Best Karaoke App With Lyrics

If you love music, singing at karaoke and want to engage with other music enthusiasts all over the world, then you can achieve all of that with SMULE. The best karaoke app with lyrics available for Android & iPhone.

Perform top hits solo, acappello or with a group and if the mood takes you why not perform a duet with a major artist such as Ed Sheeran.

With Smule you can use Sing Live and host your own live performance or with featured friends. With over 10 million plus songs you can sing karaoke FREE across all music genres.

What could be more exciting than singing duets with top artists such as Demi Lovata, Lewis Capaldi, Luis Fonsi & many more successful stars. Using the best karaoke app with lyrics will help you to achieve all of this and more.

If you are a Disney fan you can choose to sing along with any of your favorite characters, Little Mermaid, Elsa, Moana & lots more.

You don't even have to worry if you are not the best singer in the world as the automatic pitch correction will complement & polish your vocals to make you sound like a 'Star'.

To make your karaoke performance stand out you can add audio & visual effects with pre-made styles or create your own with the Style Studio App.

Sing Live allows you to sing & perform live with your friends and all the other music fans across the globe. You can also show support to your favorite performances with 'gifts'.

How cool would it be to record your songs with vocals, then video to create your very own music video. You can do as many retakes as you feel you need, to get plenty of practice. You are sure to agree that Smule is certainly the best karaoke app with lyrics available today.

New songs are added daily so you will never have a problem finding all of your favorite karaoke hits. With a karaoke song book that includes multiple music genres:

Best Karaoke App With Lyrics

  • Pop Rock
  • Rhythm & Blues 
  • Country
  • Hip Hop
  • K-Pop

If by some chance you find that your favorite song is not included then simply upload it to the song book.

There is no better way to connect, create, share & discover than with music.

Music not only breaks down barriers, touches peoples' souls but also connects people from all over the world.

Sing Essential Karaoke & New Classics

  1. 1
    I will survive - Gloria Gaynor 
  2. 2
    Happy - Pharrell Williams
  3. 3
    Killing me softly - Fugees

Musicals & Soundtracks

  1. 1
    Part of your world- Little Mermaid
  2. 2
    Let it go - Frozen
  3. 3
    Beauty & The Beast - B & Beast

Pop Hit Ballads

  1. 1
    Bad habits - Ed Sheeran
  2. 2
    By your side - Calvin Harris ft Tom Grennan
  3. 3
    You for me - Sigala & Rita Ora

If you really want to make the most of your Smule experience, check out @SmuleTutorials for tips on singing, performing & connecting with the whole community.

Tips For Performing On Smule

  1. 1
    Use wired headphones
  2. 2
    Depending on the volume of your voice hold the mic at the correct distance 
  3. 3
    Use setting & audio filters to enhance your performance 
  4. 4
    When joining others always check your volumes
  5. 5
    Experiment with your audio settings e.g. reverb
  6. 6
    Find a quiet space without background noise
  7. 7
    Sing in areas with soft furnishings, carpets, cushions, rugs etc. which are all sound absorbing materials
  8. 8
    Choose songs to sing that fit your range & mood
  9. 9
    Be yourself & let your confidence shine through
  10. 10
     Enjoy your experience & have fun as that is what the Smule community is all about 

How To Sing On Smule For Free

  • Download Smule through Playstore or App Store
  • Install Smule on your phone & when loaded, open app

Certain features are available on the best karaoke app with lyrics for free, or anyone can upgrade to a VIP subscription for a greater musical experience with full benefits of the service.

However, Smule can be used permanently for free without a VIP subscription.

The basic idea at Smule is that you simply choose a song to sing, decide if you prefer to record a solo of yourself, or join in a group performance or duet with other Smule users who have already recorded their segments of the track.

All in all, you will have the best Smule experience when you can create music, practice singing & make even more friends. 

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