Best Queen Karaoke Songs – Top 12 Killer Tracks!

Deciding which are the best Queen karaoke songs out of the phenomenal library that this talented rock band have written and produced since they formed in London in 1970 is no mean feat.

Band members

  • Freddie Mercury - Lead singer and piano.
  • Brian May - Guitar & vocals.
  • Roger Taylor - Drums & vocals
  • John Deacon - Bass

In the early days their music was influenced by heavy metal, hard rock and progressive rock, but eventually they ventured into more conventional styles such as pop rock and arena rock which where more radio friendly.

In popular culture Queen have been a Global presence for more than 5 decades making them one of worlds' best selling music artists with record sales exceeding 300 million.

The band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in early 2001 and in 2003 into the Songwriters Hall of Fame as all 4 band members had individually  composed hit singles.

The flamboyant Freddie Mercury was regarded as one of the greatest singers in Rock Music History. He was the ultimate showman, a notably spectacular, dramatic and influential performer.

His Flamboyance, Musicianship, Artistry, Inventiveness and Charisma were undeniable, rewarding him with a devoted fan base who still revere him around the world to this day.

How fortunate we were to have witnessed the talent of the 'Legend' Freddie Mercury.

He was a great talent, with other talented members within the band. Queen would not have been the same without the intricate harmonies of all the band members.

Freddie Mercury died aged 45 on the 24th November 1991 from 'Aids' related pneumonia at his home in Kensington, London, United Kingdom. To this day fans still visit to leave messages and poems on the gates of his home which he left to his ex Mary Austin along with all his other worldly possessions.

He left a legacy of outstanding rock songs that will live on forever, and as he once said 'The Show Must Go On'. It most definitely will!!

The remaining members of the band stayed dedicated to their music, but without the legendary frontman Freddie Mercury, they did not reunite as Queen until years after his death.

In 2012 they joined forces with former American Idol Adam Lambert who brought his own style, Freddie vibes and showmanship to the fans which they loved.

The band began touring again and sold out stadiums across the globe.

Queen have proven that as a band they have the strength to overcome challenges and to still come out on top as the Champions of Rock.

I am not going to be a star. I am going to be a legend.

Freddie Mercury

Choosing the best Queen karaoke songs is not an easy task as every song they have ever written and performed deserves to be acknowledged.

Karaoke Kooks have chosen 12 of the best Queen karaoke songs based on current popularity of the most streamed songs by the band. Enjoy!!

Best Queen Karaoke Songs:

Killer queen

Written by lead singer Freddie Mercury for Queens' third album 'Sheer Heart Attack' in 1974. The song became their first USA hit and reached No.2 in the UK singles chart. This was the bands' breakthrough hit.

bohemian rhapsody

Composed entirely by Freddie Mercury, Bohemian Rhapsody demonstrates the versatility and brilliance of this iconic band. It is 6 minutes of absolute genius. This is one of the best Queen karaoke songs and always raises the roof at any karaoke venue.

somebody to love

Of all the songs Freddie Mercury composed this is reputed to be his favorite. On this gospel style song the voices of all the band members are multi-tracked to make them sound like a choir with amazing results. The best Queen karaoke songs will always include this popular track.

we are the champions

Fans got a double bonus with this amazing anthem by Queen as the 'B' side was another great fan favorite 'We Will Rock You'. Released in 1977 from the bands 6th album 'News of the World'. These amazing power ballads are also some of the best Queen karaoke songs that singers love to perform.

fat bottomed girls

Written by guitarist Brian May this song is funny, whimsical and flat out great Rock 'n Roll. Remember, Fat Bottomed Girls you make the rocking world go round! 

don't stop me now

Written by Freddie Mercury for Queens' 1978 album 'Jazz' and released as a single in 1979, Don't Stop Me Now is one of the bands' most successful tracks that many fans tend to play at weddings or when driving along in their cars. Great multi-track harmony vocals and one of the best Queen karaoke songs.

love of my life

From the 1975 album 'A Night at the Opera' this sentimental ballad was written by Freddie Mercury about his then fiance Mary Austin. Freddie's ex, Mary Austin remained at his side throughout his life and was with him until the end. She was, the true love of his life!!

Beautiful Track..

crazy little thing called love

This song was Queens' tribute to Elvis Presley and the early rockabilly style. From the pop rock album and the only one to reach No.1 in the USA 'The Game'. On August 14th 2017, Crazy Little Thing Called Love was certified platinum RIAA.

radio gaga

Written by Queens drummer Roger Taylor this is the first track on the 1984 album 'The Works'. Freddie's electric performance of this song at Live Aid in 1985 absolutely stole the whole show.  One of the best Queen karaoke songs that is fun to perform.

i want to break free

Written by Bassist John Deacon. The video for this 1984 Queen song featured the band dressed in drag as female characters from the popular British soap Coronation Street. MTV boycotted this song as they didn't think that men in drag were 'Rock' enough according to band member Roger Taylor. 

The video is considered a 'Camp Classic' in the United Kingdom but it subdued the bands' career in the United States where it received negative reaction. I Want to Break Free is still regarded as one of the best Queen karaoke songs and is sure to go down a storm at any party night

hammer to fall

Written by Brian May, this popular song is the 8th track on Queens 1984 album 'The Works'. This song became a fan favorite and was the third song on their Live Aid set list. Brilliant track!!

the show must go on

Freddie Mercury's clever use of expression and words are sad and poignant on this song, considered to be one of the bands' very best. The song chronicles the efforts of Freddie to carry on performing despite nearing the end of his life from Aids.

The song was first played live on 20th April 1992 during the 'Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert' performed by the 3 remaining band members with Elton John on lead vocals and Tony Lommi from Black Sabboth playing rhythm guitar.


There is no question that this talented band and their work is phenomenal and will continue to entertain fans both old and new around the world for many years to come and as the lyrics of the song say..

The Show Must Go On...

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