How To Do Karaoke On Zoom | Solved!

Connect With Friends & Family

If lack of karaoke in your life is leaving you feeling lonely & sad, well you don't have to suffer anymore. Now is the time that everyone should learn how to do karaoke on Zoom.

Zoom in with all friends & family and create a magical & memorable karaoke party. Wouldn't you simply love to get online and do your best Beyonce, Elvis or Mariah performance?

Well, there has never been a better time than the present where virtual contact with friends & family has become the 'Norm'.

Karaoke parties & get togethers have become one of the most popular 'lockdown' activities, and being able to get together virtually is something we all have to be grateful for.

Zoom is a popular video conferencing software option. It is ultra easy to set up and use. After a few clicks you will know exactly how to do karaoke on Zoom and can start interacting with all of your relatives & friends.

It has been a lifeline for many people during the Covid pandemic who could not visit the people closest to them due to imposed restrictions.

It has also provided a source of group entertainment bringing people together for celebrations and great virtual karaoke parties.

Another reason why Zoom is so popular is due to the fact that it offers 40 minute conference calls with up to 100 attendees absolutely free.

This is certainly advantageous to many business owners and companies around the world who are unable to travel at this present time.

All in all, this video conferencing software has developed a service that parents, friends, neighbors & even grandparents are now adept at using to keep in touch.

Zoom has been more than a lifeline for many people who would otherwise have been left totally isolated & alone.

Remember, You are never too old to learn how to do karaoke on Zoom. 

How To Do Karaoke On Zoom

. Create a Zoom account if you don't already have one. It will take around 10 minutes & is absolutely free.

. Visit 

. Use the Orange Button top right to sign up using E-Mail, Facebook or Gmail account.

. Download Zoom App following all prompts.

. Select a song - Karaoke App or YouTube.

. YouTube is easy, simply search for the song you want & "Karaoke". You will see a video with instrumental audio & lyrics on the screen. Alternatively you can use Spotify or a karaoke app if you prefer.

karaoke lyrics youtube

. Sign into Zoom on your browser & click either join / host a meeting where you will enter an ID provided by the host, or host a meeting.

zoom join or host meeting

. If you are hosting, simply click 'Launch' meeting and this will then open up your Desktop App. If you are not already signed into the app you should do so.

. Check audio / share your screen.

. Ensure that your screen is shared - Bottom of the screen next to 'chat & record'. If you have more than one screen you can choose which to share & make adjustments to the screen. You will then see the area you are sharing highlighted in green on your screen.


. Un-mute your mic, you will find this on the bottom left of your screen.

Your friends will also need a Zoom account to join in the fun. You can add them by clicking 'Participants' at the bottom of your screen. They will also be given an ID so that they can join the party too.

zoom participants

When hosting a karaoke party on Zoom you might find that the audio quality is not up to scratch. There are a few ways you can improve on your Zoom experience.

. Use a mic, as this is by far the best way to improve audio quality.

. If you enable 'Stereo' in your audio settings this will also make a difference.

. To reduce echo, hold your Zoom meeting in a room that contains plenty of fabrics such as cushions, chairs & rugs.

. For group songs & duets let your friends turn on their audio and share the screen with lyrics video.

. Last but not least close browsers / windows that are not in use to speed up the app.

NB - The free Zoom plan has 'meeting time limits' depending on how many people are joining in. So rather than finding your karaoke party ending abruptly you should make sure to check out the time & guest limitations beforehand.

Now you are ready to put on your best party gear, grab a 'hairbrush' and rock the night away at your Zoom karaoke party with all your friends & family. Sounds good to me !!!

We hope you found our step by step guide on how to do karaoke on Zoom easy to follow. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below.

Have a magical karaoke party, go wild & have fun.

Zoom in & party on!!!