High End Karaoke Speakers – Best Bang For Your Buck!

If you have been shopping around for some high end karaoke speakers you are probably just as confused as everybody else at this stage.....

With so many different brands, specs & options, it is difficult to know which speakers to choose for your karaoke set-up.

Obviously speakers are an important part of any karaoke set-up especially if you want to sound your best when you take center stage to perform.

It is also important to have a good quality microphone & mixer that matches the quality of the speaker you buy or you will not get a good crisp & clear sound that is important when singing at karaoke or any other event.

High End? Budget Friendly?

'High End' immediately makes you think of higher prices, but that is not necessarily the case. There are some superb quality 'budget friendly' high end karaoke speakers that produce excellent audio which is absolutely all you need.

You may have considered using regular speakers from your hi-fi or home theatre but the reality is that sadly those speakers will not support frequencies emitted by live vocals. You will more than likely end up with a distorted sound that will get even worse when you hit any high notes. That is something you certainly won't want to happen and neither will your audience!!

If you don't want to dramatically impact the quality of the sound then it is recommended to avoid using regular speakers! 

Karaoke speakers are far superior and will provide crisp & clear quality audio for your live performances. This is exactly what you need for any karaoke party or event.  

Let's face it, the last thing you would want any karaoke audience to experience is deafening feedback!! They 'sure as hell' won't thank you for it!!

If you are still considering purchasing some high end karaoke speakers, we have chosen a few of the more popular brands with many positive buyer reviews for you to take a look at.

We hope you will find some suitable high end karaoke speakers at a 'budget friendly price' which are sure to impress all of your guests at your next karaoke party or event.

High End Karaoke Speakers:

Pyle Portable Karaoke PA Speaker System

High end karaoke speakers don't come much better than this high powered system with LED lights & built-in Bluetooth.

Portable, rugged & durable, equipped with wheels and an extendable handle, you can take this with you wherever you go without any hassle.

It is ultra easy to connect and play audio from all your devices e.g. Smartphone, Laptop, Desktop & Tablet.

This wireless Boombox Speaker with a sleek attractive design allows you to stream music effortlessly. The Bluetooth speaker can record vocals via Mic, FM & BT audio with easy one button activation.

This popular system is equipped with a 10" subwoofer, 1" tweeter and 600watt peak power for full range surround stereo- sound reproduction and impressive bass response.

Pyle Portable Karaoke PA Speaker System


Bluetooth - Wireless audio streaming works with personal devices.

LED Lights - Multi-color LED flashing DJ party lights.

High Powered - 600w peak power / 300w RMS 4 Ohm.

FM Radio - FM radio with digital display.

Memory Card Readers - Supports USB flash & Micro SD card.

1/4" Mic Input - Mic input allows you sing your favorite tracks.

Audio Recording Function - Record Your Performances.

Talk-Over Button - Microphone talk-over function is great for karaoke, stage performances & crowd control.

Portable - Rugged and durable / take it with you on the go.

Add Life To Any Occasion With The Pyle Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker

Earise V30 Bluetooth PA Speaker System

Now we are really talking high end karaoke speakers with the Earise V30 Bluetooth PA Speaker System with Wireless Microphone.

If you are looking for amazing sound quality, this powerful 8" BT system will not let you down. Earise products are built with quality & passion ensuring an overall positive user experience.

The V30 is built with a powerful 8" subwoofer & 1" tweeter which produces outstanding sound for its' size.

Whether your event is indoor or outdoor this PA system is equipped with rolling wheels for ease of transport. 

Earise V30 Bluetooth PA Speaker System


Bluetooth - BT 5.0 working range up to 33ft.

Flashing DJ Lights - Radiant light effects create perfect party atmosphere.

Audio Recording Mode - Record your performances.

Echo &  Bass Controls - For clear, crisp audio.

Battery - Built-in rechargeable battery.

Inputs - USB, Aux & 1/4" mic input.

Don't Be Fooled By The Size Of This Speaker, It Packs A Powerful Punch!!

Tenmiya A20  Bluetooth Speaker

Good quality high end karaoke speakers often come at a high price, but not with the amazing Tenmiya A20 Bluetooth speaker. It is a great choice when you are looking for a high end speaker at a low end price. 

The built-in dual tweeters & woofers offer an amazing stereo sound that will enhance your karaoke singing performances to make you stand out from the crowd.

There are several great sound effects including Jazz, Country, Pop, Rock & Normal which are controlled by the EQ button on the remote control. The EQ button on the speaker also has indoor & outdoor sound effects if you decide to take the party to the backyard!

Any karaoke party needs an exciting atmosphere and this quality speaker with radiant colorful lights provides that & more. Your guests will never want to leave the party especially as the built-in rechargeable lithium battery will keep them 'Rockin' the night away for up to 10hrs.

For all you Karaoke Kooks out there who love music, the Tenmiya A20 Bluetooth speaker will definitely bring a smile to your face. When it comes to high end karaoke speakers this model is up there with the best.

Tenmiya A20 Bluetooth Speaker


Bluetooth - 100ft range, connects quickly to Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop & other BT devices.

Mic x1 - 1 wired microphone included.

Aux Cable - Easily connects external devices.

Remote Control - Remote with EQ button for sound effects.

Phone Dock - Place phone on handle when working out etc.

FM Radio - Tune in to your favorite radio channels.

Stereo Sound - Provides amazing vocal clarity & sound.

Lightweight & Portable - Comfortable handle on the top for ease of transport.

Experience The Quality Stereo-Sound Of A Concert In The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

Earise M37 Wooden Box PA System

A battery powered multi-function Bluetooth speaker with a working range up to 33ft sounds pretty good don't you think?

That is exactly what you get with the Earise M37 high end karaoke speaker. Use it for all your home karaoke parties to impress friends & family. Not only that, it can be used for a number of other things:

  • Music Player
  • Karaoke Machine
  • PA System
  • Guitar Amplifier

A radiant light effect adds to the party atmosphere and with 2 wireless microphones your guests can happily duet the night away.

The duel wireless microphones are designed to provide clear sound and stable connection up to a range of 200ft. This allows plenty of scope for singers to move around when it is their turn to perform.

The Earise M37 creates a clear & powerful stereo sound and is suitable for family parties, public speaking, stage performances & more.

Overall this high end karaoke speaker is an awesome product for the price! It has a great look & finish with a carry handle which is perfect for moving it around. 

This versatile high end karaoke speaker provides everything you will ever need for your upcoming family get-togethers. So what are you waiting for, it's time to set up your own rock concert in the backyard with this beautiful, compact karaoke box!

Earise M37 Wooden Box PA System


Bluetooth - Multi-function BT 5.0 speaker with working range up to 33ft.

Aux Input - Easily connect devices.

Controls - Echo & Bass controls.

Mics x2 - 2 wireless mics for party duets.

Audio - 6.5" Subwoofer & 3" Tweeter creates clear, powerful sound.

Light Effects - Radiant light effects to enhance any party atmosphere.

Choose Earise M37, Rock Your Party & Be The Envy Of The Neighborhood!!

High end karaoke speakers do not necessarily mean high end prices as you can see from our reviews. There a numerous speakers available that produce awesome sound quality that will not break the bank!!

We hope you find a system that provides everything you need for your upcoming karaoke parties & events...

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