Best Karaoke Songs R&B

Karaoke is all about getting everyone to sing along regardless of talent. It is a great social interaction form of entertainment for both young & old to enjoy. The best karaoke songs R&B will never lose their impact in music culture.

With so many music genres to choose from it is never difficult to find songs by your favorite artists to sing along to.

Rhythm and Blues or R&B as it often referred to is a popular genre that originated in African American Communities in the 1940s.

The best karaoke songs R&B have been refined throughout the decades with many contemporary R&B songs topping the charts on a regular basis. R&B is now a commercially successful music genre in modern music history.

Roots of R&B stem from Southern church music where musicians immersed in black American church music & blues recorded new songs from the south, eventually securing record deals/contacts in many cities in the north. Their musical emphasis was piano, drums, double bass & electric guitar.

In recent years R&B moved away from guitars to a much smoother sound geared toward urban radio & dance clubs. The best karaoke songs R&B have been written and performed by some of the greatest artists of our time.

Popular vocalists like Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Usher, Lauren Hill, Boys II Men & TLC stacked up hit after hit & Grammys with their soulful songs and catchy Melodies.

Mary J Blige, Beyonce & Drake to name a few, have pushed the R&B boundaries even further by collaborating with electronic producers & rappers giving us some memorable classic hits. 

Many artists today blend the traditional rhythm & blues soulfulness with hip-hop, chill wave, trap & electronica ensuring that R&B always remains innovative.

In todays culture we have already seen a hip-hop soul track become a viral sensation which was the case Doja Cats' 'Mooo' accompanied by DIY style music with Gifs onto a green screen.

R&B soul is continually expanding due to the diverse styles and voices taking it in many different directions.

The best karaoke songs R&B have always been an influential force, and as long as the track has a soulful rhythm, and the artist has something to say, then everyone performing these tracks at karaoke will certainly 'WoW' their audience.

Rhythm & Blues influence has, and always will stand the test of time in music culture.

beyonce Halo

This classic R&B hit is more than just words.

This needs to be delivered with emotion in the style of Beyonce to win over the audience.

Aretha Franklin respect

The unforgettable Queen of Soul gave us this classic feel good tune with a melody we all recognize immediately.

As long as you are capable of spelling, you are sure to do this great song the RESPECT it deserves.

michael jackson blame it on the boogie

Not only is this a great dance song, it is also even better to sing.

Simple melody & repeated words will have everyone joining in.

whitney houston | i will always love you

We all think we can smash one of the best karaoke songs R&B, but believe me this is not an easy song to master unless you have the vocal capabilities of the late great Whitney Houston.

If you are brave enough accept the challenge.....Go for it !!!

the fugees | killing me softly

Up tempo and performed in a range to suit the average voice. 

This Fugees version is perfect for karaoke.

Alicia Keys | Fallin

Not very uplifting, this ballad may not lift the karaoke party mood.

Keys sings about her pain over a failed relationship, so unless you can relate to it and want to share then go for it.

marvin gaye | lets' get it on

One of the best karaoke songs R&B.

This Marvin Gaye anthem is pure soul. 

Any Marvin Gaye song is a surefire crowd pleaser.

Michael Jackson | man in the mirror

A reflective song literally & figuratively from the great MJ.

Get a few dance moves in when you are performing this classic to enhance your time in the spotlight.

amy winehouse | valerie 

The outstanding vocals on this song cannot be denied. Amy Winehouse was one of the greatest female artists of recent times.

Show off your soulful, jazzy self with Amy's version of this smash hit.

katy perry | california girls

Pick up the pace at any party with one of the best karaoke songs of the decade.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

H.E.R. & Chris brown | come through

The chemistry between H.E.R. & Chris Brown is definitely there to be seen & heard. 

Well written & produced, this is a magical collaboration of two great artists.

Doja cat feat: sza | kiss me more

Replay,! Replay,! Replay! 

One of the best karaoke songs R&B.

The rhythm on this track is totally addictive. The R&B - pop beat on the mammoth track hones the groovy feeling similar to 'Say So'

bruno mars, anderson, paak, silk sonic | leave the door open

'Music comes from love' according to Bruno Mars and he is so right! 

The simplicity of the lyrics make for an easy & enjoyable experience.

Best Karaoke Songs R&B

If you and your friends want to have a memorable karaoke party night, there is nothing better than a soulful R&B session. Get everybody in a great mood with some of the best karaoke songs R&B.

Set the mood, & let the smoothest R&B rhythms feed your soul!!!

These classic R&B songs are perfect.