Karaoke Machine With Screen – Top 3 Reviewed!!

Karaoke machines are an excellent addition to any party or special occasion. Party guests can have fun and let their hair down performing all the favorite songs old and new.

Most Karaoke Kooks prefer to be able to see scrolling lyrics on a screen which usually requires the host to connect the machine to a TV or Tablet which at times can be quite irritating.

The perfect solution to avoid all this hassle would be to opt for a karaoke machine with screen built-in.

There are some great systems available on the market today that not only have built-in screens but also have speakers, which is the ideal all-in-one karaoke solution for any party or event.

It's time to bring the karaoke club home!

Check out our list of options that have been selected to suit different household budgets. Hopefully you can choose the best karaoke machine with screen to suit yours.

Singing Machine STVG785BTW

An awesome karaoke machine with screen and many other additional features for you to create lasting singalong memories.

This system lets you play music CD's, CD+G and Mp3+G or you can stream audio via your Bluetooth compatible devices.

An integrated USB jack allows you to record your performances as you follow the scrolling lyrics on the 7" color screen.

Built-in party lights and auto voice controls will add to the overall party fun. 

Although this karaoke machine with screen supports 2 microphones, the package only includes 1. So if you are a Karaoke Kook that likes to sing duets you have the option to purchase and connect an additional mic.

Singing Machine STVG785BTW

Singing machine

Echo & Voice Controls - Add to the party fun.

Bluetooth - Easily connect to smart devices.

CD+G / Mp3G - Plays from USB.

Mic x1 - 2 mic jacks but only one wired mic included.

Recording Function - Record your star performances.

LED Party Lights - Create funky disco atmosphere.


  • Excellent Sound Quality For Size.
  • Easy To Operate.
  • Portable.
  • 7" Color Screen Easy To Read.


  • Includes Only 1 Wired Mic.

Masingo Professional Alto X6

This gem of a karaoke machine with screen is more than just a pretty face!

The Alto X6 is the complete professional karaoke kit with everything you will ever need for the ultimate party experience.

Two wireless microphones means you can blast out some classic hits with your buddies or have a group rap battle to decide who gets to MC the party night.

The Alto X6 karaoke machine with screen is built for fun, whether you are in the comfort of your own front room or on the go.

A sturdy lightweight build with long lasting battery and convenient carry strap allows you to take your music with you wherever you go.

The Alto X6's built-in fully functional tablet is web ready, WiFi-enabled with 32GB storage, 1GB Ram & Android OS and folds and locks securely into the machine during transport.

You simply rotate it back into performance mode when you reach your destination. 

You have the option to use the pre-installed music apps or alternatively download any of your favorites on Spotify, Pandora & YouTube.

The Alto X6 is the ultimate karaoke machine with screen for entertainment under roof, sun or stars.

When you download your first music or karaoke video complete with lyrics from the internet you will ask yourself how you ever sang karaoke before without the amazing Alto X6 karaoke machine .

Masingo Alto X6


Touch Screen Tablet - Locks into the machine for transport.

Audio - Balance audio with 5 Eq settings.

Mics x2 - Two premium cordless microphones (2022 model).

Connectivity - Bluetooth, WiFi, 7 playback modes.

Portable - Machines travels by wheels and carry handle.

Remote - Device remote control included.

Magic Mode - 4 fun voice changing modes.

Battery - 4hr rechargeable battery.


  • Crisp & Clear Speaker Sound.
  • Clear Screen with Adjustable Brightness.
  • Easy to Navigate.
  • Multiple Connectivity Options.


  • Limited Remote Working Range.
  • Instructions Could Be Clearer.

Karaoke USA DJ

This sleek design karaoke machine is an impressive all-in-one system for the money.

For its' size it offers surprisingly great audio and with a bundle of cool features it is the perfect system for either practicing karaoke at home, recording performances or entertaining family and friends.

The 7" TFT color screen displays graphics from CD+G disc and Mp3G files and also videos from DVD discs and AVI files.

Built-in party lights and a cradle for smart devices are excellent additional features of this karaoke machine with color screen.

Karaoke USA DJ

karaoke usa

Bluetooth - Connect Bluetooth compatible devices to the player wirelessly.

Record Function - Record performances and save to SD card or USB flash drive as Mp3 file. Playback on machine.

35w Power Output - Sufficient for entertaining guests at home.

Echo Control - Enhance your vocals with this fun feature.

Digital Key Control - Adjust key of music up or down without effecting tempo. 

Mic x2 - Two mics with separate volume controls.

Music Control - Volume, Tone and Balance.

Remote Control - Handheld remote can control all functions of the system.

Audio / Video Outputs - Audio and Video RCA outputs allow you to connect to TV or Sound System.

Audio / Video Inputs - Audio and Video RCA inputs allow you to connect external audio and video devices.

Bonus - 300 Mp3G songs on 2 discs.


  • 7" Color Monitor.
  • Plays Mp3G Files from a CD, SD Card and USB.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for Wireless Streaming of Audio from Mobile Devices.
  • Plays DVD Discs.


  • In comparison to other karaoke systems the materials used in the design are relatively lightweight.
  • No Battery Operation

Karaoke Machine With Screen

Any karaoke machines with screen built -in are definitely a worthwhile investment if you love to host regular karaoke nights with friends and family.

Seeing song lyrics displayed as you perform are an added bonus for those Kooks who can't always remember the words.

We hope you find a suitable system from our recommendations. We are confident this will be one purchase you will never regret!!

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