How To Use Bonaok Microphone – Sing Anytime, Anywhere!

How to use Bonaok microphone? You have finally got your hands on one of the most popular karaoke microphones available but you are not sure how it functions?

Karaoke Kooks are here to help.

How To Use Bonaok Microphone - Sync

The Bonaok wireless microphone is super easy to use. Firstly you need to make sure the device is fully charged which usually takes around 4 hours, although initially it is fully charged straight out of the box.

Two ways connection - Bluetooth & Cable: 

  • Turn on microphone and a blue light will show and a sound will indicate that Bluetooth function is ready.
  • Search Bluetooth ID Q37 on phone / tablet / pc and connect.
  • Open any karaoke app or select music file from your device music player then adjust your device volume accordingly.
  • Bluetooth has a great connection distance of 10m.

The Bonaok microphone is designed with a 3 layer filter net which greatly reduces noise, producing a crisp, clear quality audio.

A mic, speaker and phone are all built in to the innovative design. You can also record your voice using the mic which has an on/off switch.

  • Flip switch down - mic on. 
  • Flip switch up - mic off.

You can also make a phone call using the mic as detailed above. If you want to adjust the volume when making a phone call:

  • Use blue button.

When you are ready to hang up the phone 

  • Use red button.

How To Use Bonaok Microphone As A Headphone

The Bonaok mic is a superior quality product with one connector and multiple uses. This mic is a headset with mic attached. If you are using your computer you may need to change the mic input setting to allow you to use the microphone. e.g.

Using Windows

  •  Go to control panel & 'Sound'. 
  •  On right hand side hit 'Recording Tab'.
  •  Click on 'Listen' option and select Bonaok microphone, Bonaok headsets or any other option available.

Alternatively to integrate the microphone with your pc or laptop you can use a dongle.

This microphone is popular for a number of reasons:

  • Built in screen to view sound level.
  • Built in noise reduction settings.

This makes life much easier if you want to record professional quality audio. When it comes down to battery time you have no worries on that score as the Bonaok mic has an amazing 40hr battery life.

Whether you wish to use it for school presentations, to make video calls or in the office, you can be assured that the Bonaok 40hr battery has you covered.

How To Use Bonaok Microphone Connecting To PC

  • Connect the 3.5mm cable to mic jack.
  • On your pc, select control panel menu item from the start menu, then the sound & audio device icon.
  • Ensure the record volume is not muted by going to the recording tab.

How To Use Bonaok Microphone Mode Button

The mode button can be used to turn the power of the mic on or off. It also allows the user the choice of 3 operation modes.

  • Indoor.
  • Outdoor.
  • Presentation.

How To Use Bonaok Microphone In A Car

Yes, you can definitely connect the Bonaok mic to your car as long as your car has Bluetooth.

  • Use an audio cable with an 8" connector on both ends.
  • Attach one end to the Bonaok microphone.
  • Attach other end to the Aux input of the external speaker.

It's as easy as that! You can turn your next road trip into a full on karaoke show.

Overall the Bonaok wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone is an excellent choice for both adults and kids. 

Compatible with PC, smartphone and speakers, you can enjoy singing along to the music anytime, anywhere.

The mic is available in a variety of beautiful colors to suit all individual tastes. With numerous multi-function buttons it is easy for anyone to switch to the different modes.

All that you need to enjoy this neat little microphone is a Bluetooth connection. It is a versatile piece of equipment that will provide many hours of entertainment.


  • In-built speaker
  • Bluetooth
  • Mic x1
  • Audio cable x1
  • Charge cable x1
  • Portable black hardcase
  • User manual

Pros & Cons


  • Microphone arrives charged.
  • Bluetooth & cable connections.
  • Charges on USB (No batteries required).
  • Excellent value for money.


  • Volume level may be low on the microphone, but can be adjusted on phone.


Bonaok have established an excellent reputation with more than 10 years manufacturing experience. They use the latest technology to develop the most competitive microphones on the market and karoake fans are more than delighted with their products.

Overall, learning how to use Bonaok microphone 3 in 1 is not overly complicated. A detailed user manual covers the essentials and Bonaok Support is always available if you encounter any issues.

Its time to showcase your beautiful voice with the popular Bonaok Q37 wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone.

If there's one true thing in this world, it's that everyone loves karaoke. It's fun, freeing and always a great experience. 

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