Do I Have A Good Singing Voice? – Discover Your Potential!!

Can you sing in tune? Maybe you think you can!!

When you ask yourself or anyone else the question 'Do I have a good singing voice?', hopefully the answer will be an honest one.

Honest feedback from friends may hurt a little, but at least any constructive criticism will give you the opportunity to improve your singing by putting plenty of practice in.

No-one is born a good or bad singer, it is all about consistent practice every day. If you 'CAN' sing then you will:

  • Hit every note of a melody.
  • Your words will be sung clearly and easy to understand.
  • You will sing with honesty and without hesitation.
  • Your voice will have dynamic.
  • Your expression of the lyrics will be on point.

Do I have a good singing voice? A great singer can tell a story with the tone, passion and richness of their voice, not with the lyrics of the song they are singing.

Most people at sometime in their lives have heard someone singing a song and have felt the hairs on the back of their head 'stand up' or have become emotional whilst listening to the singer.

Maybe your feet have started tapping, your head bobbing or your body has been swaying as you listen. This is the power of a truly great singer who carries all that power and emotion only with their voice.

Do I Have A Good Singing Voice? - Practice

If you sing on pitch and with rhythm that engages and grooves with the music then that shows that you do have potential. It now all depends on how much effort you are willing to put in to improve your voice.

Singing is all about practicing healthy techniques. It is a challenge both mentally and physically. Coordinating all the muscles and techniques in your mind until they become ingrained and remain that way. 

Singing Requires:

  • Diligence.
  • Awareness.
  • Focus.
  • Practice.

There are those singers who have naturally mimicked correct technique or who have never developed any bad habits. They are the lucky ones who have an easier starting point. Others have mimicked the exact opposite and will have a much longer path ahead.

If your ears are not trained enough to tell the difference between:

  • Good technique.
  • Ornamentation.
  • Appropriate judgement on style.
  • Musicality & performance.

then you should find those educators who can help. Great teachers who you can learn from, read books on the subject or search online for information on breathing techniques, the voice and how it all works. This will enable you to get to where you want to be with your singing.

Do I have a good singing voice? Most people have the basic vocal requirements needed to train a singing voice. There are only a small percentage of people who really have no hope as they are totally 'tone deaf'.  

Maybe you might become a skilled amateur, a Karaoke Kook who can confidently perform for others or use your voice simply for your own entertainment. Singing in the shower or around the house as you do your daily chores.

There are numerous books discussing investing hour upon hour into becoming a good singer. Although there are no guarantees that you will become the next 'Adele' they should help you to achieve a good basic level of competency.

Do I Have A Good Singing Voice? - Useful Tips

Breathe Correctly

Breathing correctly is vitally important for any singer. Think of the air bypassing your lungs and getting pulled down into your abdomen. When you breathe in, if your stomach expands then you are breathing correctly.

Look At The Notes

When learning a song look at the notes - No Brainer? You would think so, but it is not something that singers always do. If you think of your voice as a musical instrument and read the notes as you sing, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easily you will hit those high notes you previously struggled with.

Hear The Note In Your Head

Hear the note in your head before you sing it. It physiologically primes your vocal chords to sing the next note in tune. Believe it or not this really does help.

Feel The Song

When you are learning a song, focus on techniques and precision. Practice it until you know it well, then let expression take over and let your emotions flow.

Do I have a good singing voice? It is worth remembering that an imperfect song when performed with feeling will without a doubt beat a perfect emotionless solo every time.


Next time you ask yourself 'Do I have a good singing voice?', you won't need anyone else to judge you, you will already know the answer.

Yes, you do have singing potential - it's now time for you to unlock it and let your journey to becoming a good singer begin.

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