Karaoke Reggae Songs – 15 Jammin’ Greats

Reggae is a music genre that is popular throughout the world. There have been so many amazing karaoke reggae songs written and recorded by great artists that will without a doubt have everyone on their feet jammin' the night away at any karaoke party or family get together. 

Reggae originated in Jamaica in the late 60's and in 1968 a single by a pioneering and rocksteady group called 'Toots and the Maytals' was the first popular song to use the word reggae.

"Do The Reggae"

Incorporating some of the musical elements of rhythm & blues, reggae also draws influence from traditional African folk rhythms. 

The main genres that influenced reggae are Ska, Rocksteady and Mento.


Mento is a fusion of European and African elements generally featuring Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Rhumba Box and Hand Drums which became popular in the 1950's.


A fast dance style of Jamaican folk emerged in the 1950's with lyrics that usually dealt with serious social issues in the 60's.

Ska combined elements of Calypso, Mento, American Jazz and R&B and was extremely popular with skinheads and mods in the UK.


Much slower than Ska, Rocksteady featured offbeat cords, riffs with lyrics that were more than often political.

Reggae plays a huge part in Jamaican culture and is closely connected with the Rastafarian Religion and Social Movement that originated in Jamaica in the 1930's.

Experiencing many riots and revolutions throughout the decades, Jamaicans have been in a constant state of resistance.

These struggles for change created the Rastafarian Religion which used reggae as a means of sending the message of resistance to the rest of the world. 

When we hear the word reggae, I think it is safe to say that the first name that springs to mind is Bob Marley, who through his music spread the message of Rastafarianism around the world.

Harmony, Tranquility and Love is what reggae and Rastafarianism bring to the world.

"Live For Yourself" And You Will Live In Vain

Live For Others And You Will Live Again

Bob Marley

Karaoke Reggae Songs - Top 15

ub40 |red red wine

One of many great karaoke reggae songs that gave UB40 their first number1 hit in the UK. This was a cover of the Neil Diamond hit which appeared on his 1967 album 'Just For You'. 

A good track for any karaoke singer to perform with slow beats and upfront lyrics.

johnny nash |i can see clearly now

Written and recorded by the great Johnny Nash, this is only one of many karaoke reggae songs on his 1972 album 'I Can See Clearly Now'. With his pop-infused reggae sound he introduced the rest of the world to reggae.

bobby mc ferrin |don't worry be happy 

Who hasn't heard this fun song? It is a pure gold classic and a track that all karaoke music lovers are sure to appreciate. Don't worry, be happy and you will smash it at karaoke!

eddie grant |electric avenue 

British singer / songwriter Eddy Grant, released this oldie, but well known track on his 1982 album 'Killer on the Rampage'.

The song refers to 'Electric Avenue' built in the 1880's in Brixton South London which was the first street to be lit by electricity. One of many great karaoke reggae songs and one of his biggest hits in 1983.

culture club |do you really want to hurt me 

If you are a fan of 1980's music then this is the perfect song for karaoke singers. A slow track with simple lyrics that just about anyone can sing.

r.city ft adam levine |locked away 

This legendary song will never get old! A dancehall & reggae fusion track with an uplifting message.

Great song to perform and any audience are sure to get in on the act.

shaggy |it wasn't me

One of those fun old school karaoke reggae songs and an easy track to learn and sing. Popular with all age groups so be prepared for plenty of audience participation.

camila cabello |something's gotta give

A great 2019 hit with strong reggae influences. A perfect choice for the younger generation at any karaoke party.

zac brown band |island song

Karaoke reggae songs and the Zac Brown Band, what a combination!

Perfect for any beach themed karaoke party. Sea, Sand, Cocktails & Karaoke!!!

eddie grant |gimme hope jo'anna 

An anti-aparteid anthem from the 1980's. The South African government banned the song when it was first released but that did not stop it getting lots of airplay.

One of those great karaoke reggae songs that everyone is sure to know.

bruno mars |the lazy song 

American singer / songwriter Bruno Mars co wrote this catchy song for his debut studio album 'Doo-Wops & Hooligans' in 2010.

It was one of the best selling digital singles of 2011 with sales in excess of 6.5 million.

fiji |sweet darling 

The island beat and reggae style of this amazing track never fails to get people jammin' in the aisles at karaoke.

Beautiful and meaningful song so do it justice!

sean paul ft dua lipa |no lie 

Feel the reggae house vibe on this amazing track. One of those great karaoke reggae songs to please any party crowd.

musical youth |pass the dutchie

British Jamaican band Musical Youth released this song in September 1982. The Song has been experiencing a resurgence due to being the first reggae song to feature on Netflix hit series 'Stranger Things'.

bob marley & the wailers |no women, no cry

Robert Nesta Marley recorded and released this track in 1974 on the studio album 'Natty Dread'. This is one of his most famous songs.

It was always assumed that Bob Marley wrote the song as the lyrics are very personal.  It was actually a friend of his, Vincent Ford, who ran a soup kitchen in Trenchtown, a ghetto area in Jamaica where Bob Marley grew up who was credited and received all the royalties.

Bob Marley became an international superstar. His musical career was marked by fusing elements of Ska, Rocksteady, and his distinctive vocal and song writing style.

To the present day he is sixth on Forbes list of Highest Earning Deceased Celebrities as his music continues to inspire both old and new generations of fans.

One Good Thing About Music, When It Hits You, You Feel No Pain.

The Greatness Of A Man Is Not In How Much Wealth He Aquires, But In His Integrity And His Ability To Affect Those Around Him Positively.

Bob Marley

Reggae music speaks of Love, Equality and Spirituality. It inspires, informs and influences many popular songs to this day. 

So there you have it, Karaoke Kooks top 15 countdown of popular karaoke reggae songs. ENJOY!!!

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