Karaoke App For TV – Top 5 Reviewed

Any Karaoke App for TV offers hours of wonderful entertainment for any special occasion or family get together.

The great thing about these Apps is that you do not need to hook up to any karaoke equipment, simply download an App to your Smart TV, connect a mic and you are ready to rock 'n' roll the night away. If you think some of your guests will want to join you in the singalong then you will obviously need more microphones.

You are literally spoilt for choice when searching for a Karaoke App for TV as there are so many to choose from online.

They are easily accessible from your TV after a short download. You can then get started straight away! Simple as That!!

Initially it may be a wise move to consider a Free Subscription to check out the App and make sure it has the songs you want to sing to avoid any disappointment.

Are you ready to have the greatest karaoke party on the block?

We have selected some of the best Karaoke Apps for TV for you to check out to ensure that you and your guests will have an unforgettable party experience.

Karaoke App For TV:

It is not surprising that Karafun is up there with the most popular Karaoke Apps for TV. With a catalog of over 47,000 songs & videos you can turn your device into an awesome karaoke machine.

Karafun has 3 Subscription Options on Offer:

Option 1.

Party Pass - Unlimited access for 2 days ($4.99).

  • Instant activation - Download & get the party started. 
  • Up to 1000 offline songs - Karaoke offline.
  • Singer management - Add singer names to the queue.
  • Custom Key & tempo - Change tempo & key of any song. 

If you are unsure if this Karafun karaoke App for TV is for you, then the Party Pass option is definitely worth a try.

Option 2.

Monthly Subscription - Unlimited access ($7.99)

  • Instant activation - Download & party.
  • Unlimited access anytime - Karaoke day & night.
  • Up to 1000 offline songs - Karaoke offline.
  • Singer management - Add singer names to the queue.
  • Custom key & tempo - Change tempo & key to any song. 

This is generally a popular choice if you are new to karaoke and are not sure how often you will make use of the App.    You are free to cancel your monthly subscription at anytime.

Option 3.

Karafun Gift Card - Starting at ($7.99)

  • Up to 1 year non stop karaoke - Party all year round.
  • All features - Unlimited access to 47,000 songs, all Apps & more..
  • Activate anytime - Karafun available everywhere.
  • Cancel anytime - Easy cancelation process.

The Karafun Karaoke App for TV gives you, your friends, family & party guests endless hours of fun & entertainment. This is a perfect gift for any karaoke kook to enjoy!

"The Best That Karafun Has To Offer"


Fancy a Duet with Charlie Puth?

Smule is an amazing Karaoke App for TV that not only offers  over a million classic karaoke songs, you can also sing with members of Smule around the world. Even more amazing, you can sing with your favorite artists for the ultimate Karaoke experience.

Apart from a great library of the latest songs & classic karaoke tracks there are also some great mic effects that you can play around with for even more party fun.

Smule is compatible with Android & Apple devices and if you want to try it out you can always start with the Free Version or alternatively you have the options of:

  • Monthly Subscription - $7.99
  • Annual Subscription - $39.99

Are You Ready For Another Epic Karaoke Night?

If you have a Smart TV then you can easily turn it into a karaoke machine by simply downloading the StarMaker App.

However, it is worth noting that not every karaoke App for TV will work by downloading directly to a TV. This is dependent on:

  • TV model.
  • Compatibility of App.

If you are having no luck downloading the App to your TV, you can always download your chosen App to any of your favorite smart devices e.g. Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop etc. and then connect your device to the TV.

Hey Presto!! You are ready to party the night away!!

StarMaker has a large library of songs that are regularly updated and offer you exciting features such as:

  • Song Recording.
  • Special Effects.
  • Song Collaboration.

The StarMaker Karaoke App for TV is FREE, so check it out for your next karaoke party!

You will be more than happy that you did!

This great karaoke App for TV was created especially for Samsung Smart TV models. The format is optimized for large screen TV's and the App is also compatible with a Samsung Smart TV karaoke microphone.

You will have the greatest karaoke party ever as you sing along to all your favorite songs with lyrics displayed on your TV.

There are so many great features with the Karaoke Channel App you will not want the party to end!

  • Lead vocal track - Helps you to sing along.
  • Complimentary songs - 1000's more on subscription.
  • Song genres - Rock, Country, Pop, Rn'B & much more.
  • Singer management - Song queue to keep the party going.
  • Full screen mode - For full karaoke experience.
  • Optimized for TV - Perfect for large screen TV.
  • Easy to use - Quickly browse & find songs to sing.

The Karaoke Channel has a catalogue of over 18,000 songs and you can gain access by:

  • Free Trial - Check if it suits your requirements.
  • Subscription - Annual subscription $59.99.

Get the Ultimate Karaoke Experience in the comfort of your own front room with The Karaoke Channel.

This amazing Karaoke App for TV has a library of over 40,000 songs with the option of importing any of your existing MP3+G files.

Karaoke Anywhere gives you the opportunity to purchase songs from their library or if you prefer to 'try before you buy' you can simply download the App and play 'selected songs'. 

If you are eager to access the full library of tracks you can upgrade to 'Club Karaoke' for only $9.99 a month.

  • Karaoke Anywhere - Featuring 1000's of streaming songs.
  • Free download - Access selected songs.
  • Import songs - Import your own songs MP3+G files.
  • Club Karaoke - Upgrade to CK to access full library.
  • Compatibility - Apple & Android.
  • Social Feed - Interact with other singers.

A Karaoke App for TV is the perfect solution if you don't want to purchase bulky karaoke equipment that not only takes time to set up, but also takes up valuable party space.  

We hope you find a suitable App from our selection above for a perfect karaoke party night for all your friends & family.

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