon & Garfunkel, the Carpenters and not forgetting one of the biggest bands in the world the Eagles who all introduced us to incredible diverse sounds and lyrics.

In one way or another this decade gave us such a wide range of music to suit most peoples preference, and provided us with some of the best karaoke songs of the 80s.

32 Best Karaoke Songs of the 80s

We hope you enjoy our picks of memorable hits and that you find one of your all time favourites among them.

mick jagger & david bowie  | dancing in the street

Unusual pairing on this one, but has the fun element of this famous talented duo "dad" dancing their way through this Motown classic which Martha Reeves & the Vandellas released in the '60s.

You can always get your dad to join in if needs be.


Who can ever forget the Mark Almond black eyeliner look that dominated the '80s. This is a winner for any best '80s karaoke night.

Bon Jovi Livin' on a Prayer

Sing your pretty little heart out to this one. I don't think there is anyone on the planet. who has never heard it.

The crowd will cheer you on as you confidently master this classic song. 

Michael jackson billie jean

"The King of Pop" wrote this classic which deserves multiple renditions that I'm sure you are willing to provide. 

Don't forget that essential accessory the "Glitter Glove" as you take your place along side the great MJ.

Cyndi lauper girls just wanna have fun

Cyndi knew what she was talking about with this lyrical message.

Of course, all girls just wanna have fun and the more girls belting this one out will challenge any crowd not to join in. Simply one of the best karaoke songs of the 80s.

george michael faith

What is there to say? This legend of a singer left us with so many classic hits that will keep his memory alive for decades to come.

Have "faith" and you will knock this one out of the park.

madonna like a virgin

A karaoke night would be nothing without our own virginal Madonna.

From sweet and innocent beginnings to the most outrageous performances ever, she is still at the top of her game after all this time.

Have fun getting your '80s style on as you smash your best Madonna vocal and wow the crowd.

def leppard pour some sugar on me

This certainly is a hot one. Don't kid yourself, this is not one for the faint hearted.

Don't mess it up, get plenty of rehearsal in before you launch yourself in front of the mob!

Guns N' roses sweet child o' mine

Who doesn't love singing this song? The guitar riff alone will have the crowd on their feet to this GNR classic.

Wham |wake me up before you go go 

If this doesn't wake the crowd up nothing will. Get up and sing your pretty little heart out to this fun, typically easy to master crowd pleaser.

Get everyone up on their feet and Jitterbug your way to karaoke success & glory.

Frankie goes to hollywood relax 

You will not stand alone on this one. Relax 'cos you know the crowd is going to belt this one out with you at the top of their voices.

dead or alive you spin me round (like a record) 

Believe it or not this is one of the harder fun songs to sing. Get that '80s style vibe going and you will keep the place spinning.

Survivor eye of the tiger 

Get out from under that rock where you have been living if you don't know this "Rocky" belter of a song. 

A classic in it's own right!

One of the best karaoke songs of the 80s.

billy joel uptown girl

The great piano man himself! This was originally written as a classical piece.

God only knows why?

Lyrics are super easy to learn & sing and let's face it this is definitely one that should be on your list of the best karaoke songs of the '80s.

blondie the tide is high

Big hair, beautiful face and the voice of an angel.

Well if that's not you don't worry, you can get the girls together down a few cocktails and jam away to this one at the end of the night.

a-ha take on me

Take this one on and live to tell the tale and I will take my hat off to you.

Not as easy to sing as you might think, but if you are brave enough go for it.

Beware of those high notes!

joan jett & the blackhearts I love rock 'n' roll

Don't we all find ourselves singing this as soon as we read the title?

It is one of those timeless classics and a perfect choice to get you on your way to karaoke stardom. Great choice!

queen Another one bites the dust

Get your most flamboyant costume ready if you are going to tackle this legend's classic.

Crowd participation will be no problem when you pick this epic song choice.

kenny loggins footloose

There is no way you can go wrong with this Kenny Loggins belter of a song.

If you want to make your karaoke performance memorable and ensure that the crowd enjoys it as much as you, then choose this one.

scorpions rock you like a hurricane 

An all time favorite that will get everyone swaying in their seats. Great '80s karaoke night choice for a fun packed night.

You will certainly rock the night away with one of the best karaoke songs of the 80s.

katrina and the waves | walking on sunshine 

This is a song that no matter where you are, as soon as it comes on the radio you feel rejuvenated, happy and ready to face the world. 

Everything you need to win the crowd over with your feel good performance.

bruce springsteen | dancin' in the dark 

The "Boss"! what else can we say except how exciting it will be to get up there and sing any of his songs.

A surefire crowd pleaser for any great '80s karaoke night.

jermaine stewert | we don't have to take our clothes off 

Let's hope not, but who knows after a few tequilas? 

We can most certainly have a good time with this catchy '80s song which believe it or not returned to the charts again in 2015.

Whitney houston | i wanna dance with somebody

This song makes you want to grab the person nearest to you and dance. This is '80s music at it's best with this Whitney classic. 

If you don't know this, where on Gods' earth have you been. 

Strut your stuff and get the crowd begging for more.

young mc | bust a move

You will certainly bust a few with this upbeat '80s rap song. Don't worry as I'm sure the crowd will join in and bust a few moves along with you too. Rap all night long to one of the best karaoke songs of the 80s.

U2 | sunday bloody sunday

What can say about the incredible band that is U2? 

Conveying their hatred towards violence with the lyrics in this song, it is now an anthem in Ireland where the band originated.

The crowd will never fail to sing along with this one.

europe | the final countdown

What an epic crowd pleaser this one is. You will never get it wrong if you choose to perform this and will no doubt feel like you have achieved a major accomplishment by the end of it. Victory will be yours!

The bangles | walk like an egyptian

Be careful if you have had a few to many or you could end up falling flat on your face. Best advice for this one is to get the girls together and sing it to your hearts content, whilst supporting each other when trying trying to do the iconic moves. 

Just in case!

B-52's | love shack

Tricky little ditty this one, but remember it's all about the fun night of entertainment. Be careful not to trip up with this one. Don't say you have not been pre-warned.

tina turner | what's love got to do with it

Once again the icon that is Tina Turner struts her stuff the only way she can do it! You are sure to nail this one as long as you get some rehearsal in before hand.

Plenty of it!

soft cell | tainted love

Who can forget the Mark Almond's black eyeliner look that dominated the '80s. You can't go wrong with this well known '80s hit.

Human league | don't you want me

Sorry to say your performance will be outdone when the crowd get to grips with this memorable song of the era. 

Well, you can always drown your sorrows if you nail that job as a "waitress in a cocktail bar". An all time classic and one of the best karaoke songs of the 80s.

Final Thoughts

Well, sadly that's it for the best karaoke songs of the '80s for now. We hope you will enjoy some of the top picks we have selected for you.

There will never be another decade like the '80s, so as long as we can keep on reflecting on the music & style of that decade, we can keep on promoting and enjoying many more fun '80s karaoke nights for years to come.

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