Carpool Karaoke Microphone – Top 3 Reviewed


Get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway and get ready to channel your ‘inner’ Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran with an awesome carpool karaoke microphone. 

As ‘cheesy’ as it sounds this is the perfect way to have a road trip singalong. Belt out all your favorite tracks with your passengers and the time will simply fly by…..

Always Keeping Your Eyes On The Road Ahead!

You can literally have your very own concert as you travel along, transforming your ride into an hilarious, fun experience.

Singing Machine Carpool Karaoke The Mic 2.0

The Singing Machine Karaoke Mic 2.0 is packed with lots of new, exciting features that will take your road trip fun to new levels.

The Carpool Karaoke Microphone can be used anywhere you go:

  • Boat
  • Bus
  • RV
  • Tailgate Party
  • Home Living Room

Connect your microphone to any PA system with radio tuner or Aux port and you are good to go!! The wireless mic lets you sing anytime, anywhere.

The Karaoke Microphone 2.0 is super easy to set up and use:

Find an open station on your radio and match the station on the mic.

Pair you mobile device to the mic via Bluetooth and Hey Presto! you are ready to sing your favorite tunes from your music or karaoke App through the cars speakers. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Light effects that sync to the music will add that extra sparkle to your performance and the built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 hours which is plenty of time for your road trip karaoke concert.

Carpool Karaoke Machine for Kids & Adults, Carpool…
  • Hear Yourself Sing On the Radio: Introducing Singing Machine’s new Carpool Karaoke Mic 2.0!…
  • Take Your Karaoke Experience to New Levels: Stream music from your phone or Bluetooth device to sing…
  • Great Gift: Whether you’re in a Car, boat, or anywhere with FM radio, the Carpool Karaoke Mic 2.0…

Mic x1 – Option to connect 2nd mic (Not included) for duets.

Voice effects – 6 built-in voice changing effects.

Sound effects – 3 super fun sound effects.

Bluetooth – Stream music via compatible devices, works with all music Apps.

Line-in – Line-in port.

Lights – Multi-color glowing lights sync to the music.

USB cable – Micro USB charging cable.

Battery – Built-in long lasting rechargeable battery for up to 6hrs of Carpool Karaoke fun.

Turn up the volume and get ready for the most entertaining road trip of your life with the all new Singing Machine Karaoke Microphone 2.0.

M100 Carpool Karaoke Mic

We are sure you will agree that nothing loosens up a group of people like a great karaoke, session. Whether it’s kids or adults performing, everybody enjoys those fun bouts of utter ‘foolery’.

There is no other more entertaining way to let your hair down and have a blast than with a Carpool Karaoke Microphone.

Although you may not have James Corden in the passenger seat singing along with you to your favorite tracks, your car-ride companions will be more than happy to join in the singalong!

For the best car trip karaoke experience, pump up the volume with the M100 Carpool Karaoke Microphone.

This state of the art mic with great volume and crystal clear audio is an investment that you will never regret. It is on a different level!! 

The features on this gem of a mic are numerous including, Dual 5W output speakers, voice changing option & echo effects.

For less than $100 you can spend hours on end singing along on your next vacation. With the M100 Carpool Microphone your listening and singing experience will be second to none.

The mic receiver is made to the highest quality standard, producing great audio without noise or distortion. The dual dynamic speaker, digital signal processor (DSP) and the large, top quality microphone will make your voice sound awesome.

If you want your performance to stand out from the crowd you can add ECHO to your favorite songs to make you the star of the Carpool Karaoke Show!!

You can easily select Lyric Elimination, FM Connection and Audience Reaction sounds with the user friendly LED display.

Connecting to FM is super easy. Simply tune your FM radio to 87.5MHz or 108.0MHz and select the matched radio frequency on the M100. You are now set to blast out all your favorite songs.

  • Turn on M100
  • Tune your radio 88.1 or 107.9
  • Push FM on the control panel to channel A for 88.1 or channel B for 107.9
  • YOU MUST plug an Aux cable in to the Aux-out on the M100. The cable needs to be approximately 2m or 6ft long as this works as an antenna.
M100 – Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone, Carpool…
  • Pump up your voice with our Bluetooth karaoke microphone – It has duel 5-watt output speakers -…
  • Hear clear audio sound with Sound Effects Mode – Make your listening and singing experience pop with…
  • Connects with your car’s accessories and sound system for perfect carpool or solo surround sound -…

Bluetooth – Bluetooth 5.0, Aux, FM radio connection for extra volume.

2.1 Channel Dual Hi-Fi Speaker – Provides clear sound without distortion.

Mic x1 – Top quality mic for ‘Star’ performances.

LED Display – User friendly LED display offers a variety of options.

DSP – Digital signal processor reduces background noise.

Aux Cable – Use the Aux (Included) to connect your car audio speakers.

FM – Easily connect the M100 to your FM radio.

Without question the M100 wireless Carpool Microphone is built to standards of the highest quality. Have fun and sing like superstars on your next road trip with the M100!

M37 Bluetooth Carpool Karaoke Microphone

If you are looking for a budget friendly mic that offers crystal clear sound and cool features, then check out an Amazon favorite, the M37 Bluetooth Carpool Karaoke Mic.

The M37 makes spending quality time with friends & family an even more enjoyable experience! You can literally turn any place into a karaoke party creating some of the most unforgettable memories.

With the M37 you can expand the dynamic sound to external speakers using the Aux cable provided.

If you have searched all the karaoke Apps and still can’t find your favorite song, don’t worry, just play your favorite Mp3 file and use the Lyric Elimination Mode Feature. How cool is that?

The simple design of the M37 Microphone allows you to navigate any feature you want easily at the push of a button. 

If you are a Karaoke Kook who prefers to sing duets with friends then simply connect with another M37 mic and enjoy Duet Mode.

It’s As Easy As That!!

M37 – Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone Wireless -…
  • Too much fun to be legal for kids and adults – With Bluetooth , AUX and USB Cables included you can…
  • The Echo feature of our karaoke microphone can add surround sound – Easy to use Multi-function…
  • Wonderful gift for youngsters to adults for hours of fun – Duet, Lyric Elimination and Echo Karaoke…

Bluetooth 5.0 – Connect with Aux speakers, your car or any PA sound system via Aux cable (Included)

Mic x1 – Lightweight & portable, durable quality microphone.

Audio – Excellent sound quality with 5W output speakers.

Fun Features – Duet, Lyric Elimination & Echo karaoke are some of the dynamic features this cordless mic offers.

USB – USB port allows the mic to access Mp3.

Lithium Battery – Provides up to 4hrs of playtime.

Disco Ball – Disco Ball attachment creates a perfect party atmosphere.

The M37 Carpool Karaoke Microphone will not let you down!. Set it up, link it and you are ready to rock it down the highway on your next Carpool Karaoke road trip.

Carpool Karaoke Microphone

Carpool Karaoke is the most fun and entertaining way to put the miles behind you on any long road trip with friends or family. 

A top quality Carpool Karaoke Microphone is essential. We hope our reviews will help you to find the best mic for your upcoming road trips.

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