Kiddie Karaoke Party – Parent Tips

Plan Ahead...

So, you have a wannabe Rock Star or Diva in the family? 

All kids love to sing, dance & dress up, which makes for a great family fun night of karaoke entertainment. 

Why not get the kids to make a list of friends that they would like to invite over for a fun dress- up party. 

They can decide which superstar they would like to come as, and you can always help your kids to design their costumes.

How much fun that will be!

You will need a couple of days to plan ahead and make a list of everything you need for the kiddie karaoke party.

  • Invitations
  • Karaoke Equipment
  • Decorations
  • Food
  • Favors
  • Lighting
  • Songs

Decide how many "mini popstars" are going attend, and rather than buying invitations to send out, encourage the kids to make their own.

They could cut out shapes of different musical instruments & cover them in glitter or make some VIP tickets that resemble a concert pass to set the tone for the party.

Set The Scene

If you do not already have your own karaoke setup, you can either buy or rent, whichever you prefer although having said that I think the better option would be to buy your own.

Once you have laid on your first kiddie karaoke party, you can guarantee there will be many more to follow....

Your first job will be to create a space where the kids can perform.

You can always tape off a section of floor space allowing room for the kids to sing and dance, and if possible you could put up a decorative backdrop to make them feel like they really are stars performing on a stage. Add a little bit of sparkle here & there and they will love it!

Inflatable Props

It may be a good idea to have a box of extra dress-up clothes, props & accessories for children who have not already come prepared with their own costume.

Decorate the rest of the area with some inflatable props such as, musical instruments, microphones & music notes.

Anything music related will create a great atmosphere for the little Rock Stars and Divas to feel like Superstars when they step into the spotlight.

Chips & Dips

With all that excitement of singing & dancing to their favorite songs you will have a lot of hungry little mouths to feed.

To save yourself time, the best option would be lots & lots of finger foods such as chicken nuggets, crackers & cheese, kebabs, chips, dips & let's face it, how many kids do not like pizza?

You can opt to make your own or simply get some delivered which will make life a lot easier for you.

You can always get the kids to help you prepare some of the food and you can encourage them to make some delicious decorative cupcakes for the party.

Use some icing to draw musical notes on top of glitter frosted cakes and they are sure to go down a treat.

A kiddie karaoke party is not a party if they have no favors to take home with them to remind them of the great time they had. Send the little "Stars" home with some fun karaoke party favors such as,

  • Inflatable guitars/microphones
  • Sunglasses
  • CD's with some of the songs from the party playlist
  • Glow bracelets 

Any of these will be a wonderful reminder of the great kiddie karaoke party they all enjoyed so much.

Kiddie Karaoke Party Playlist

Now that you have most things organized you will have to move on to the most important part of any good fun kiddie karaoke party.


We all know that our kids are much "Cooler" than us, they are more in-tune with current chart toppers & trends and will no doubt have their own playlist at the ready.

You can always sit down together and go through a list of songs and you never know some "Golden Oldies" may even get a look in of you are lucky.

On the other hand if your little performers are unsure what songs to sing or which their friends will like, we have put together some amazing titles that they will all want to sing and dance along to.

Disney Anthems, Chart Hits, our recommendations feature only the best of karaoke songs for little stars who want to grab the mic and show off their talents to friends and family.


Now your stage is set you will need to light it up for all those little superstars.

String holiday lights around the backdrop, use spotlight lamps or flashlights pointed towards the stage and dim all lights for maximum special effect.

Party Hits

Pinkfong baby shark

Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo! 

Not much can go wrong with this kiddie karaoke party favorite. Mommy, Daddy, Grandma & Grandpa can all join in with this fun, singalong tune.

Justin Timberlake can't stop the feeling

From Dreamworks animations "Trolls" 

Get those funky dance moves rocking the party with this upbeat song.

Just Dance, Dance, Dance!

jojo silva d.r.e.a.m

Kids, see "face on the screen your name in lights" and D.R.E.A.M you are a superstar.

You can do it! 

little mix black magic

All the girls on the block will be knocking on your door to join the party when they hear your playlist of chart topping tunes.

katy perry roar

Dance through the fire cause you are the champions and let's hear you all "Roar" louder than a lion.

oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

mack z it's a girl party

No boys allowed, it's a girl party, ready for some fun? 

Get this party started.

mandy moore when will my life begin ( tangled)

From Disney's Tangled, this beautiful song will show off your sweet vocal talents to friends & family.

j. geco | the chicken song

Dance, dance, dance to this upbeat fun party tune.

No worries on vocals, just do your best chicken impression and you will steal the show.

jason derulo | savage love

Get your best dance moves going to this funky upbeat kiddie karaoke party song.

pharrell williams | happy

From "Despicable Me" this infectious anthem will get any kiddie karaoke party off to a "Happy" & fun start.

Both adults & kids will willingly sing along to this sweet little melody.

jojo silva | high top shoes

Everyday's another day to rock it and now you have your chance to rock this great party number.

Rock it!

Frozen - Idena Menzel | "let it go"

I don't think they will ever let this smash hit go anytime soon.

This ballad from Disney's movie "Frozen" is just too irresistible not to sing along to, and will keep all those little Elsa's showcasing their talents.

tones and i | dance monkey

Great chart topping song around the world.

When the kids dance for you, dance for you, dance for you..... make them do it all again!

jojo silva | boomerang

Sit back and watch the kids smash this powerful anti bullying anthem & dance moves.

These lyrics will get stuck in your head like it or not!

abba | dancing queen

A "Golden Oldie" that kids can now sing along to with Grandma & Grandpa thanks to the movies "Mama Mia" & "Mama Mia here we go again".

A great all round classic for all age groups. 

a teens | upside down

The kids will go crazy to this upbeat song.

Let's hope they aren't "Upside down, bouncing of the ceiling" 

kidz bop kidz | best day of my life


No need to worry if you don't know the lyrics, you will soon catch on.

Fun tune for everyone to join in and sing along to.

the little mermaid | under the sea

From the Disney animated movie "The Little Mermaid".

The kids will definitely dive in and make a SPLASH! with this wonderful song. 

Taylor Swift | you belong with me

"Pop Princess" Taylor Swift will have the kids singing and dancing the night away to this smash hit.

We hope your kiddie karaoke party goes down a treat and is lots & lots of fun for all the kids, family & friends.

The selection of karaoke songs we have chosen are suitable for a range of ages. We hope some of your all time favorites are included, and will have you standing in the spotlight once again at your next great kiddie karaoke party.