Karaoke Xbox One Games – Sing To Win!!

So you are the proud owner of an Xbox One and you love to sing?

All you need now are a few popular karaoke Xbox One games to show off your vocal talent to all your Xbox One buddies.

Turning your Microsoft game console into a karaoke machine is easy using Karaoke One App, YouTube and Karaoke Games.

Karaoke Xbox One Games:

YouTube App

Performing karaoke on your Xbox One using the YouTube App will have your party up and running in no time at all.

Download & Install

  • Log into your Xbox One account.
  • Locate the 'Store' option on the dashboard and open it.
  • In the Store search YouTube and click on 'Get it Free' to begin the download.
  • Launch the YouTube App and sign into your Google account.

Now that the YouTube app installation is complete, the next step is to connect a microphone to your Xbox One.

Connect USB Mic

  • USB mic required to connect to your games console.
  • Plug in the mic through the USB port on the Xbox One.
  • Open YouTube App.
  • Select your favorite songs.
  • Start singing.

It is as easy as that! There is a great library of songs to choose from and using the YouTube App is a cheap and simple method to set-up karaoke on your Xbox One.

The YouTube App is certainly worth a try as it is free to use and will introduce you to karaoke Xbox One games that are simple to install and are fun to use.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to install and set-up.
  • Free to use.


  • Ads may interrupt singing.
  • Karaoke tracks maybe poor quality.

Karaoke One App

This is another great option when looking for karaoke Xbox One games that will provide plenty of entertainment for friends and family at any party night or get together.

Although you can download and install the Karaoke One App for free, to access all features of the app on the Premium version there is a fee of $3.49 monthly which is quite reasonable considering the entertainment the App provides.

Download & Install

  • On the homepage of the Xbox One, sign into your Microsoft account.
  • Click on the 'Store' tab at the right hand side.
  • In the store select Apps Option.
  • Look for the Karaoke One in available apps.
  • Tap 'Get it Free' to download & install.

Once installed connect your USB microphone to the console and open the app. You are now ready to start singing and performing to your favorite songs.

Compared to the YouTube App the Karaoke One App does not have any ads to interrupt your singing and the songs are of a much higher quality.

With the Karaoke One you can also record and share performances and interact with others using the app.

To use all of the Karaoke One features there is a small fee to pay, but it is well worth it to get the best user experience.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to install & set-up.
  • Free to use option.
  • No annoying ads to interrupt singing.
  • Better quality tracks.


  • Premium version upgrade at a fee of $3.49 a month.

Xbox One Games - Karaoke

Another great option is to take advantage of the numerous downloadable games on your Xbox One Microsoft Store. They are super easy to use:

  • Purchase disk.
  • Insert disk into console.
  • Play.

Many of the Karaoke Xbox One game packs already include microphones that are easy to connect to your console. Others come with a companion app that enables you to turn your smartphone into a microphone.

Alternatively you can use your external USB mic to sing your heart out with a game.

Games to Consider:

Rock Band 4

Take your singing to the next level with with this Karaoke Xbox One game from Harmonix. It is one of the best party games around. Add your personal touch to every performance with innovative features that reward player expression, whether you are playing by yourself or with your band.

Rock Band 4 features some of rocks biggest acts and delivers the rush of live band performance like never before.

We Sing Pop

We Sing Pop includes some amazing tracks from artists such as Beyonce & Bruno Mars. This game will bring the ultimate party experience direct to your own front room.

You can choose to sing solo, as a group, or get competitive on a sing-off with up to 4 of your friends at the same time. Show off your vocal talent with a solo performance and top the leaderboard becoming the superstar you always knew you were!

Although the karaoke Xbox One games come at a price, they give you the opportunity to interact with friends and family singing to chart topping hits by favorite artists.

Playing karaoke games on Xbox One is more than just singing as there are always some exciting features and activities within the games. 


Overall Karaoke Kooks recommend these karaoke Xbox One games. They are well worth checking out as they will all bring a host of different karaoke experiences.

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