Top 10 Fun Karaoke Songs – Bring The House Down!!

Get your fun karaoke songs playlist at the ready for a night to remember!!

I'm sure many of you have found yourselves at a karaoke bar or party where the atmosphere is far from FUN!!

Some of the song choices from wannabe 'superstars' will probably leave you wanting to make a quick exit, or prop up the bar for the night hoping that after a few drinks those excruciating noises coming from the mic will not sound that bad after all!

Karaoke crowds in most cases 'take no prisoners', so if you can get them on-side from the start with your song choice, you will be onto a winner.

Your song choice will either 'make you' or 'break you', so the most sensible approach would be to opt for one of the many fun karaoke songs that are proven to get crowds cheering for MORE!.....

Check out Karaoke Kooks selection of 10 fun karaoke songs that will definitely create an up-beat atmosphere at any karaoke party or event.

Fun Karaoke Songs - Top 10

right said fred i'm too sexy

This 'tongue in cheek' song by the British band 'Right Said Fred' is the ultimate fun karaoke party anthem.

Even though at the time of its' release in 1991 it was perceived to be 'stupid' by many musicians, it was an across-the-board smash hit.

The song topped the charts in 7 countries including Canada and the USA. In May 1992 the song was nominated for an Ivor Novello Award for best selling single 'A' Side.

This fun karaoke song is a hands down crowd pleaser!

aqua barbie girl

Released in 1997 this quirky song topped the charts worldwide particularly in many European countries.

In the UK it reached the number 1 spot and remained there for 4 weeks. 'Barbie Girl' is certainly one of those fun karaoke songs that everyone knows.



Formed in England in 1982 'Chumbawamba' released this song from their 8th studio album 'Tubthumper'. 

It was the band's most successful single topping the charts in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand and hit the No.6 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100.

This is one of those infectious, fun, anthemic songs that Karaoke Kooks throughout the world absolutely love.

culture club do you really want to hurt me

English new wave band 'Culture Club' hit the top of the charts with this single in 1982 from their Platinum selling debut album 'Kissing to be Clever'.

The song reached No.1 in the UK charts and No.2 in the US. 'Culture Club' went on to rack up many more unforgettable top 10 hits in both countries. 

Kaftan and dreadlocks should complete your look at your next fun karaoke night.!!!

jermaine stewart we don't have to take our clothes off

Released in 1985 this fun song peaked at No.5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached the top 10 in several other countries including the UK.

Let's hope you don't have to take your clothes off to have a good time at your next karaoke party.!!!

outkast hey ya!

American hip-hop duo 'Outkast' wrote and produced this fun, upbeat energetic song. The track got lots of airplay on Hip-Hop, Top 4 and R&B stations.

In 2003 it topped the Hot 100 charts remaining there for an amazing 9 weeks. 'Hey Ya' became the first song in history to achieve 1 million downloads claiming Platinum status as a download.

This is a great fun karaoke song to get any party started!

lizzo good as hell

Recorded by American singer and rapper Lizzo 'Good As Hell' was released in 2016 as the lead single from her debut album.

After performing the song at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards it entered the Billboard Hot 100 reaching the No.3 spot. It also achieved Top 10 chart success in several other countries.

This song is most definitely 'Good As Hell' and deserves it's place on our picks of fun karaoke songs.

pharrell williams happy

In September 2014 this song was the most downloaded song of all time in the UK..... It has been streamed over 500 million times on Spotify alone and the official video on YouTube reached 956 million views.

Wherever you are getting together, parties, weddings or discos this feel good song is sure to get everybody up on there feet singing and dancing.

'Happy' is one of those fun karaoke songs that will always 'turn a frown upside down'.

fun ft janelle monae we are young

American band 'Fun' released this song in September 2011 as the lead single from the album 'Some Nights'.

It achieved success worldwide reaching the top of the charts in several countries. When the TV show 'Glee' covered the song with success on the charts, the song was licensed for use in a Chevrolet Sonic commercial that aired during Super Bowl xlvi

'We Are Young' has been certified Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America. Your fun karaoke songs playlist definitely needs to include this amazing track.

queen don't stop me now

"Tonight I'm Gonna Have Myself A Real Good Time" 

What better lyrics to kick off any karaoke party or event! 'Don't Stop Me Now' is another one of Queen's masterpieces.

Freddie Murcury wrote the song for the 1978 album 'Jazz'. It was released as a single in 1979 and despite receiving low rankings in the UK and US the song has aged well over time reaching No.3 on Rolling Stone's list of the Top 10 Queen Songs.

'Don't Stop Me Now' was one of Queen's most energetic singles with the brilliant, flamboyant Freddie Mercury as always, 'having such a good time' and stealing the show!

Fun karaoke songs are meant to be exactly that..... FUN!!

Our Top 10 picks from 'I'M Too Sexy' to 'Don't Stop Me Now' are sure to create an amazing fun atmosphere and  raise the roof wherever you choose to have your next great karaoke party.

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