Best Karaoke Songs For Beginners | Top 20

If you are just starting out on your karaoke kook journey, you will no doubt be eager to show off your singing ability to all your close friends and family.

Choosing the right song to sing is ultra important unless you are prepared to "fall flat on your face" in front of your karaoke audience.

If you want to make a good impression when you get up and grab the mic, you should choose one of the best karaoke songs for beginners to ensure that you give the best performance possible.

It is true to say that not everyone is blessed with the ability to sing any song and make it look easy.

Most of just do not have that natural talent, even though we truly love to sing at any given opportunity.

The majority of kooks are certainly hardened triers who even at risk of embarrassment will always put their hearts and souls into every performance.

To make it easier for all you karaoke noobie's we have put together a playlist of some of the best karaoke songs for beginners that will without a doubt entertain any crowd.

Best Karaoke Songs For Beginners Playlist:

the beatles yesterday

This beautiful melody by the "Fab Four" is a great track for any noobie to sing. Remember to relate to the sad, reflective lyrics and you will win over any audience.

elvis can't help falling in love

Maybe the best way forward for any guy on this song is to give your best impersonation of "The King". Throw in a little southern drawl and you will steal the show.

darius rucker wagon wheel

Like it or not, this catchy song is loved by karaoke audiences everywhere. Even though it has been overplayed & covered by many musicians it will still get plenty of crowd participation to help you along.

taylor swift shake it off

Easy to sing & perform, this song needs nothing more than a few shake & groove moves for you to be the star of the party.

Lyrics are easy too - Just Repeat!!

britney spears baby one more time

Get some Britney "nasal tone" going on and the crowd will think she is back in town. Think Britney, Imitate Britney & You've Got This!

abba dancing queen

You can dance, you can jive & have the time of your life with one of the best karaoke songs for beginners from the super troopers themselves, ABBA.

dolly parton jolene

Queen of country Dolly Parton gave us this classic song back in 1973 and it is still one of karaoke's easiest songs for beginners. This track will always hit the right note at any karaoke party.

olivia newton john hopelessly devoted to you

Another iconic song from the movie favorite 'Grease'. One of the easier songs for females to sing at karaoke. Put plenty of swooning & emotion into your performance and you will do 'Sandy' justice.

lulu boom bang a bang

The wee Scottish lassie LuLu won the Eurovision contest with this simple song as the British entry in 1969. Not much to worry about on this one as it doesn't require much skill. BOOM BANG A BANG!!

eagle-eye cherry save tonight

This 90s classic never fails to wow any crowd at karaoke. Easy enough to sing, and you never know, you might even 'save the night' with your winning performance.

Are you ready for our Top 10 countdown of the best karaoke songs for beginners? Hold on to your mic, Here we go!!

joan jett i love rock 'n roll

Britney did it, although not very well! If she can sing this rock classic then so can you. Go for it!

van morrison brown eyed girl

Yes it's a classic hit from 'Van The Man'. Find the right key for this song and you will win any karaoke crowd over. Easy as.... "Sha la la"..

outkast hey ya

If you want some crowd participation this fun karaoke song will do the trick. Always practice this one in advance as there are a lot of words to remember!

Then Hey Ya, Have Fun!



You will be winning when singing this karaoke crowd pleaser. They will never keep you down when you get into the unforgettable catchy chorus on this great song.

niel diamond sweet caroline

What karaoke night does not have a rendition of Sweet Caroline?. This is another karaoke classic that is fairly easy to sing. The crowd will not be able to stop themselves from joining in!

spice girls wannabe

Easy to remember and sing along to, this classic hit works best with a few girls on stage. Work those Spice Girls moves & you will knock this one outta' the park!

green day when i come around

One of the best karaoke songs for beginners, this 90's punk rock track is a karaoke favorite. Although a little harder to sing, with some practice you will smash this one.

britney spears oops! i did it again

Oops she did, and no doubt you will smash this Britney classic karaoke song. A great crowd pleaser.

the beatles hey jude

By one of the most influential bands in music history, Hey Jude is a well loved karaoke classic. Audiences love to sing along with the nah, nah, nah ,nah part, so you can relax and enjoy your performances with a little help from your friends.

lady gaga bad romance

Gaga-ooh-la-la takes the No.1 Spot yet again!

Even though it is not the easiest of songs to sing, as long as you learn the lyrics you will do it justice. The monotone verse & pre-chorus chanting should not cause any beginner too much trouble and the crowd are sure to give you a helping hand on this Gaga classic hit.

Song Difficulty

Now that we have looked at some of the best karaoke songs for beginners, you may be wondering what exactly makes some songs more difficult to master?.

There are several key factors involved:

  • Key change or multiple key changes
  • Songs with high or low melodies
  • A melody that moves all over the place
  • Songs with odd chord progression
  • Vocal flourishes throughout the song
  • Songs that require multiple vocals (Falsetto etc.)
  • Songs with screaming

When searching for the best karaoke songs for beginners it is worth keeping these points in mind.

Choose a song that you are comfortable with, be entertaining, have fun and remember:

Energy and persistence conquer all things. 

Benjamin Franklin

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