Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine – 3 Purrfect Picks!!

What do you get if you combine Kids, Technology & Fun?


We all know too well how kids love nothing more than singing and dancing around the house to their favorite songs. So if you are looking for something new and engaging to keep the kids completely entertained, look no further than the:

Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine Range.

Who Is Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty also known by her full name Kitty White is a fictional character created by Yuko Shimizu in Japan and now owned by the Japanese company Sanrio.

Since the creation of the character in 1974 the Hello Kitty media franchise has grown to include, clothing, accessories, games, toys, books, music albums & karaoke machines for kids.

Sanrio has turned Hello Kitty into a global marketing phenomenon worth over 6 billion dollars a year, becoming one of the highest grossing media franchises of all time.

Although Hello Kitty was first marketed towards pre-teen girls, her image found commercial success among not only her original target but also adolescent and adult consumers as well.

Let's face it, we are all kids at heart!

Kids are instantly attracted to the image of the Japanese Bobtail Cat with a red bow and no mouth. According to a Sanrio spokesman, the reason she has no mouth is because she speaks from the heart.

Kitty has a twin sister Mimmy who is depicted with a yellow bow and they celebrate their birthday on November 1st.

The Hello Kitty character was brought to the United States in 1976 and her popularity among children and adults has never waned.

Hello Kitty is a cute character who has charmed her way into all of our lives and will continue to put smiles on our faces for many more years to come.


Birthday parties, sleepovers, road trips etc. are the perfect occasions for a fun karaoke experience that can be enjoyed by everybody young and old.

Give any kid, or adult a microphone and some music and they are sure to unleash their inner superstar.

Hello Kitty Bluetooth CDG Karaoke Machine

Organize an amazing karaoke party anywhere and everywhere with a Portable Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine.

Connect your smartphone, computer or tablet to this Bluetooth speaker, grab the microphone and you are ready to sing along to all your playlist party favorites.

If you want to see lyrics displayed, connect to your home tv and use the CDG disc player to view lyrics on the screen.

Wow your buddies with the impressive multi-color LED light show when it's your turn to step into the spotlight.

Hello Kitty Bluetooth CDG Karaoke Machine


The Hello Kitty karaoke machine has everything you will ever need for the ultimate performance.

Bluetooth wireless speaker - Connect to any compatible devices.

Wired mix x1 - Sing kids karaoke using microphone.

Bonus CDG disk - CDG disc includes songs & lyrics.

CDG disc - Connect to your tv for lyric display.

LED lights - Speaker includes LED light show.

Built-in top loader - Play your favorite karaoke cd's.

Auto voice control - Adjusts background music & vocals as you sing.

AC adaptor - 1x AC adaptor included.

Portable - Take your party on the go anytime.

Hello Kitty KT2003MBY Karaoke System & CD Player

Two Karaoke Microphones and a Flashing Disco Light !!

 That is exactly what this Hello Kitty karaoke machine has to offer and more.

Kids will love it, so if they want to invite their friends over for an awesome karaoke party this Hello Kitty karaoke machine makes it super easy.

The CD-R/RW compatibility lets you play mix cd's if you want to and the 3" speakers play music loudly without ever having to connect to external speakers. 

Maybe the kids will just want to carry the player around the house and sing? If that is the case they can use the microphone without the CD and carry the device using the handle. 

The overall design is cute and appealing and no doubt at some point the kids will have a fight on their hands trying to get the mics back from Mom & Dad!!!!

Hello Kitty KT2003MBY Karaoke System & CD Player

hello kitty

Hello Kitty karaoke machines for kids are an ideal gift for any occasion.

Speakers x2 - Two 3" speakers.

CD-R/RW compatible - Let's you play mix cd's.

Disco light - Flashing disco light creates fun party atmosphere.

Batteries - Requires 6C batteries (not included) or 110v power.

Hello Kitty KT2003CA Karaoke System & CD Player

If you are wondering what type entertainment to organize for your upcoming kids party or sleepover, worry no more!

The Hello Kitty KT2003CA karaoke system with CD player and 2 microphones has everything covered.

Dual audio amplifiers create a high-fidelity sound which is unbelievable given the size of this cute little system.

Birthdays, Christmas or Family Gatherings, this cute Hello Kitty karaoke machine will keep all your party guests entertained for hours on end.

Hello Kitty KT2003CA Karaoke System & CD Player

hello kitty

Give you little superstars this cute Hello Kitty karaoke machine and they will have the time of their lives.

CD-R/RW - Compatible with CD-R/RW.

Speakers - Two 3" speakers create high-fidelity sound.

Disco light - Flashing disco light adds to party atmosphere.

AC adaptor - AC adaptor included or option to use batteries.

Party Extras

Now that you have the entertainment covered for the kids with a cute Hello Kitty karaoke machine, why not go all out and add to the occasion with some Hello Kitty party supplies.

~Kooks Recommends

Hello Kitty Party Supplies

Bring life to your party with this fun and colorful Hello Kitty party bundle. It is sure to be a hit with all your party guests with its exciting characters and classy design!

The complete bundle caters for 16 guests which should be more than enough for any at-home kids karaoke party or holiday celebrations. 

Everything is original Hello Kitty licensed merchandise, and you will have all you need to cater for those mini popstars(or adults) who have invaded your home.

The bundle includes party supplies & decorations for 16 guests:

  • Hello Kitty Beverage Napkins - 16
  • Hello Kitty Round Plates - 16
  • Hello Kitty 9" Plates - 16
  • Hello Kitty Paper Table Cover - 1
  • Spiral Candles - 24

There is one thing for sure your Hello Kitty 'karaoke party' will be exciting, entertaining and lots of fun!!......... Always remember Kitty's catchphrase:

"You can never have too many friends"

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