Best Karaoke Machine That Records

The best karaoke machine that records will not only record songs you sing with the karaoke but also allow you to save your recordings on to a USB or SD card. This makes life so much easier for you and keeps all your recordings safe.

These machines will format recordings into mp3 which makes them compatible with any devices you own.

Recording A Karaoke Performance

  • Via Bluetooth connect your phone to the machine or insert CD
  • USB - connect to machine
  • Press record button
  • Start karaoke
  • Sing
  • When finished singing press record again to stop
  • USB - disconnect

Can I record Myself Singing At Home?

Firstly, find a quiet room. You will need a mic or recorder a karaoke track & lyrics.

Start recording keeping proximity for the mic / recorder to the machine.

There are machines available that have Bluetooth wireless mic. When recording without a singing machine, simply connect the mic to a speaker and play karaoke through USB and sing to record in a recorder. 

Recording On Singing Machine

The best karaoke machine that records will have built in Bluetooth connectivity to allow you to connect external devices. You also have the option to play CD / CDG on your machine.

Your singing machine has a mic guy USB memory stick with capacity to store all your karaoke from laptop and any other devices you wish to use.

When your karaoke is set connect the mic, then press record. Record your song and press the record button again to stop recording and the USB will save your recording. 

Can I Make My Voice Sound Better?

With the best karaoke machines that record the mic will amplify your vocals so do not sing too loudly. You can also balance your sound in the machine.

Make sure that you put plenty of practice in first with karaoke to avoid any mistakes.

Best Karaoke App

There are plenty of karaoke apps available from Play Store for Android users and ios users from App Store.

The most popular will give you plenty of song choice with exceptional sound quality.

For ios Users

  • Smule - Best for any option
  • Starmaker - Allows you to add your playlist to karaoke
  • Yokee - Most downloaded karaoke app
  • iSing - Allows you to judge your singing

For Android Users

  • Singplay - Similar to Audacity
  • Midifun - Free & user friendly 
  • Red Karaoke - Allows you to show of your talent to friends online
  • Smule - Find all of your favorite songs

Best Karaoke Machine That Records

VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine

Kids & parties, we simply had to include them, so if you want to hit the right note with the kids and their friends then the VTech Kidi Star karaoke machine will certainly put you in the good books for a while.

Your little aspiring pop & rock stars will be having so much fun, you will wish that you had bought this set-up for them years ago.

If only to keep them 'out of your hair' for a while.

I'm not saying you will get some well deserved 'peace and quiet' because you know as well as I do, that kids and karaoke will bring you just the opposite.

They will be singing & screaming along to their favorite songs and ultimately having a ball.

You can  always invest in a set of ear plugs!

At the end of the day you have to let the kids follow their dreams and if you have a budding Mariah Carey or Freddie Mercury in the family, who are you to crush their hopes & ambitions.

This best karaoke machine that records is suitable for ages 5 & up and they are absolutely going to love the voice-changing effect & recording abilities to let their vocals shine. There are even some games to keep them totally engrossed.

The VTech Kidi Star is more than a 'Toy' as the effects alone are brilliant and kids can have fun experimenting with the sound effects, recording their own voices & streaming their favorite songs.

The funky disco ball changes color and sets the mood for a great kids karaoke party atmosphere.


>  Built in recorder - records for up to 5 mins.

Includes 6 built-in games & voice changer with 5 different effects.

 Fun sound effects & 8 original songs.

Connects to mp3 players or mobile devices with audio cable (Included) so you can play      music from your own playlist.

Disco lights - twist to 180 degrees to create a wonderful bright & colorful atmosphere.

Music magic mode - This will turn down the main voice of included song or songs that      are accessed through a mobile device.

A total 'Win Win' when you surprise the kids with this cute VTech Kidi Star machine. Have fun kids!

Singing Machine SML682 Groove Cube

Apart from voice recording this karaoke machine that records has some 'Nifty' features and does all the basics very well.

If you want to use CD+G and mp3 instrumental sources it is a good option.

With enhanced vocal effects and 40 plus flashing LED disco lights on sides, front grill & handle you can definitely get the total party vibe you desire by using the dimmer control.

The 'Groove' is simply packed with features for you to create lasting sing along memories to cherish.

You can stream audio via Bluetooth compatible devices and play music CDs / CDGs and record your superstar vocals to the integrated USB jack.

The crisp sound you get from the Groove Cube is down to the powerful speakers encased in wood cabinets.

This is the ultimate 'party in a box' and everyone who loves karaoke should invest in this awesome Groove Cube singing machine. 


>  Jaw dropping light effects

Line-in to connect to mp3, smartphone & other audio devices 

 Echo control - for advanced vocal effects

1 wired mic (Included) although the system does support 2 mics for duets with                   separate volume controls

Resting cradle - fits a variety of tablets or other mobile devices

This quality singing machine will not 'break the bank' as it offers excellent value for your money. Definitely worth a look!

Karaoke USA GF845

How cool will it be to record yourself singing your favorite songs and play it back to all your friends & family.

With the best karaoke machine that records you will have endless hours of playback showing off your vocal abilities - OR NOT!

Karaoke is fun and to make any party really special & entertaining the Karaoke USA GF845 system comes with everything you need to 'Jam' all night long to all of your favorite tunes and create endless memories that you can 'RECORD'.

The sleek design of this classy system means that you can take the party wherever you wish.

Lightweight & portable, it is easily carried so there is no more lugging heavy equipment and bundles of wires.

You just plug it in, pop in your favorite disc and sing to all your favorite songs. The synchronized LED lights flash with the music creating a true disco party atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Music & karaoke always brings people together and you can't beat gatherings of friends & family for an incredible night of entertainment, singing & dancing to some classic hits.


>  2 mics - duets on the way!

 Remote control 

DVD player

 Bluetooth, SD cards, USB & AUX inputs

Built in 7inch color screen & 35W speaker

 RCA cables included

 Synchronized LED lights

Cradle slot for smartphone

>  300 classic karaoke favorites included

Karaoke USA GF845 all-in-one machine supplies everything you need for an amazing fun filled party night & recorded memories that will last a lifetime.

Recorded Memories

We hope our recommendations for the best karaoke machine that records will help you to find a quality set-up for your upcoming get-together with friends & family.