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Portable Karaoke Machine – Party Anywhere

Looking for a portable karaoke machine that has everything you need to [...]

Karaoke Microphones For Home Use – Sound Quality!!

Let's face it, you don't have to put one foot out of [...]

Bluetooth Speaker With Party Lights – 3 Dazzlers!!

If you are considering purchasing a bluetooth speaker with party lights look [...]

Battery Operated Disco Lights – Club Atmosphere!!

Are battery operated disco lights a good idea to light up a [...]

Home Disco Lights – Party Fever!!

Do I really need home disco lights ?The invites have been sent [...]

How Much Does An Average Karaoke Machine Cost? – Best Buys!!

The simple answer to the question 'how much does an average karaoke [...]

Karaoke Machine That Improves Voice – Sound Like A Pro!

A popular karaoke machine that improves voice to make bad singers sound [...]

Karaoke Machine Vs Microphone – No Contest?

Karaoke machine vs microphone - Two of the most popular devices used [...]

Karaoke Machine With Auto Tune – Perfect Your Sound!

Singing Machine Studio - Karaoke Machine With Auto TuneIf you want to [...]

James Corden Carpool Karaoke Microphone – Road Trip Jammin’!!

It's time to host your very own road trip karaoke session with [...]

Best Karaoke Machine Under $50 – Kooks Top 3!!

The average cost of a karaoke machine at the present time is [...]

Karaoke Machine With Lights – SINGSATION!!

Impress your friends and create the ultimate karaoke atmosphere wherever, whenever!If you [...]

Karaoke Xbox One Games – Sing To Win!!

So you are the proud owner of an Xbox One and you [...]

Moukey Karaoke Machine – Made For Karaoke

Wish you could jam it out to all your favorite songs everyday? [...]

Special Gifts For Karaoke Lovers – Kooks Choice!

Who doesn't love to receive an unexpected gift?When it comes to finding [...]

How To Use Bonaok Microphone – Sing Anytime, Anywhere!

How to use Bonaok microphone? You have finally got your hands on [...]

Is 30 Day Singer Worth It? – You Decide!!

Everybody develops at a different pace, whether it is taking your first [...]

Best Karaoke Machine For Teenage Girls – Kooks Top 3!

Teenagers!!! Well one thing we know for sure is that most of [...]

Karaoke Machine With Screen – Top 3 Reviewed!!

Karaoke machines are an excellent addition to any party or special occasion. [...]

Which Is The Best Karaoke System? Best Buys!!

I daresay at this stage you have researched lots of karaoke machines [...]

Best Free Karaoke App – Sing & Play!

Does Free Karaoke Sound Goo​d To You?Get ready to pump up the [...]

Top ION Karaoke Machines – Stellar Sound!!

Find the perfect ION karaoke machine and you will be all set-up [...]

Top 3 Bose Karaoke Speakers – Music To Your Ears!!

Party Organized? Playlist Ready?All you need now to make sure your party [...]

Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine – 3 Purrfect Picks!!

What do you get if you combine Kids, Technology & Fun?Karaoke!!We all [...]

Wireless Karaoke Microphones – Top 3 Reviewed!

When it comes to creating an amazing karaoke experience at home, the [...]

Best Karaoke Microphones – Sing, Sing, Sing!

When it comes down to choosing one of the best karaoke microphones [...]

Singing Machine Karaoke System – Buyer ALERT!!

Get ready to pump up the volume at your next party or [...]

Karaoke Microphone For Kids – Kooks Top 3 Picks

If you are a parent with a bunch of extremely energetic kids [...]

Carpool Karaoke Microphone – Top 3 Reviewed

Get your motor runnin', head out on the highway and get ready [...]

Best Girls Karaoke Machine – Party Divas!!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!!There is no doubt about it, no matter [...]

Best Wireless Microphone For Karaoke – Outstanding Audio!

It can be quite a challenge finding the best wireless microphone for [...]

High End Karaoke Speakers – Best Bang For Your Buck!

If you have been shopping around for some high end karaoke speakers [...]

Best Karaoke Systems For Home Use – Budget Friendly

You cannot beat a great karaoke 'rave up' with family & friends [...]

Karaoke Microphone For Your Car – Rockin’ Road Trips

Planning a road trip, and need some entertainment to pass the time?How's [...]

Karaoke Machine With 2 Microphones – Awesome Duets!

A karaoke machine with 2 microphones will definitely provide double the karaoke [...]

Is A Karaoke Machine Worth It?

As McEnroe would say "You Cannot Be Serious"..Is a karaoke machine worth [...]

Childs Karaoke Machine – Super Stars!!

Have your kids got an upcoming birthday or special occasion and you [...]

Pink Karaoke Machines | Get The Party Started!

Masingo Presto G2 Karaoke MachineIf you are looking for professional quality karaoke [...]

Toddler Karaoke Machines – Sing & Learn

There is no doubt about it toddlers can be a handful! Keeping [...]

Singorama Review – Sharpen Your Craft!

Many Karaoke Kooks have naturally good singing voices, but when they attempt [...]

What Features to Look for in a Karaoke Machine | Essentials!

If you have finally decided it is time to invest in a [...]

Best Kids Karaoke Machine – Toddlers & Tweens

Kids just love karaoke, getting together with friends, dressing up and pretending [...]

Best Microphone For Recording | A Shure Winner!

The Shure Brand is Impeccable, Perfect, without Flaws, Faults or Errors.Shure SM58The [...]

How Do I Choose A Karaoke Microphone? | Simply The Best

Good Question... it is extremely difficult to choose a karaoke microphone when [...]

Karaoke Machine With Scoring System | Pitch A Shutout!!

There is no better way to bring joy into your life than [...]

Bonaok Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone [Review]

If you are looking for hours of uninterrupted party fun then look [...]

Earise T26 Portable Karaoke Machine Review

If your looking for a karaoke machine that will not only meet [...]

Best PA System For Karaoke | Top 4 Reviewed!

When hosting a karaoke party it is essential that your PA speakers [...]

What Karaoke System Should I Buy? Top Picks!!

All-In-One MicrophoneShopping for a karaoke system that not only ticks all the [...]

Best Kid Friendly Karaoke Machines – Parent Guide

There has never been a better time for some parental interaction with [...]

Best Karaoke Machines That Connect To TV 2023

When looking for karaoke machines that connect to TV there are a [...]

Best Professional Karaoke Machine

We are totally spoiled for choice today when it comes to karaoke [...]

Best Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone 2023

Looking for the best karaoke Bluetooth microphone that does it all? Like [...]

Powerful Karaoke Machines Under $100

Best Buy...I guess you are here because like many of us at [...]

Best Karaoke Machine That Records

Recording...The best karaoke machine that records will not only record songs you [...]

What Are The Best Karaoke Machines 2023

We all love a good singalong whether it is in the car [...]

Best Karaoke Machine For Kids | Kooks Top 5 Picks

Our best karaoke machine for kids review will hopefully help you to [...]

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