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Come on Girls! It's karaoke time and we are here to make sure that you choose a belter of a song to make your next karaoke performance go down a storm.

If you are a passionate Karaoke Kook you will most likely have an awesome playlist of all your favorite songs, some of which you may have tried out at karaoke already.

After researching, we have compiled a selection of the best karaoke songs for women which include some the of the greatest power anthems and fun hits which are within the standard female vocal range.

Check out our top hits, choose a song, grab the mic, get out there & hit them with your best shot!!

Best Karaoke Songs For Women

Britney Spears oops! i did it again

Kick off any karaoke party with this little Britney classic that everybody knows.

Practice a few of her iconic moves for a show-stopping performance.

miley cyrus party in the usa

Released in 2009 this upbeat Miley song will get the crowd swaying their hips & waving their hands as you strut your moves on stage!

Go Girl!!

Pat benatar  hit me with your best shot

This power rock song will definitely rock any karaoke party.

So what are you waiting for, hit them with your best shot.

destiny's child  say my name

This one's for the girl gangs. 

Get on stage for a group performance and belt it out!

madonna  like a virgin

Any hit from Madonna is perfect for karaoke, especially this one.

Show off some classic Madonna moves now that you have the chance!

gloria gaynor  i will survive

Get the disco vibe flowing with this anthem by one of greatest female artists ever.

Hope you will survive to perform again!

cher  if i could turn back time

If only!!..

Not everyone can pull off the classic 'Cher Look' fishnets & unitard outfit.

So just get on stage & nail it 'fully clothed'!

Aretha franklin  respect

What else is there to say but 'Respect' for the great lady of soul Aretha.

Do her justice when you perform this classic hit!

joan jett  i love rock 'n' roll

A great singalong hit, get ready to rock 'n roll & don't forget a touch of black eyeliner will complete your look!

cindy lauper  girls just want to have fun

Don't they just!!

Don't know anyone who will not join in on this song the minute they hear it.

Have fun!!

Kelly clarkson  since u been gone

Showcase your vocal range with this classic track that has never lost it's magic!

ariana grande  dangerous women

This is one of the easier songs to sing from this established artist.

Give it a go, you may even surprise yourself!

pink  raise your glass

Absolutely! Cheers to everyone!

Belt this classic hit out to everyone you love and they will love you back.

whitney houston  i wanna dance with somebody

This is one of those great songs which was absolutely made for karaoke.

No one will ever do it better than Whitney, but who cares, go for it!

fleetwood mac  landslide

This beautiful song has been covered by many artists, it's your turn now!

It is a song that will suit many voices and is loved by both young and old generations.

Make it a landslide victory!

sia  |  Chandalier

This one is for all you girls with a big voice that are ready to showcase it.

It may be a challenge when it gets to the chorus, but just 'let it out'!

beyonce  irreplaceable

Get your friends together and sing this one out at karaoke.

Everyone will be more than happy to join in with this great Beyonce track.

aqua  barbie girl

A hands down crowd pleaser and a song you can have lots of fun with.

Get your 'Barbie' voice on & 'Go Party'!

Don't forget Ken..

Abba  dancing queen

Who doesn't know this Abba classic?

I challenge anyone to sit still when they hear this iconic song.

lady gaga  | bad romance

Finally our top pick of the best karaoke songs for women has to be the great Lady Gaga herself.

No one can argue with that!

Let you inner diva shine through when belting out this Gaga classic.

'GaGa - ooh - la - la'!


Let's hope in our top picks of the best karaoke songs for women you find a song that you not only like, but feel confident enough to sing.

A song that will allow you to express your feelings & emotions will be a good choice.

If you are not feeling confident enough to take to the stage on your own, recruit some of your friends for a group number and you are sure to smash it.

Forget about hitting those high notes if they are out of your range.

Even professional singers with great pitch find it difficult to reach those notes every night when they perform.

Apart from anything else it would put too much strain on their vocal chords.

Simply choose a song from the best karaoke songs for women that is within your vocal range & ability and you will 'knock 'em dead'!

Why not let us know in the comment section below if you tried out any of these hits & how it went.

We would love to hear from you!

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