Karaoke Machine Vs Microphone – No Contest?

Karaoke machine vs microphone - Two of the most popular devices used for recording and playback.

So what are the differences? 

Karaoke Kooks are here to help you decide. We will take a look at the differences between both, and we are confident that you will then know which is best suited to your needs.

Karaoke Machine Vs Microphone

Microphones are the most commonly used instrument in both the media and music industries. Whether you are broadcasting, performing on stage or even talking on the phone mics are everywhere!

Depending on the model, microphones offer a varied range of sound quality. Tablets and phones also have mics built into them. 

Professionals and streamers much prefer to use a mic rather than any other input device. The microphone is portable compared to most models of karaoke machine and although the basic components are similar, they have totally different features and applications.

Microphones - 3 Main Types

Dynamic Mics

These mics are most commonly used for all recording purposes. They are unidirectional which in effect means that they only pick up sound in the direction they are pointed. 

Dynamic mics are perfect for loud sources as they are not particularly sensitive. Priced at the lower end of the scale, these budget friendly microphones are well worth considering.

Condenser Mics

Balanced, accurate and sweeter than other microphones. Condenser mics are more fragile and sonically sensitive than dynamic mics, making them great for recording vocals and acoustic instruments.They are considered the most versatile recording studio mics as they can be used to record any instrument.

Ribbon Mics

Very expensive and fragile, these mics were more popular during the 60's and 70's before condenser and dynamic mics took over.

Ribbon mics are perfect for use on softer sounds such as voice or strings and are ideal for quieter venues. Ribbon mics produce a warmness and vintage vibe that few other mics can. Ribbon microphones are the most natural mics that you can use to capture the sound of an instrument, a voice and even the ambience of a room.

Blue Yeti Microphone

blue (logitech)

Condenser mic - Blue voice software.

Audio patterns - Flexible Cardioid, Bidirectional, Stereo, Omni.

Bitrate - 16-bit / 48kHz.

Frequency response - 20Hz - 20kHz.

Connection - USB.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use.
  • Sturdy.
  • Good value for money.


  • Pretty heavy for a mic.

Karaoke Machine Vs Microphone

Karaoke Machines

Karaoke machines vary in price and features and with so many popular brands to choose from it can be quite a daunting task to decide which one best suits your requirements. 

Generally a karaoke machine consists of:

  • Speakers
  • Mic/s
  • LED lights

Because karaoke is one of the most fun and entertaining ways to spend time with friends and family they can be found in many different venues e.g. 

  • Karaoke clubs
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes

They are however best used for home parties, beach parties, outdoor pool parties and for general singing practice. When a performer uses a karaoke machine they sing into a microphone and read lyrics which are normally displayed onto a tv screen.

LED lights pulse to the rhythm of the music creating a fun disco vibe. Various built-in voice effects add to the overall entertainment as a singer performs. A karaoke machine will always make an ideal gift for any occasion.

Karaoke Machines 3 Main Types

TV Monitor System

Consisting of one or more speakers and cd player, a TV monitor system requires a TV to display lyrics of songs. RCA cables are usually included in the system package to enable you to connect the karaoke to your TV.

Via Bluetooth you can access songs from smart TV apps or opt for other wired routes. 

All-In-One System

Monitor, cd player, speakers! All-in-one just does exactly what it says on the tin!

These systems provide everything you need to play, hear and read the songs you choose to sing.

Depending on the model, you will have various connectivity options:

  • USB
  • Aux 
  • Bluetooth

Alternatively, if you already have a collection of karaoke cd's, your all-in-one system provides everything needed to get the party started.

Mp3 System

Small and portable Mp3 karaoke systems require a monitor to display. Digital downloads of karaoke songs with lyrics are used instead of cd's or Aux cables.

With various voice effect enhancements you can add even more fun to your 'Star Studded' performances.

Singing Machine SML385UP

singing machine

Connections - Bluetooth, USB, RCA cable.

Speakers - 35watt.

LED Lights - Create Disco Party Vibe.

Mix x1 - 2 Wired Mic Jacks ( 1 mic included).

Audio effects - Echo, Boost, Pitch Control & Vocal Remover.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to set-up.
  • Dual mic option.
  • Crystal clear sound quality.
  • Doubles as a disco light.


  • Volume needs improvement.

Karaoke Machine Vs Microphone - Which Way To Go?

If you are looking for something more professional for singing, podcasts or gaming sessions, then a microphone is the way to go. Otherwise if you like to host at home karaoke parties indoor or outdoor getting together with friends and family, then a karaoke machine is the ideal option.

Karaoke Kooks hope that we have helped you to decide which option suits you best when it comes to karaoke machine vs microphone. At the end of the day:

It's karaoke all the way!

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