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Best Karaoke Wedding Songs – Love Is In The Air!!

Best karaoke wedding songs that will add even more love to your special day!

Your big day is fast approaching and hopefully by now everything is well organized and going to plan... Before you know it, you will soon be walking down the aisle with the love of your life...❤️

As part of your wedding reception, you will have obviously arranged some type of music, be it a DJ or a Live Band. This will give your guests the perfect opportunity to sing and get out on the dance floor to enjoy the celebrations.

Incorporating karaoke into your wedding reception will add even more fun for family friends and guests.

They will have the chance to shine in ways that they never rarely do. Singing their hearts out and dancing the night away to some of the best karaoke wedding songs.

It is important to choose a good mix of songs,  both slow and upbeat as this will give everyone the opportunity to either grab a microphone to show off their vocal skills or to hit the dance floor and show off some funky moves.

Bear in mind that familiar songs will always get everybody singing especially if they have a catchy tune. Try to pick songs that are well known by a variety of all ages so that everyone can join in.  

This way all of your wedding guests can get involved and capture the joy and celebration of the day.

If you have any 'special songs' that you and your partner would like to hear, create a playlist and let your guests choose which song they would like to perform for you.

Hopefully, they won't overestimate their singing ability and pick a song that is completely out of their vocal range! Even so, with everyone on a 'high' from the celebrations, there is sure to be plenty of love and forgiveness in the room.

Best Karaoke Wedding Songs

Karaoke Kooks have selected some of the best karaoke wedding songs that will add even more memorable moments to your wedding day celebrations.

bruno mars marry you

Upbeat, easy to sing and dance along to, this is one of the best wedding karaoke songs that says it all! ❤️

whitney houston i wanna dance with somebody

'Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody, with somebody who loves me'. This classic Whitney Houston song will have everyone on the dance floor feeling the love. It doesn't get much better, perfect wedding day song. ❤️

queen  somebody to love

With the release of the hit movie 'Bohemian Rhapsody', this classic Queen song is one that all generations will know by now even if they don't know all of the words. 'Can anybody find me somebody to love?'

I'm sure the happy couple will have the answer to that question. ❤️

john travolta & olivia newton john  you'rE the one that i want

Make sure to add this classic 1978 hit from the movie 'Grease' to your playlist of the best karaoke wedding songs. Fun lyrics that celebrate true love. ❤️

bill medley & jennifer warnes  i've had the time of my life

Time for the happy couple to step up and duet on this 1987 love song originally featured in the romantic movie 'Dirty Dancing'. Your guests are sure to be impressed. ❤️

katrina and the waves  walking on sunshine

It's your wedding day, and you will definitely feel like you are 'walking on sunshine' when you have taken your vows and said 'I do'. One of the best karaoke wedding songs to get your guests up on their feet. ❤️

ed sheeran  thinking out loud

'Baby we found love right where we are'. Never a truer word spoken!! Ideal song for any newly wedded couple to choose for their first dance. Beautiful sentiment and lyrics. ❤️

elvis presley  can't help falling in love

Any Elvis fans at your reception will happily sing along to this classic. There will certainly be a lot of love in the room. ❤️

abba  dancing queen

The best karaoke wedding songs don't get much better than this from the iconic Swedish group Abba. From the first note, all your guests will be on their feet singing their hearts out and rockin' some classic Abba moves on the dancefloor. ❤️

stevie wonder  isn't she lovely

Wonderful song by the great Stevie Wonder and a perfect choice to celebrate the bride on the day. Give the groom a microphone to belt out this classic track to his beautiful wife.  ❤️

chubby checker  the twist

'Come on everybody, clap your hands, all you looking good.' Twist the night away to this great upbeat song that everybody is sure to know the moves to. Great crowd pleaser for any special occasion. ❤️

dolly parton  i will always love you

What better song for your first dance together as a married couple. Dolly's classic hit is a perfect choice for your wedding day. There won't be a dry eye in the room! ❤️

pointer sisters  jump(for my love)

Everybody can 'jump in' and sing along to this upbeat track from the Pointer Sisters. Uplifting and catchy tune that most guests are sure to know. ❤️

john legend  all of me

'All of me loves all of you' !!! There is no more to say !! One of the best karaoke wedding songs and the perfect song choice for the newly married couple to duet on. ❤️

black lace  do the conga

A fun way to end the wedding day celebrations is with the Conga. The train of guests dancing around the reception hall is a spectacle you are unlikely to ever forget. The Conga will be the perfect end to a wonderful day of celebrations. ❤️

When the evening winds down and your guests are retiring to their rooms or starting their journeys home, you can finally look around and give yourself a 'big pat on the back'.

Your wedding day was perfect, you married the love of your life, your guests had the time of their lives and some of the best karaoke wedding songs will always take you back to wonderful memories of your perfect wedding day.

❤️ Congratulations ❤️

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