Easy Karaoke Songs For Beginners | Let’s Go Karaoke!

We all want to sound good when we take on the karaoke challenge, but sadly some of us need a bit more help than others.

Our selection of easy karaoke songs for beginners will have you singing with confidence in no time at all.

Although karaoke is all about having a fun time with like minded people, there are some that take their performances very seriously simply because they have been blessed with impressive vocal skills.

Overall the majority will get hold of the mic, have fun and go for it regardless of their vocal abilities.

They generally get a great reaction for the audience who are more than willing to join in and help the singer with their performance.

To make life a little easier it is often useful to have a playlist that includes easy karaoke songs for beginners.

Not only will you gain in confidence, these songs will help you to put on a better vocal performance at any karaoke party or event.

Get Ready To Sing Like A Superstar!!

Easy Karaoke Songs For Beginners

gloria gaynor i will survive

Start the night with a group singalong to this classic track that everybody knows & loves.

marvin gaye i heard it through the grapevine

If you are lacking in confidence on stage, have someone take the lead on this great song and you can sing the "honey, honey" lyric in the background!

katy perry roar

You will certainly impress any crowd with one of the easy karaoke songs for beginners.

All you need to do is ROAR!

john lennon imagine

Imagine you can & you will steal the show with your performance of this iconic song by the great, late, Beatle - John Lennon.

kylie minogue can't get you out of my head

This catchy tune is easy to perform & difficult to mess up.

Give it your best shot and WOW the crowd.

carly rae jepsen call me maybe

Hey! I just met you, this is crazy! 

Grab the mic have fun & sing your heart out to this great number.

rhianna umbrella 

"ella, ella, ella"

Not that difficult by the sound of it!

Great crowd pleaser & fun too!

britney spears | oops i did it again 

Always a winner and up there with the easy karaoke songs for beginners. You will impress any crowd especially when you get your Britney moves on!

blondie | the tide is high

You're gonna be their No.1 with your performance when you smash this classic Blondie track.

the kooks | she moves in her own way

Great one for the guys.

Pretty easy to sing and is sure to "WOW" any karaoke crowd.

abba | waterloo

You will be a "Super Trooper" when you perform this great track that everybody will want to join in with.

Get the Abba look for a fun performance.

oasis | wonderwall

Give this one a shot as everybody knows it.

It is not only a great song for karaoke it is also easy enough to sing.

darius rucker | wagon wheel

Whether or not you are a fan of this song, face facts, audiences love it and it is an easy one for all to enjoy!

van morrison | brown eyed girl

Try stopping any crowd singing along to this track.

"Sha La La La La La La La" 

Easy Peasy!

chumbawamba | tubthumping

You can get away with just about anything on this track.

Shout out the chorus & you will be onto a winner with this catchy tune.

the beatles | hey jude

"Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah" 

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!

Great karaoke favorite & maybe a little harder to sing but go for it!

let it go | frozen

What karaoke party does not include one Disney song?

Although this one has been "done to death" we all still love to "Let it Go" at karaoke.

the foundations | build me up buttercup

A Golden Oldie if ever there was one!

This upbeat, cheery song always hits the right note at any karaoke party.

ed sheeran | galway girl

This catchy little number by the talented Mr Sheeran is always a hit at karaoke.

Easy one for all to join in with.

walk the moon | shut up and dance

Don't you dare hold back on this fun, catchy track.

One of the easy karaoke songs for beginners.

so "Shut Up" & bring the house down.

sonny & cher | i got you babe

Anyone fancy a duet? This is a great easy track for any couple to have fun with and also a great crowd pleaser.

robbie williams & nicole kidman | somethin' stupid

Who would have ever thought of putting these two artists together?

Must admit it works, but can't beat the Sinatras' original.

katy perry and snoop dog | california girls

No worries on this one. It's a song that you can simply not stop yourself singing along to.

One for all to enjoy!

ricky martin | livin' la vida loca

Now's your chance to show off your best Latino moves with this upbeat song from the "King of Latin Pop"

neil diamond | sweet caroline

Come on now, a karaoke night without a resounding chorus of "Sweet Caroline" is not a karaoke night! Hope you agree?

A super easy song to sing and always gets a great reaction from any crowd.

Our picks of easy karaoke songs for beginners will "WOW" everybody & won't make you sound too bad either.

Remember, regardless of whether or not you are a good singer, choosing a song that you are comfortable with and entertaining your audience is what karaoke is all about.

Just get out there, put on your best performance & have fun!!

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