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Best Karaoke Songs Rock – Euphoria!!

Get ready to 'mosh' it out to Karaoke Kooks playlist of some of the best karaoke songs rock.

Our picks include legends such as Queen, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, The Eagles and many more amazing artists who endlessly continue to inspire generations.

We hope you find a song that will rock the room at your next karaoke night.

From the past to the present day these 'Killer' tracks of pure, in your face rock have more than stood the test of time and will, without a doubt continue to do so for decades to come.

Best Karaoke Songs Rock

creedence clearwater revival bad moon rising

Released in 1969, this was the lead single from CCR's 'Green River' album.

The song was written by John Fogerty who claimed it was about,

"The apocalypse that was going to be visited upon us".

Be sure to add this classic to your best karaoke songs Rock Library, preferably before the 'apocalypse'

the eagles hotel california

One of the best karaoke songs rock of all time considering it was released in 1977 when Led Zeppelin and Queen were releasing unbelievable masterpieces. 'Stairway to Heaven' & 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

Hotel California still held its' own and put the Eagles into the Rock N' Roll fast lane to fame and fortune. 

Rolling Stones i can't get no satisfaction

It's hard to believe that the Stones have had a career spanning nearly 60 years. Their catalog of music is exceptional to say the least.

'Satisfaction' was the Stones' breakthrough single in 1965 and is still included in Rolling Stones' Greatest Rock Songs of All Time.

One of the best karaoke songs rock to 'WOW' any crowd.

jimi hendrix purple haze

Hendrix was undeniably one of the most influential electric guitar players of all time. His music was versatile in styles of Jazz, R&B, Soul and Rock.

'Purple Haze' was only the start of all the iconic music Hendrix's genius gave to the world.

queen bohemian rhapsody

This legendary 'mini opera' by Queen was released in October 1975 and remained on the No.1 spot in the charts for an incredible 9 weeks.

The song is just under 6 minutes long and many radio stations thought it was too long considering most single lasted around 3 minutes.

However, 'wacky' Capital radio DJ, Kenny Everett played the track 14 times over a two day period and in many ways was responsible for its' success. 

If you are ready to show off your vocal talent, then Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the best karaoke songs rock you could ever choose.

deep purple smoke on the water

If this isn't one of the most recognizable guitar riffs in the history of rock n' roll, then what is????

Recorded by English rock band Deep Purple in 1972, the song was inspired by a fire at a casino on Montreux, Switzerland where the band were due to start recording their 'Machine Head' album.

Whilst sitting in a nearby restaurant they watched the smoke from the fire as it covered Lake Geneva which was overlooked by the casino.This gave bass player Roger Glover the inspiration for the track 'Smoke on the Water'.

The best karaoke songs rock always include this epic track from Deep Purple. Add this classic to your playlist now!

guns N' roses sweet child o' mine

Written for the album 'Appetite for Destruction' this was Guns N' Roses most successful single, and the epic guitar solo was ranked by 'Guitar World' as the 37th greatest of all time.

The track was written by Axl Rose as a dedication to his then-girlfriend Erin Everly, daughter of Don Everly (Everly Brothers).

black sabbath paranoid

One of the most recognizable songs in the history of rock music from one of the most infamous hard rockers, Ozzy Osbourne.

This 'wild man of rock' is probably one of the craziest characters rock n' roll has ever produced.

Who doesn't love wild man Ozzy?

ac/dc highway to hell

If you want to hear one of the most thrilling pieces of music in the history of rock, then pump up the volume on this 'badass' track and mosh your way to 'Hell'........

steppenwolf born to be wild

Get your 'motor running' with this iconic song from the 1960's. 'Born To Be Wild' was a massive hit for the band and was featured in the cult movie 'Easy Rider' in 1969,partly due to that, the song is most associated with bikers.

Even after their hits dried up the bands' loyal fan base also known as 'The Wolfpack' have kept the band going for well over 50 years. 

Rocking the night with Steppenwolf will ensure your party crowd were all 'Born To Be Wild'.

blue oyster cult (don't fear) the reaper

American rock band Blue Oyster Cult released the song from their album 'Agents of Fortune' in 1976. It became one of the most famous rock songs of the 70's.

The song is famous for its' use of a 'Cowbell', as the band felt the song was lacking in something..

The record producer suggested that the drummer and his brother play the cowbell, this turned the song into the classic that we all know and love today.

the who baba o' riley

Released in 1971 by English rock band The Who, this was the opening track from their album 'Who's Next'.

The song title came from the names of two influential people in band member Pete Townshend's life. Meher Baba and Terry Riley.

Baba was an Indian spiritual leader who Pete looked upon as a guru. Riley was another musician whom he admired greatly and who also influenced the composition of the song. 

The song is often referred to as 'Teenage Wasteland' due to the repetitiveness of the phrase throughout the chorus. 

nirvana smells like teen spirit

Released in September 1991 this is the lead track from American rock band Nirvana's second album 'Nevermind'.

The song catapulted the band to fame. When Kurt Cobain started to write 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', he said he wanted to write "The Ultimate pop Song".... Hello! Hello!..... What he actually succeeded in producing was a grunge, alternative rock, hard rock song!

The song became a global hit and cultural phenomenon, praised highly as one of the greatest songs in rock music history. EPIC!!!

meatloaf bat out of hell

The magic of the collaboration between Meatloaf and writer Jim Steinman is undeniable. 

Released as a single in 1979 'Bat Out of Hell' reached No.15 in the UK charts and when re-released in 1993 in charted at No.8.

From the album of the same name 'Bat Out Of Hell' became one of the biggest selling albums of all time. Meatloaf secured his place in Rock Music History.

lynyrd skynyrd free bird

If you want to hear an 'Epic' guitar solo then listen to this masterpiece!. The track takes you through a calm intro to one the biggest adrenaline rushes you will ever experience in your life. 'Freebird' is the ultimate Rock classic you will ever hear.

Rock music evokes a lot of feelings in us. Nostalgic memories, people, places, events, and  ultimately unites everyone regardless of age. 

It is euphoric, mind blowing and pure, and makes you feel that you are capable of doing the the impossible.........

Rock music is timeless and 'hits' you like nothing else ever will!!

"If it's illegal to rock n' roll, throw my ass in jail" - Kurt Cobain

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