Karaoke Guides for Beginners. 

Learn how to prepare for your karaoke debut.

Our karaoke beginners guides will give you all the information you need for your perfect karaoke experience. It's all about FUN !

Beginner Guides

How To Improve Your Karaoke Singing Skills – Vocal Techniques!

Learning how to improve your karaoke singing skills is not too difficult [...]

How To Choose The Perfect Karaoke Song – Song Choice Is Key!

Everyone can do karaoke, but let's face it not everyone can sing!! [...]

Tips For Singing Karaoke In Public – Perform Like A Pro!

It's the weekend again and time for you and your friends to [...]

Do I Have A Good Singing Voice? – Discover Your Potential!!

Can you sing in tune? Maybe you think you can!!When you ask [...]

Is Karaoke Good For Your Health? – Key Benefits!!

Next time somebody asks you the question, 'Is karaoke good for your [...]

Karaoke Songs For Low Female Voices – How Low Can You Go?

There has always been plenty of karaoke songs suitable for low female [...]

How To Use Bonaok Microphone – Sing Anytime, Anywhere!

How to use Bonaok microphone? You have finally got your hands on [...]

Best Karaoke Songs For Sopranos

Karaoke is a great way to claim the spotlight and show off [...]

Is 30 Day Singer Worth It? – You Decide!!

Everybody develops at a different pace, whether it is taking your first [...]

Best Free Karaoke App – Sing & Play!

Does Free Karaoke Sound Goo​d To You?Get ready to pump up the [...]

How To Karaoke On Spotify – 3 Simple Steps!

Wondering how to karaoke on Spotify? We have it covered!It is actually super [...]

Karaoke App For TV – Top 5 Reviewed

Any Karaoke App for TV offers hours of wonderful entertainment for any [...]

Easy Karaoke Songs For Women – Girl Power!

Have you got a karaoke party coming up and are not sure [...]

How To Improve Your Singing Voice In A Week – Powerful Tips!

Honestly, I think most of us could use a few good tips [...]

Karaoke On PS4 – Epic Battles!

Karaoke on PS4? - Yes! Absolutely!Turn your PS4 into a karaoke machine [...]

Best Karaoke Songs For Beginners | Top 20

If you are just starting out on your karaoke kook journey, you [...]

How To Get Karaoke Songs For Free | Non Stop Hits!

You want to sing along to all your favorite songs but don't [...]

Singorama Review – Sharpen Your Craft!

Many Karaoke Kooks have naturally good singing voices, but when they attempt [...]

How Do Karaoke Machines Work? – Practical Guide

Karaoke is an exciting and popular pastime, not only for the people [...]

Karaoke For Couples – Powerful Duets..

Karaoke for couples can be much more fun when you duet together [...]

How to Connect Microphone to Smart TV | Idiot Proof!

It's Party Time!Invitations have been sent out, party food menu has been [...]

Easy Karaoke Songs For Beginners | Let’s Go Karaoke!

We all want to sound good when we take on the karaoke [...]

Best Karaoke Songs For Women | Party Poppers

Come on Girls! It's karaoke time and we are here to make [...]

How Do I Choose A Karaoke Microphone? | Simply The Best

Good Question... it is extremely difficult to choose a karaoke microphone when [...]

How To Sing Karaoke Like A Pro | Delivery & Control

The Only Limit Is You!! I know we all like to think [...]

What Do You Need For A Karaoke Party? Exclusive Tips!!

It's party time again and don't we all just love it, especially [...]

What is CD+G Format – Ultimate Karaoke Guide…

CDG - Compact Disc + GraphicsEver wondered what is CD+G? Well let [...]

Karaoke For The Deaf | Inspiring

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy and take part in all [...]

Best Karaoke App With Lyrics

If you love music, singing at karaoke and want to engage with [...]

How To Do Karaoke On Zoom | Solved!

Connect With Friends & FamilyIf lack of karaoke in your life is [...]

How To Know If You’re A Good Singer

Analyze Your Voice... Wondering if you have a good set of pipes?  [...]

Seriously! Does Karaoke Improve Singing?

The Simple Answer is Yes! If you are intent on improving the [...]

Why is Karaoke So Popular ?

Live Entertainment... It is fun, cheap live entertainment and builds a great [...]

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