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Good Question… it is extremely difficult to choose a karaoke microphone when there are so many great mics on the market at the present time.

Karaoke has certainly become one of the most favorite pastimes for friends & family to enjoy fun times together.

How do I choose a karaoke microphone? One that will be suitable for entertaining guests at a karaoke party.

There are some essential points to consider:

  1. What is your budget?
  2. Who will be using the mic & how often?
  3. What features you would require in a mic?
  4. The quality of the mic?
  5. Battery life?
  6. Ease of use?
  7. Wired or wireless?

Think about it, having your own karaoke microphone means that you can have a party anytime, anywhere, even by yourself!

Who doesn’t want to feel like a superstar and sing karaoke like a pro in the privacy of their own home?

How do I choose a karaoke microphone? that is suitable for performing on stage.

Another point to consider is whether you want a wired or wireless mic.

Although wired mics are more reliable, you will not have the freedom of movement on stage that a wireless mic provides.

Wired mics will eliminate any worries you may have concerning frequency problems and your signal dropping whilst performing.

A wired mic is easy to set-up & operate which is a big plus, but having said that modern digital wireless mics are rated highly accurate & reliable.

At the end of the day it boils down to microphone technical capabilities and personal preferences.

If you are a performer who likes to make use of the stage to its full advantage, then wireless is the way to go!

How do I choose a karaoke microphone? with a great frequency range for performing.

If you are still unsure as to what makes one mic better than another, it is worth while checking the frequency response range e.g. 

  • 20Hz to 20kHz 

Generally the better the mic, the greater the range.

Microphones will all sound different and will pick up breathing & cancel out noise differently etc.

Remember, you will only sound as good as your mic allows you to.

Here at Karaoke Kooks we endeavor to keep up-to date with the best range of karaoke mics available and hopefully our recommendations will include the perfect one for you. 

How Do I Choose A Karaoke Microphone?

Choosing a good microphone is important as it will not only enhance your vocals making you sound like a pro, but karaoke mics today have many advanced features such as echo, bass, treble and there are some that will even give you the option to change your voice e.g. 

  1. Male Voice
  2. Female Voice
  3. Baby Voice
  4. Deep Voice

Imagine how much fun you and your guests could have with that!

XZL Magic Voice Karaoke Mic

This microphone is exactly what you need for any great karaoke party or event. 

You will be blown away by all the features & punches it packs!

XZL Wireless Karaoke Microphone, Rechargeable…
  • 【Ideal Gift for Karaoke Lovers】Compared with a set of professional Karaoke System, XZL…
  • 【Multifunctional Karaoke Machine】Vocal remove, add reverberation, volume adjustment…
  • 【Latest Bluetooth Technology】Latest Bluetooth technology and chipset were adopted, getting 2x…


>  4-In-1 Design.

Microphone, Speaker, Player & Recorder.

Magic Voices – Baby, Man, Women, Soul Voice.

 Bluetooth 5.0

Rechargeable Battery – 2000mah for up to 8hrs of fun.

Get the party started! 

The voice changing feature will make it even more fun for your karaoke party and with super fast charging battery you and your guests can sing long into the night.

Toner Dynamic Karaoke Microphone

If you don’t already have a mic or the mic that came with your karaoke machine is not up to scratch, then the Toner Dynamic is worth taking a look at.

Whether you are using it for a rave of a karaoke party at home or a professional event you will not be disappointed.

TONOR Dynamic Karaoke Microphone for Singing with…
  • ♫15ft XLR to 1/4” Cable – Allowing the karaoke microphone to be directly used for the speaker,…
  • ♫Premium Construction – All metal construction ensures long life. This dynamic microphone is…
  • ♫Easy to Use – No battery required for operation. An external on/off switch on it for easy control…


>  1 15ft XLR Cable – Speaker, Amplifier & Mixer Compatible.

Durable Construction.

Easy Control – External On/Off Switch.

Cardioid Pick Up Pattern – Minimize Background Feedback.

 1 Foam Mic Cover.

Instruction Manual.

 30 Day Return Policy.

No more singing bashfully in the shower!

You will be confident to perform in front of any crowd with the Toner Dynamic Mic. We are sure you will give it a huge thumbs up when you test it out.

Excellent quality at a great price!

Carpool Karaoke The Mic 2.0

How do I choose a karaoke microphone? for streaming audio from karaoke apps.

This mic has literally everything you need to re-create some of your favorite James Corden Carpool Karaoke videos.

Inspired by James Corden’s popular Carpool Karaoke this upgraded model features wireless BT compatibility as well as voice, sound effects & flashing disco lights that sync with the music.

Let’s be honest, this microphone has all the features you will ever need to get the show on the road.

There is no better way to get everybody involved and have a great ‘karaoke’ time than with one of the best all round karaoke microphones.

Kids will love it, singing to the top of their lungs!

Moms & Dads may need to consider investing in a set of noise cancelling headphones.. ‘Just in Case’!

Although, it could just be that the kids will need them instead!

Carpool Karaoke Machine for Kids & Adults, Carpool…
  • Hear Yourself Sing On the Radio: Introducing Singing Machine’s new Carpool Karaoke Mic 2.0!…
  • Take Your Karaoke Experience to New Levels: Stream music from your phone or Bluetooth device to sing…
  • Great Gift: Whether you’re in a Car, boat, or anywhere with FM radio, the Carpool Karaoke Mic 2.0…


>  Bluetooth – Stream Audio from any Music or Karaoke App.

Effects – 6 Voice Changing & 3 Sound Effects.

Wireless Connection – Connect To FM Tuner or Via Aux Cord.

Duets Feature – Lead Vocal Cancelation, Option to Add Second Mic.

Flashing Lights – Create Disco Party Vibe.

This mic is the perfect addition for any road trip.

Get Jammin’ Those Miles Away!

You Were Born To Be Wild!!

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