Best Karaoke Songs For Sopranos

Karaoke is a great way to claim the spotlight and show off your vocal talents to an enthusiastic audience who no doubt all believe they could be the next Whitney Houston or Freddie Mercury.

The best karaoke songs for sopranos can be challenging to say the least. Before you even consider belting one out at your next karaoke party or venue, be sure that you can actually reach those high octave power notes perfectly.

Listening to any performer at karaoke who attempts to sing songs outside of their vocal range is not exactly 'music to the ears' and will not do their vocal cords any favors either.

Soprano refers mainly to women, it is the highest singing voice with the highest 'tessitura' C4-C6 and the lightest vocal weight of them all.

Sopranos are generally given the most prominent classical singing roles especially in Opera. They can sing from the middle C to two octaves higher (an interval of 15 notes in total).

It is estimated that more than 60% of female voices fall in the vocal range of soprano. 

Always remember if you find yourself straining the life out of your voice to sing high notes or plunging the depths to hit low notes, then those notes are definitely outside your tessitura which is the comfortable singing range that spans across all vocal registers.

You may find Karaoke Kooks selection of the best karaoke songs for sopranos challenging, but at the end of the day unless you are completely tone deaf there is no harm in rising to the challenge. Give it your all if you are confident enough.

For those fortunate female sopranos who can belt out those high notes with power, you are sure to bring the house down at any karaoke gathering. 

The Best Karaoke Songs For Sopranos

See how your voice stacks up with these amazing singers, but always remember...



This was the last song Ariana Grande performed on her 'Dangerous Women' tour-stop in Manchester U.K. 2017 only minutes before a terrorist attack in the arena killed 22 fans. R.I.P.

The song was pushed by fans to reach No.2 on the U.K. charts.

abba the winner takes it all

From the groups' 7th album 'Super Trouper' and written by Benny Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, this song is often hailed as one of Abbas' most accomplished recordings.

Great song for anyone with a good voice at karaoke.

guns n' roses sweet child o' mine

Perfect choice for any male sopranos at karaoke. Although the majority of sopranos tend to be female there are quite a number of males (usually boys) who fall into this voice type.

This classic always goes down a storm with any karaoke crowd.

miley cyrus wrecking ball

This song became Miley's first No.1 single on the Billboard Hot 100. The video was quite controversial as it featured a nude Miley Cyrus swinging around on a wrecking ball.

You can absolutely smash this track as long as you keep your clothes on!

idina menzel let it go

Love it or hate it, this is one song the whole world knows by now thanks to Disney's classic movie 'Frozen'.

At least you wont be short of backing singers if you choose this song for your karaoke performance.

wild cherry play that funky music

Swag and attitude is what you need to sing this funkadelic 70's hit. This was Wild Cherry's only song to reach the top 40 in the USA. 

Funk at it's very best!

the killers mr brightside

This amazing rock anthem is one song that never grows old. A power ballad with fast paced lyrics and always a hands down winner at karaoke gatherings.

jennifer holliday i am telling you

The lead song from the hit movie Dreamgirls, this is a perfect choice for sopranos to showcase their vocal range.

dolly parton jolene

American queen of country Dolly Parton at her best! This song was written and recorded by the great lady herself and is one of the best karaoke songs for sopranos to perform.

alicia keys girl on fire

Released in September 2012 this song received universal acclaim and the New York Times described 'Girl on Fire' and the previously released song 'New Day' as 'Booming Anthems'.

Alicia Keys' trademark soaring vocals on this track are sure to challenge any performer at karaoke. 

tammy wynette stand by your man

This is one great classic country sound that never loses its' popularity. Released in 1968 this became Tammys' signature song even though feminists believed it was degrading to women. 

No shortage of crowd participation on this great song for sure.!!

the temptations my girl

The best karaoke songs for sopranos simply had to include a Motown classic by the amazing Temptations. This classic is sure to make any karaoke performer sound pretty good as the slow tempo will keep you from getting to excited and overdoing those high notes.

katy perry firework

'Do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind?' Let's hope not!!!

This song was the third single from the album 'Teenage Dream'. The song featured in the 2012 'Dreamworks' animation film Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, and also on its' soundtrack album. 

Great uplifting karaoke track to get everyone joining in.

les miserables i dreamed a dream

 Everyone around the world is sure to know this great song by now thanks to Scottish singer Susan Boyle who rose to fame in 2009 after her appearance on Britain's X Factor.

She became a global 'Superstar' after her audition that 'Wowed' the panel of judges. Her performance was absolutely outstanding!!

alicia keys fallin'

Get ready to show off your amazing voice control with this high-pitched melody from the talented Alicia Keys. Without a doubt this song had to take the No.1 spot of Kooks picks for best karaoke soprano songs.

The song topped the charts on various Billboards including US Hot 100 and Alicia received Grammy's for song of the year, Best R&B song 2002.

An absolute winner for any karaoke performer to show off their amazing vocals.

Karaoke Kooks top 15 best karaoke songs for sopranos may be challenging for many singers. 

It is important to remember that making a bad song choice at karaoke will not do you or your audience any favors, so 'never bite off more than you can chew' but always, always Have Fun!!

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