Best Kid Friendly Karaoke Machines – Parent Guide

There has never been a better time for some parental interaction with the kids.

For many of us it feels like we have been living with the same people, the same stuff, all in the same space. Boredom and stress is sure to have set in all around.

What better way to kill the boredom for the kids than with one of the best kid friendly karaoke machines, and let’s face it parents will have just as much fun as the kids!

Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke Machine With Disco Lights

This portable kid friendly karaoke machine will hit all the right notes with the kids.

They will love the fact that they can take the show on the road to their friends whenever they wish.

Top notch sound quality, built in speaker with echo & balance controls add to enhanced sound & auto voice control.

This karaoke machine has two pro quality mic jacks with dedicated volume control which means more than one person can join in and sing along to their favorite tunes.

If you wish to connect the machine to your TV you will need to purchase a cable to enable the kids to follow on-screen lyrics.

Boredom is sure to go out of the window when the kids are happily singing & dancing along to all the current chart hits. 

I am sure at some point they may let Mom & Dad in on the act too if you are lucky!

Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke Machine


>  Color monitor – 7″ LCD monitor.

 LED lights – Disco effect.

 Mic x1 – Echo & auto voice control.

Speaker – Built in.

Portable – Integrated handles for carrying.

RCA output jacks – Connect to TV for scrolling lyrics.

 Aux in – Connect to other audio devices.

Records voice & music – To USB, plays CD/CD+G, MP3+G from USB.

You will never regret investing in one of the best kid friendly karaoke machines that will give endless hours of fun and entertainment to all the family.

Croove Karaoke Machine For Kids

All those mini budding popstars will be your friend for life when you let them get their ‘Croove’ on with this top quality POP BOX.

Packed with lots of features, it will definitely rock their world.

The bright multi-colored disco lights will add a great party atmosphere when they get up to perform and sing. Their talent will shine through to impress all friends & family.

This really is an epic best kid friendly karaoke machine.

Made with high quality material to ensure long-lasting durability.

Packed with features it is sure to thrill, entertain & create long lasting memories for all the family.

That is if the kids let you in on the act!

Croove Karaoke Machine


>  Speaker – Rock the house with this powerful speaker.

Mic x2  – Pro quality mics for double the fun.

 Disco lights – Multi-color whirling lights create disco vibe.

Bluetooth – Connect for music tracks via Bluetooth, AUX in(cable not included) or USB.

Portable – Carrying handle for easy transportation.

Rechargeable battery – Long lasting battery for hours of fun.

Bring the stage experience home and rock their world with one of the best kid friendly karaoke machines.

Singstation StarBurst Karaoke Machine

It’s all about the kids, or is it? 

Mum & Dad are sure to want to showcase their talents too with one of the best kid friendly karaoke machines.

This Singstation Starburst machine will be a sure fire hit and keep friends & family upbeat and entertained all day & ultimately all night long.

The spectacular light effects with functions such as party, pulse, breath, chase & more will recreate a vibrant disco atmosphere in the comfort of your own home.

How Cool is That?

Voice effects, sound effects, light effects. What more do you need for the ultimate karaoke experience?

The kids will never stop singing!

Singstation Starburst


>  Light effects – Create a funky disco atmosphere in your own home.

Voice effect – Have fun with echo, baritone, alien & more.

Sound effects – Cheers, applause & more.

Mic x2 – For duets with friends.

Portable – Take your party on the road.

Bluetooth – Pair to phone or tablet. Works with all popular karaoke apps.

Ac power supply – Alternative 8AA batteries.

With this all in one best kid friendly karaoke machine everyone can be a star!

Bonaok Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

No question, you will be like a kid in a candy store when you get your hands on one of the best kid friendly karaoke mics.

Its’ popularity speaks for itself.

Kids will literally fight over it, so maybe you would be better off purchasing one for each of them if only to keep the peace!

They will have endless hours of fun with this Bonaok high quality, sturdy, premium microphone at every family karaoke get together.

The color choices are beautiful and will appeal to all the kids. The sound will more than exceed expectations.

The LED lights at the front create a great party vibe that will excite the kids and get everyone in a fun party mode.

This karaoke mic will not only appeal to all the kids in the neighborhood but also to all Moms, Dads & Grandparents.

Bonaok Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone


>  Bluetooth – Built-in high quality BT can be used as a player, speaker & recorder.

 3 in 1 – Karaoke machine, song recorder, BT speaker & pairs to smartphone & PC.

Lights –  Create a true disco atmosphere.

Rechargeable battery – Up to 4hrs sing time.

Don’t hesitate on this brand, as you will be beyond impressed with the quality. Let the whole family live their dreams and become the ‘Rock Stars’ they always knew they could be.

Best Kid Friendly Karaoke Machine

We have selected some of the best kid friendly karaoke machines that are sure to keep everybody happy and entertained for hours on end.

Our reviews are simply a guide to help you find a suitable karaoke system.

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