Female Country Karaoke Songs – Top 15

Love it or hate it, Country music is here to stay!

Country songs are often very relatable with themes of broken hearts, romance, independance and betrayal.

Some of the best female Country karaoke songs send out powerful messages that are emotional, pure and resonate with Country fans across the Globe.

You need look no further than the multi-talented Dolly Parton with songs recalling early childhood days of going to school in her 'Coat of Many Colors' (rags) her mother had stitched together for her during a time of extreme poverty.

It was through Country music 'Storytelling' that kept Dolly's spirit alive and today her songs will always tug at the heartstrings even if you are not a big Country music fan.

There are so many great female Country artists and songs to choose from, old favorites that always hit the right note with Karaoke Kooks or new and upcoming female artists who are making their voices heard on the Country music scene.

From Tammy Wynette to Taylor Swift, female Country karaoke songs will always  go down well with any crowd.

Female Country Karaoke Songs - Top 15

tammy wynette stand by your man

The 'Queen' of Country music released this iconic song in 1968 as the first single from the album of the same name 'Stand By Your Man'.

Already an established Country recording artist, this song elevated Tammy to superstar status. In 2021 it ranked No.473 on Rolling Stones Top 500 Songs of All Time.

Great Female Country Karaoke song for crowd participation. 

dolly parton jolene

Drawing inspiration from her own life experience, Dolly was not impressed when an attractive redhead bank teller began flirting with her husband who she had recently married.

In true Country style Dolly put pen to paper and wrote this classic song "I'm begging of you please don't take my man".

Dolly was quoted as saying "I put a stop to that. I got rid of that redhead women in a hurry! Had it not been for that women I would never have written 'Jolene' and made all that money, Thank You Jolene!".

Only Dolly Parton could turn jealousy into a career defining moment when she wrote 'Jolene'.

taylor swift love story

A true 'Love Story' if ever there was one!!! Taylor based this song on a real experience after falling for a boy when she was a teenager. However, her parents did not approve as in their eyes he was a 'creep' and not the 'Romeo' Taylor thought he was.

Taylor soon came to realize he was indeed a creep! Most females can no doubt relate to this as in most cases, the parents are usually right!

 Loretta lynn coal miner's daughter

Written and recorded by the Great Lady of Country, this indeed was her signature song. A biographical musical film was released in 1980 which followed the Country music singers early life.

One of eight children, her family were very poor and her father worked in the coal mine to try to provide for them in the 'midst of grinding poverty'.

Married at 15, Loretta had four children by the time she was 19 years old. She began performing at local honky-tonks and on local radio. This was the beginning of her rise to fame as the 'First Lady of Country Music'.

 the judds grandpa (tell me 'bout the good old days)

If you are searching for female country karaoke songs that are truly heartfelt, then this beautiful song will certainly cause people to sit back and reflect on those special times in their lives with 'Grandpa'.

A great country classic.

 dixie chicks you were mine

An emotionally powerful song that will tug at those heartstrings for sure!

Sing this one for all those broken relationships out there, it is pure Country at it's very best, and loved by karaoke crowds everywhere.

 shania twain whose bed have your boots been under

Get those feet tapping to this great 90's track from the stunningly beautiful Shania. Great choice for any Country karaoke session.

  Great song ....Cynical? Yes! But Cheerful Yes!

 miranda lambert mama's brokeN heart

Now We're Talking Break Ups!

Well, if you have parents like the lyrics describe, don't let them suppress your feelings "this ain't my mama's broken heart"... This song defined how women weren't supposed to complain or show any emotion....

This is one of those songs that most people can relate to and is up there with the best female country karaoke songs to impress any crowd.

 sugarland stay

Heartbreaking, beautiful song about a failed relationship and being second choice! "none of us have to live this way".

Country Kooks, it's time to appreciate your own worth and move on!

An amazing song to sing if you can bring all that raw emotion to the surface in your performance.

 reba mcentire fancy

A moving and emotional track that truly shows the ultimate sacrifice a mother makes to save her child. Country songs often take you on a journey and 'Fancy' is certainly no exception.

 billy jo spears blanket on the ground

Released in 1975 this classic song reached No.6 in the UK charts. Billy Jo maintained a steady presence on the Top.20 Country Charts in America throughout the late 70's with hits, Misty Blue, 57 Chevrolet and If You Want Me.

Although she continued to make albums into the 80's, her success tapered off. Billy Jo still held a strong fan base in the UK and during the 90's 'Country Music People' described her as 'The Queen Mother of Country Music'.

 marie osmond paper roses

Although never a part of her siblings famous singing group 'The Osmonds', her career as a singer, actress and talk show host has spanned decades.

Marie recorded 'Paper Roses' in 1973 on MGM record label and topped the charts in the USA. She was the youngest female artist to top the Country chart at the age of 14.

Another one of those great female Country karaoke songs to add to your playlist.

 patsy cline crazy

Regarded as a forerunner for women in Country music, Patsy Cline is considered one of the most influential vocalists of the 20th Century. She achieved several major hits during her recording career until her untimely death in a plane crash in 1963.

'Crazy' is a sultry number about feeling 'Blue' after losing her love who runs off with somebody else.

Patsy Cline recorded some iconic songs throughout her career, 'Crazy' being one of those that everybody loves to perform at karaoke.

 sara evans born to fly

An uplifting track that reaches your soul on a deep level. Released in June 2000 the song became Sara's No.1 hit on the 'Hot Country Songs Chart' in 2001.

Uptempo female Country karaoke songs don't get much better than 'Born To Fly', so spread your wings and go for it!!

 lainey wilson heart like a truck

This is the follow up to her second No.1 single in the US 'Never Say Never' and has been her biggest radio success to date. 

Lainey was crowned Billboards 'Top New Country Artist Of 2021' achieving her first No.1 with her Platinum Certified ACM Song of the Year, 'Things a Man Oughta Know'.

Her legion of fans are spread across the US, UK  and Germany and it is hard to believe that it was only 10 years ago she set out in a small camper trailer to chase her dreams.....

Lainey Wilson has earned the respect of the music industry and is most definitely an experienced artist and songwriter who will establish her place as one of Country's great female recording artists.

The best female Country karaoke songs are far too numerous to include in our Top 15 picks.

Everyone will no doubt have a few favorites old and new that they love to perform at karaoke. One thing is for sure, whichever Country classic you choose for your upcoming performance, the crowd will be with you all the way!

Country Music Is Good For The Soul!

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