How To Know If You’re A Good Singer

Analyze Your Voice...

Wondering if you have a good set of pipes? 

We can all sound like budding rock stars when we are in the car or the shower belting out some classic favorites, but do other people think you sound as good as you believe you do?

How to know if you're a good singer!

The best way to establish this is to record yourself, play it back and listen to your tone, pitch and last but not least your vocal control.

This is by far the best method to analyze your voice. You can use a smartphone or tablet or if you prefer there are devices available specifically designed to record your singing voice which will give a good indication of your vocal abilities.

Try a variety of different music genres as we all know that there are some songs that fit tone & range better. You can even try singing along with any instrumental to give you a good idea of your singing voice.


I know that many of us on hearing our own voices played back absolutely hate it and are embarrassed to think that we sound like that!

Well, how to know if you're a good singer does involve playback and plenty of it.

Your initial gut feeling will no doubt indicate whether or not you are a good singer.

You should listen to various sections of the song comparing it to the original artist, that way you will be able to focus on your strengths & weakness's and establish which areas need improvement.


Do we really want to hear it? Well, it is the best option to find out what other people think.

There are of course those of us who are generous in our feedback telling you how great your singing voice is even when it's not so as not to hurt your feelings.

Then of course there are those who will have no hesitation in giving you their opinion "brutal" as it may be on how you can't sing to save your life!

How to know if you're a good singer!

They always say "honesty is the best policy" but sometimes we beg to differ.

Perform for your family as I'm sure they have often heard you singing in the shower or around the house on different occasions. You will probably find it more of a relaxed environment around them as well.

Genuine feedback is what you are asking for so let them know that they need to be honest in their evaluation or there is simply no point to it, regardless of how they may or may not hurt your feelings.

Put on your best performance & cross your fingers!


Go along to your local karaoke club where you are sure to get feedback.

There is no better place to practice your singing and to find out what the general response is from the audience as to whether or not they think you can sing.


If you are brave enough you can ask online if people think that you can sing, but be prepared for those nasty trolls who will undoubtedly give negative and abusive feedback even if you have the voice of an angel.

How to know if you're a good singer!

Facebook & Instagram are great ways of getting feedback from friends & contacts and of course you can always upload videos of your singing performances to get opinions from a broad range of people that you have no personal connection to.

Look where it got Justin Beiber!!! 

Try to get the best audio possible by using high-end quality equipment for a true representation of your singing voice.

How To Know If You're A Good Singer

Although it is a more expensive option you could always hire a vocal coach.

More effort on your part is required and it is the more costly method of getting feedback. A professional vocal coach will not only be honest and give you constructive feedback but will teach you various techniques to help you improve your singing voice.

Pitch, Tone & Timing

If you are serious about being a good singer there are some technical tests to determine your musical ability that you can do.

These tests will indicate if you understand pitch, tone & timing and ultimately if you have a natural singing ability.

You can always go online at ToneDeafTest.com to check tonal sensitivity which will indicate if you have a good ear for music. You can test your vocal range too. As one of the best tests it will help you to establish what range you have and which songs are best suited for your voice.

In most cases singers who have a larger vocal range are rated highly e.g. Whitney Houston and are capable of hitting an impressive broad range of notes with ease.

How to know if you're a good singer!

Testing your own vocal range can be done in different ways. Try playing a scale of notes from high to low on a piano and see how many of them you can match. This will indicate if your vocal range is wide or narrow.

Alternatively there are several apps available for download to test your range by using the mic on your smart device.


Professional singers have good technique allowing them to sing far better than many others. Having good technique means chances are you are not a bad singer at all.

Your stance is very important when you are singing. Standing with feet shoulder width apart letting your body weight rest upon the balls of your feet is the correct way for you to give your best vocal performance.

Although you may at times see artists sitting down to sing, the best vocal performances are when the artist is standing up.

Your posture is an important factor when it comes to singing well. Try to keep your shoulders & neck back and your hips should be in a neutral position.

You can work on posture by doing various exercises to improve it.

Breathe Deeply

If you do not breathe deeply you will not be able to sing well at all and will no doubt end up singing from your throat. This not only causes a strain but inevitably will produce a much weaker vocal.

How to know if you're a good singer!

Practice breathing techniques each day and ensure that you put them into practice during your performances.


Your performance with most certainly be affected if you are tense or nervous. Nerves will impact your performance substantially. It is therefore very important to practice relaxation techniques to allay any fears & anxiety.

Optimal Performance

How to know if you're a good singer... Without question some people have more talent for singing than others, but with practice & technique it is possible to improve your vocal skills to enhance your upcoming karaoke performance.

In the days leading up to your big night you should rest your voice if possible to avoid wearing it out. You can still however do 5-10 minutes practice sessions if you wish.

For optimal performance you have to keep fully hydrated. This prevents your throat from becoming dry and causing the dreadful "voice crack".

As well a being important health wise, keeping yourself hydrated is key to optimizing your vocal performance. Try to drink at least 2 liters of water during the day before your performance as well as leading up to it if you possibly can.

Breathe, Relax & Enjoy

How to know if you're a good singer...You are sure to make improvements to your vocals if you follow the tips we have recommended and this will give you some indication on how to know if you are a good singer or not.

Remember, karaoke is there for enjoyment & entertainment and it does not matter if you are the best or the worst singer in the world.

If you have the confidence to grab the mic in the first place then you are already a star!

So just belt out your most favorite songs and bask in the adulation from your audience that you more than deserve.

Have A Great Karaoke Time!

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