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Does Free Karaoke Sound Good To You?

Get ready to pump up the volume and entertain your friends and family with one of the best Free Karaoke Apps that has everything you will ever need to enjoy the best karaoke party on the block.

Times when you feel like unleashing your inner superstar or when you want to show off your talent to friends, family or everyone around the world, there is no better way to take your singing up a notch than with one of the most popular Karaoke Apps available online. 

Check out Karaoke Kooks picks of the best Free Karaoke Apps that will make it easy for you to host an awesome karaoke night in the comfort of your own home. Your party guests will have an absolute blast!!

Best Free Karaoke App:


Packed with many innovative features and an extensive library of songs in all genres, StarMaker is one of the best Free Karaoke Apps on the market today.

 StarMaker allows you to:

  • Record & upload your performances.
  • Collaborate with like-minded artists.
  • Share your performances with other music enthusiasts on the StarMaker official website.

StarMaker is ideal for anyone who enjoys singing, meeting people and having fun. This popular karaoke and entertainment App has a community of over 50 million users globally, so if you are ready to sing your heart out and want to make new friends StarMaker is all you will ever need.

  • Catalog of over 2,000000 songs.
  • 50 million+ users globally.
  • To access more songs you need to pay a weekly fee.

Get ready to organize an impromptu singing party anytime, anywhere, and show off your vocal talent like a true star with one of the best Free Karaoke Apps around.


There is no better way to hone your vocal skills than with one of the most downloaded karaoke Apps for Android & iOS devices.

Smule has millions of users and has had over 100 million installs on Google Play making it one of the most popular free Karaoke Apps available. 

Packed with visual and audio effects, allowing you to enhance all of your voice recordings. Smule is an excellent karaoke App for music lovers who want to perform live whilst interacting with other users worldwide.

You can record solo, as a group or sing duets to all of your favorite tracks and even create your own music videos. How Cool is That!!

Show off your talent with the 'instant sharing feature' on all social media platforms e.g. Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for everyone to enjoy.

  • Top level singers and celebrities active on the platform.
  • Great for practicing songs.
  • Entertaining & engaging.
  • Free version has no solo songs or competitions.
  • No forward or rewind while using a video recording.
  • No option for tempo or key of a song.

Why not 'Sing with the Stars' on Smule for the ultimate karaoke experience. Overall Smule is up there with the best Free Karaoke Apps if you want to promote yourself as a singer and sing duets without having to spend a dime!!


Singa definitely deserves a place on our list of the best Free Karaoke Apps. With free access to over 80,000 top quality songs in every genre, Singa is also packed with karaoke lyrics.

Singa features pitch correction allowing you to find the correct level for your version. When you are happy with your song, why not share it on social media platforms for all your family and friends to appreciate and enjoy your vocal skills.

Singa is very easy to use and will transform your Android and iOS devices into  awesome karaoke and recording tools.

  • Lyrics display.
  • Easy to search for songs.
  • Queue section to see who is singing next.
  • Custom karaoke background on tracks.
  •  Free access to over 80,000 songs.
  • Cannot cancel subscription anytime.
  • Cannot play custom music between singer.

There is no better way to enjoy a great karaoke experience than with Singa. Choose Singa for a truly modern karaoke experience with access to over 80,000 songs.

We Sing

If you want to shine like a superstar, We Sing is one of the best Free Karaoke Apps that will certainly help you on your way to sound like a professional. 

Create a new karaoke experience singing along to songs and creating your own videos straight from your smartphone. 

We Sing has a huge library of songs in all genres to choose from and you can edit karaoke songs with the record and voice effects features. 

Why not join in the fun where you can duet with top recording artists and friends. The We Sing App will also allow you to send gifts to any of your favorite singers in appreciation and support of their work.

If you are feeling ambitious you can even create your own album and save your songs to sing at a later time.

We Sing brings the ultimate party experience directly to you in the comfort of your own living room. It's time to become the star you were born to be with one of the best free Karaoke Apps on the market today.

  • Has full facilities.
  • Interface is easy to use.
  • Full song selection.Duet with famous artists. 
  • Sometime audio quality is not the same.

With a variety of awesome features this App continues to win the hearts of millions around the world.

Remember........ If It's Not Entertaining, It's Not Karaoke!

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