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Best Karaoke Crowd Pleasers – Upbeat Party Hits!!

If you are brave enough to stand in the spotlight with mic in hand, then one thing is for sure you need the karaoke audience on your side!

Karaoke crowds can be critical at times when it comes to some performers song choices. To make life a little easier for you, Karaoke Kooks have selected a few of the best karaoke crowd pleasers to guarantee that you 'hit the right note' when you perform at your next house party or karaoke venue.

Best Karaoke Crowd Pleasers - Party Favorites

backstreet boys i want it that way

This track should be on everyone's playlist of the best karaoke crowd pleasers. The Backstreet Boys at their very best.

Great song for plenty of audience participation, which is exactly the way you want it!!

bon jovi livin' on a prayer 

You will certainly be more than 'half way there' when you perform this rockin' song by the amazing Bon Jovi. Never fails to win any karaoke crowd over.

Grab the mic and raise the roof!

otis redding sittin' on the dock of the bay

Sway your hips and snap your fingers to this great song from the iconic Otis Redding. The whole room will be swaying along with you as you watch 'the tide roll in'. It doesn't get better than this!!

dolly parton jolene

A little bit of 'Dolly' goes a long way to liven up and karaoke party. Country's finest!! This is one of the best karaoke crowd pleasers ever! from an amazing  and talented artist.

celine dion it's all coming back to me now

This awesome power ballad will turn into a group singalong when the first chorus hits. Get some vocal exercises in if you want to do this song justice. At the end of the day Celine's voice is not one that many can compete with so  do your best, and hope for the best!!

lady gaga & bradley cooper shallow

Undoubtedly one of the best karaoke crowd pleasers you could choose to sing. A duet with your partner is the way to go!! What else is there to say? Let's hope a new star/s is born!!

journey don't stop believin'

Up there with some of the best karaoke crowd pleasers to get any party started. This is hands down one of the easiest songs to perform and always works for karaoke. Don't stop believin' and you will smash it!!

abba waterloo

You won't be defeated with this great Abba track as it is sure to hit the right note at any karaoke get together.  Remember No Surrender and you will definitely win the Karaoke war.!

billy joel uptown girl

One classic song that never fails to go down a storm with all Karaoke Kooks. It's hard to believe that it is 39 years since this was released and it still sounds as good today as it did back then.

the foundations build me up buttercup

Take your karaoke audience back to the swinging 60's with this well known hit from the soulful Foundations. Everyone will be up on their feet singing and dancing the night away. Uplifting track that will certainly build everyone up!!

adele someone like you

You might know the words but are your vocals up to scratch?. Sing loud and if you are lucky you might get away with it! Remember to put plenty of emotion into your performance for the ultimate Adele effect.

lady gaga bad romance

This is one popular Gaga song at karaoke that is pretty hard to beat.

RAH, rah-ah-ah-ah!  Gaga has not released a bad song yet! Try stopping your audience joining in on this one if you dare!! 

whitney houston i wanna dance with somebody

Included in our list of best karaoke crowd pleasers simply because everyone is sure to know this upbeat Whitney hit. They will be on their feet singing and dancing. You could maybe follow up your performance with another Whitney classic 'How will I know'.

amy winehouse valerie

One of the most talented artists of all time, gone too soon! A great song from the late amazing Amy Winehouse. R.I.P. Hopefully your audience will be happy to join in and help you along once the chorus hits. 

toto africa

We couldn't possibly leave this TOTO hit out of our top picks of the best karaoke crowd pleasers. This song is sure to create some crowd participation to help your performance along.

rick astley never gonna give you up

Bring back some memories with 3½  of the most effervescent minutes of the 1980's. Unforgettable song, your audience will love it!  Let's face it,who hasn't been Rickrolled?

the weather girls it's raining men

Hallelujah!! Get those umbrellas at the ready and belt this classic out, it is sure to go down a storm with any karaoke crowd. Upbeat and fun and will absolutely raise the party mood.

one direction what makes you beautiful

Another happy, upbeat song from winning X-Factor boyband One Direction. Fun, feelgood track that will lift everybody's spirits and perfect song for all to join in with.

bobby mcferrin don't worry be happy

Guaranteed to brighten anyone and everyone's mood. At the end of the night this is the perfect song choice to wind down the celebrations at any karaoke party or venue. So Don't worry, Be Happy!! You will smash it!!

abba dancing queen

We couldn't resist adding another classic Abba song to our best karaoke crowd pleasers playlist. If this iconic hit doesn't rock the room, then nothing will. Throw some Abba dance moves in and your performance will steal the show!

So there you have it, Karaoke Kooks best karaoke crowd pleasers playlist. When the party is over you will be on a 'high' like never before. Sing and dance your way home and get ready for your next great karaoke party experience.

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