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There is no better way to bring joy into your life than with music.

If you enjoy hosting your own karaoke parties and entertaining guests, there is no better way to do this than with a karaoke machine with scoring system.

You can compete against your friends & family to see who scores the highest for their vocal ability.

Whether you are a talented singer or if you can't hold a note to save your life, you are still sure to have plenty of fun.

Karaoke Machine With Scoring System

Most Karaoke Kooks love the entertainment factor of a karaoke machine with scoring system, whilst seasoned pros use it as a basis of how talented they are as vocalists.

How Does It Work?

Basically, when you sing, the karaoke machine converts the signal(your voice) to digital encoders.

The machine is programmed to measure your performance based on timing, pitch & volume.


When it come to accuracy, this will depend on the quality of your karaoke machine with scoring system, although most are programmed to follow an algorithm & calculate your level of skill.

These algorithms can also help you to match your vocals against the original artist. When you get your score you will know the parts of the song that you need to improve on.


Singing whilst using a karaoke machine with scoring system is all about 'TIMING' & choice of song.

Achieving a high score is dependent on your vocal range, so avoid choosing a song that has notes you can't possibly reach because many of us will have experienced that embarrassing 'Croak'...

The karaoke machine measures your voice levels when you sing, so when it's your turn to perform give it your all & belt it out.

Many of us are not blessed with the greatest singing voices, so don't be to discouraged if you only achieve a low score. You can always improve on it with practice and more practice.

The whole point of karaoke is to enjoy yourself & have fun. Never worry about a computer generated score rating your ability as a singer.

When hosting a karaoke party or entertaining guests, friends & family, a karaoke machine with scoring system will definitely liven up the night and provide endless hours of entertainment for all.

Digital Voice Coach

There are other benefits of owning a karaoke machine with scoring system. You do not necessarily have to use it only for family get togethers or special occasions.

Many Karaoke Kooks will use the scoring system as a digital voice coach. In the privacy of your home you can practice your timing & pitch and will be surprised at how quickly your singing will improve when you get plenty of rehearsal time in.

Do All Karaoke Machines Have Scoring Feature?

The simple is NO, so when considering purchasing a karaoke machine with scoring system to rate your singing capabilities, ensure that the machine has this feature. 

Read the user manual before operating the machine as the scoring system feature may need activating by using a dedicated button.

A karaoke machine is a great purchase that will not only provide hours of entertainment for you and your guests but will double your fun when competing against each other.

New Magic E5+ Review

A karaoke machine that scores your singing!

Now we're talking. How cool is that?

When family & friends get together, the competition will reach new heights when you try to beat each others scores for best vocals.

This karaoke machine with scoring system not only has real time scoring but also comes with built-in songs in English & Tagalog that allows you access even when in the remotest areas.

With the Magic Sing Karaoke App you can access Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Vietnamese & a lot more.

Although the App requires you to subscribe, with WiFi you have the option to download any music you like without a subscription.

This belter of a machine also has plenty of international music to cater to everyone's taste.

The App updates songs each week giving you access to the latest hits. With plenty of practice you will be more than ready for any upcoming karaoke competitions.

Learning the music notes is easy as you can use an HD background for real-time musical notes, available for many of the songs.

When you are singing you can also search for your next choice of song for easy continuity.

The karaoke machine with scoring system comes with 2 mics giving you & your friends plenty of opportunity for rehearsals.

The system also comes with a remote control & base console in a handy carrying bag giving you the freedom to take it anywhere.

For more efficiency the machine supports lots of systems which include:

  1. 1
    Extra Mic Port
  2. 2
    Micro SD Card
  3. 3
    HD TV & Full HD
  4. 4
    Multi-Language Compatible
  5. 5
    Built-in Songs
  6. 6
    USB Flash

For an enhanced singing experience you can customize your music with features including Echo, Tone, Background Melody, Display & more..

New Magic E5+

wifi karaoke system +1 year subscription to tagalog

Great Sound Quality


Connectivity, RCA, HDTV Cable & Wireless


Search Songs Whilst Singing


Switch Between Songs Easily


1yr Subscription Card


Weight 4.97lbs


All-in-all this popular karaoke machine with scoring system has all the features you will need for a great night of entertainment and the opportunity to compete with friends & family when singing.

More Practice = Higher Scores!!

808 Karaoke Machine Review

Entertainment At It's Best!

The Singstation full karaoke system has a modern design, great sound, 9 multi-color light modes, sound effects, scores (Depending on App) & much more.

With so many impressive features this is a versatile karaoke machine with scoring system that will suit any venue or home karaoke party.

The Bluetooth speaker produces quality sound & is easy to connect. You can use it with all Apps:

  1. 1
    Karaoke Apps
  2. 2
    Music Apps

Ideal for both adults & kids this popular karaoke machine with scoring system will provide hours of entertainment for all the family.

Kids will especially love the scoring system as they can sing their favorite songs with friends to see who achieves the best scores for their vocals.

Lets not forget the competitive adults as they will surely go all out to show off their talents also.

The machine is easily connected to your smartphone or tablet for 1000s of songs & karaoke video from YouTube, plus all your favorite karaoke Apps.

Having 2 ways to connect will allow you to stream all your songs wirelessly via Bluetooth from tablet or smartphone. Alternatively via the Aux-in cable to listen to the quality sound & big bass from the wireless speaker.

The spectacular light effects will give any great party a real disco vibe.

The 9 multi-color light modes include party, breathe, chill, pulse, dance & more.

3 voice effects, high pitch, low pitch & chipmunk will transform your voice for many hours of fun.

808 Karaoke Machine

karaoke system with wirless bluetooth speaker

Compatible With YouTube & All Major Karaoke Apps


Scoring Feature - Depending on Apps Used


Multi-Color Light Modes - 9 Light Effects For Disco Vibe


Voice Effects - Transform Your Voice for Hours of Fun


Push Button Effects Offer Easy Access to Live/Instrument Live Mode


Mic x1


AC Adaptor & Cradle - Hold Smartphone or Tablet


If you are dedicated Karaoke Kook who loves to compete and want to take your singing ability to the next level, then the 808 karaoke machine with scoring system will meet all your needs!

Let The Battle Commence!!

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