How To Choose The Perfect Karaoke Song – Song Choice Is Key!

Everyone can do karaoke, but let's face it not everyone can sing!!

When deciding how to choose the perfect karaoke song for the next night out with friends at your favorite karaoke bar or when getting together with family for an at home party, there are certain things you need to consider. 

Firstly pick a song that you already know. It could be one from when you were younger that has stuck with you over the years, a song that brings back memories of happy or even sad times. Choose a song that you already know all the words to as this will work to your advantage.

Whether you choose a 'Golden Oldie' to add some nostalgia to the karaoke night or try out a current chart topper, it would be a good idea to take into consideration your audience. They are the people who you will want to impress.

Do you want to get everyone up on their feet dancing and singing along to an Abba classic like 'Dancing Queen' or dramatically bare your soul in a break-up song like Taylor Swift's smash hit 'We are never getting back together?' Song choice is key!!

Vocal Range

How to choose the perfect karaoke song depends largely on your vocal range.You can easily find out what it is. On a piano or guitar find middle C and mark the highest and lowest note you can sing. If you don't have either of these musical instruments there are plenty of tutorial videos online that will help you to discover your vocal range. 

Because you may strain your vocals by singing too high, generally middle C and D keys are easiest.

Although most women are mezzo-sopranos and most men are bari-tenors, never be afraid to choose a song that is out of your vocal range as many karaoke DJ's will happily modify the key for you. 

How to choose the perfect karaoke song that will get the crowd moving and one that you know you will smash? Crowds like to sing along if they are enjoying the performance which is always a great help if you are a nervous performer.

Having that interaction will not only boost your confidence, it will assure you that they are having a good time and enjoying both your song choice and performance.

You will feel less alone!!!

It's a fact that at times the rhythm of a song can be more of a challenge than the vocal range. You can only read at a certain pace. If the lyrics are complicated tongue twisters it would be be an advantage to get plenty of rehearsal in before your performance. By learning all the words in advance you are less likely to stumble whilst trying to keep up reading them from the screen. 

Knowing the words ahead of time will add to a confident performance!!

Slow sad songs are not always the best choice unless you are in no doubt of the power of your voice. Power ballads and upbeat songs are always the best option if you want to win the crowd over and smash it at karaoke.

How To Choose The Perfect Karaoke Song When There Are So Many Great Tracks?

Make a list of of your favorites and pick one that you are confident with. Learn the lyrics and know the song well until you are totally comfortable singing it. You can always practice in front of a full length mirror or video yourself and watch it back.

Doing this will give you an insight into the areas of your performance that need improvement. It will also help you to build confidence.

Karaoke Crowd.... Mood

Consider the 'vibe' of the crowd you are performing to as this will help you to narrow down your song choice. Are you hoping for a full on singalong with the audience, are you happier duetting with a friend or are you opting for a more subdued reflective song? These are all important factors to take into account when deciding how to choose the perfect karaoke song.

Remember, you will be much more relaxed and confident if your audience is in tune with you!!

Be Realistic

Do not overestimate your vocal ability. Be realistic, know your vocal range so that the song/s you choose will fit your voice and you will produce better sounds. Select songs that have the right tempo for you, songs with suitable timing that are much easier for you to handle. It will definitely pay off in the end.

Short and Sweet

Don't overstay your welcome!! Long drawn out songs will only leave your audience bored which is the last thing you want. An unresponsive audience is not a good sign for any performer. A good karaoke song generally lasts around 4 minutes so it  is worth bearing that in mind when selecting a song from your playlist.

Avoid songs that have long instrumental breaks and opt for more upbeat tracks that everyone can get involved in and enjoy. Be assured that you will have a lot more people singing and dancing along no matter how good or bad a singer you are!!

Keep The Energy Up In The Room!!

Clearly, knowing how to choose the perfect karaoke song that will make you stand out and win any crowd over is not 'rocket science' Karaoke is entertainment and the singers who get the most cheers are normally the most entertaining.

Singers who move around and who are more animated on stage regardless of their singing ability are putting on a good show for the crowd. They will be applauded and appreciated for it!!

Have Fun!!

Let go of expectations and have fun!! Cheer other singers on who give karaoke a go and when it's your turn to perform, take to the stage, be confident, get the crowd onside and  smash it!!

Get ready to check out your playlist again to find another perfect song to perform at your next karaoke night!!

How to choose the perfect karaoke song is not that difficult if you are an ardent music lover. No doubt you have playlists on hand with a variety of different music genres that you love. If you take onboard the points mentioned above we are sure your next song choice will be another hands down winner!!

Karaoke Kooks guide will hopefully give you some insight into the type of song to perform when it's your turn to take to the stage again and the reasons why getting the crowd on side is so important. 

Always remember, If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride - and never quit, you'll be a winner....

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