Best Kids Karaoke Machine – Toddlers & Tweens

Kids just love karaoke, getting together with friends, dressing up and pretending to sing like their favorite popstars.

The best kids karaoke machine will provide hours of fun & entertainment for all the family as they watch mini wannabee stars find their voices & put on spectacular performances for everyone to enjoy.

Building confidence is important for young children and there is no better way to do this than by encouraging them to have fun & sing along at karaoke.

You may not realize it but there are many developmental benefits for toddlers who own a karaoke machine including, improving memory, concentration & listening skills.

Other Benefits Include:

Fine Motor Skills

Playing with the karaoke machine will help with a child's hand-eye coordination.

Visual development

Vivid & rich colors attract and stimulate a child's visual development.

Hearing development

Listening to mellow & soft music helps to stimulate a child's hearing development from an early age.

Some kids are ultra confident and will readily step up to the mic on their own to perform, whilst others will need the support from friends & family.

Before you know it they will soon be confident enough to show off their talents with enthusiastic solo performances of their favorite songs.

Finding the best kids karaoke machine is super easy as there are 100's of models to choose from.

The attractive designs & choice of colors definitely have the 'eye catching' appeal that kids love.

Kids can express creativity & showcase their performance skills, all in the comfort of their own home.

The best kids karaoke machine models usually have features such as:

Disco Lights

This not only creates a wonderful party vibe for the kids but it is wonderful to watch their faces when they see all the flashing bright lights.


Generally the karaoke machine will include one microphone and depending on the model, there is often an option to add a second mic to allow the kids to sing together.

Age Range

An important factor to consider when searching for the best kids karaoke machine is the age range.

Young children love pressing buttons regardless of their purpose, so for little ones aged 3-8 years old a preferable option would be a smaller, lightweight model that does not have too many buttons to tempt them!

Older children can manage most features of larger karaoke models easily and are generally pretty tech-savvy even at the 'Tweens' stage.

Teenagers will generally want a 'cooler' looking design in a karaoke machine that will allow them to stream lyrics through a smartphone, tablet or TV.

Kidsonor Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

Two microphones & VOLUME control option!

What more could you ask for when searching for the best kids karaoke machine?

This popular model is perfect as it is easily connected via Bluetooth or Aux cable. It also has a USB cable for recharging the lithium polymer battery.

To say this karaoke machine is for kids, the quality is top-notch.

The speaker is made from a high density wooden board which provides much better acoustics than many regular plastic models.

It is also non-toxic so you will have no worries when the kids are playing with it.

This cute design is available in two colors Pink & Red Grid. This kids friendly system is sure to provide many hours of fun not only for the little ones, as I am sure Mom & Dad will probably want to get in on the act too!

Kidsonor Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

karaoke system with 2 microphones

Wooden Speaker - Provides Better Acoustics


2 Mics - No Arguing Over Who Sings First!


Rechargeable - One Lithium Polymer Battery (Included)


Volume Control - Control The Chaos


Affordable - Worth Every Cent


Easy to Use


Highly recommended in Karaoke Kooks pick of the best kids karaoke machine & a great choice for a gift.

Singing Machine Kids Pedestal

If you thought the kids were loud before, be prepared when you purchase the SMK1010 as the volume can go up quite a way due to the 4 in-built speakers which the kids absolutely love!

As far as arguing over who gets their hands on the mic first, no worries, as this model includes 2 microphones for the kids to duet to all their favorite songs.

The stands height flexibility is another great feature to accommodate kids of all ages. 

Not only that, if they want to party at a friends house, the pedestal is easily removed for transportation.

Voice changing effects will keep them amused for hours on end. The 6 effects including Chipmunk & Robot will have them singing their little hearts out all day long, giving Mom & Dad a well deserved break from the usual.

"We are bored, what can we play with?"

Singing Machine Kids Pedestal

karaoke system with stand

Adjustable Height - Also Detaches For Tabletop Use


6 Voice Changing Effects - Chipmunk, Robot, Radio etc


Connect Via Bluetooth or Line-in - Smartphone, Tablet etc


Mic x2 - Great for Duets. Dedicated Mic Volume


Record & Playback Function


Both Battery or Mains Operated


This is certainly a great choice of the best kids karaoke machine if you are considering a pedestal model.

Singing Machine SML-385UP

This cute karaoke model allows you to play CD's and can also be connected to Bluetooth for streaming from compatible devices.

With 54 LED disco lights, the kids will absolutely love the party atmosphere this great little machine creates.

It is easily connected to your TV if you prefer to see scrolling lyrics. Let's not forget the voice changing effects that will keep the kids entertained for hours on end.

Singing Machine SML-385UP

bluetooth karaoke system with led disco lights

Bluetooth - Wireless Digital Audio Streaming From Compatible Devices


Top Loading CD Player - Play CD's & CD+G


USB-Connectivity - Record Your Performance & Play Your Saved Songs


54 LED Disco Lights - Create A Party Atmosphere


1x Mic




Another one of the best kids karaoke machines to consider. The compact and portable design will allow them to take the party on the go whenever they like.

Best Kids Karaoke Machine - Things To Consider

Decide which features are important to you. 

If the kids are likely to want to take their karaoke machine "on the go" then your best choice would be a smaller, portable model.

If you have more than one child then it would be better to choose a machine that includes 2 mics to avoid any "fallouts". They can then happily sing along together!

You have the option to have either a complete karaoke machine or a simple karaoke microphone which some toddlers would find easier to handle.

If you intend to use CD's in the machine make sure it has that feature as many karaoke machines today do not include CD players.

However, most do include Bluetooth technology.

Depending on the age range of your kids and how often you intend to use the karaoke machine you should choose accordingly.

Popular & Highly Rated

All our picks of the best kids karaoke machines are extremely popular and highly rated models.

We hope you find one that suits your kids age range/s and will give many playful & entertaining hours of fun for all the family.

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