Powerful Karaoke Machines Under $100

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I guess you are here because like many of us at this present time you are having to budget your finances carefully whilst trying to keep the family entertained and happy on a daily basis. A fun way to do this would be with one of the best karaoke machines under $100 selected by Karaoke Kooks.

Truly, there is no better way to entertain family & friends than with a good old 'rave' of a karaoke party. We all know how great karaoke is and how much fun everyone has when they can all join in. Singing, dancing and having the time of their lives.

Regardless of age, kids, parents, grandparents all enjoy the opportunity to grab a mic and show off their singing abilities. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good, but who really cares?. Everybody just loves to get stuck in and have a whale of a time.

Budget Friendly

Karaoke is all about singing, at the end of the day and although there are some serious 'Karaoke Kooks' out there who would not dream of showing off their vocal talents unless it was with the best rated equipment on the market. There is a lot to be said for karaoke machines at the cheaper end too. Many karaoke machines under $100 still provide outstanding performance.

If for example you only need it for family occasions birthdays, holidays etc. it is a much more sensible decision to choose a budget set-up that will still do the job.

Although it may not have all the top specs of the more expensive machines your party guests will still be blown away by the awesome features included in your entry level set-up.

We have selected a few of the most popular karaoke machines under $100 and we are sure you will find a system that has all the features you will need for a karaoke party full of fun-tastic moments.

Karaoke Machines Under $100

Singing Machine SML625BTBKD

One of the best karaoke machines under $100 and is worth every dollar spent. Packed with great features, the system lets you play music from CD & CDG or you can stream audio via your Bluetooth compatible devices.

Simply follow the lyrics on your TV screen via RCA cables which are included. You will have hours of fun recording your singing performances to the integrated USB port. With 40 multi-colored lights that synchronize to the beat you will soon create a spectacular disco vibe for everyone to enjoy.

The speakers are encased in wood cabinets and produce a crisp, clear sound to enhance your spotlight performance.


>  Play your favorite music CD's & Karaoke CD's.

Works with all music & karaoke apps.

Stream digital audio from Bluetooth compatible devices (external devices not included)

Record your audio via integrated USB port to playback & share.

 40 multi-colored LED lights synchronize to the beat of the music.

Connect to TV for on screen lyric scroll via RCA (Included)

1 wired mic (Included)

Supports 2 mics for duets with separate volume controls.

Built in speaker.

Line-in-connect to your MP3, Smartphone & other audio devices.

3 digit LED display to show your audio track.

Download 5 free karaoke songs of your choice.

This is an excellent system from the #1 brand in karaoke. Affordable & available in 2 colors Black & White.

Definitely worth taking a look!

Singing Machine ISM398BT

If you are looking for a way to entertain the kids over the holidays or you have birthday celebrations coming up then look no further than the Singing Machine home karaoke system.

This cute personal-sized machine is available in 3 colors, includes a built in stand for tablet or smartphone and is one of the most popular karaoke machines under $100. This will be sure to please the kids especially when they have the option to choose their favorite color.

Totally user friendly, simply connect & stream your favorite karaoke tunes and start singing your heart out using the mic. The system has features such as balance, volume control & echo which is sure to delight the kids.

This machine will provide hours of fun for kids, friends & family and the second mic input is a bonus for those little stars who want to duet with their friends.


>  2 mic jacks with volume control.

Bluetooth audio streaming for Smartphone, Tablets etc.

Audio input jack for other digital audio players.

Balance, volume, echo controls.

 Built in speakers.

3 color choices available. 

Your kids will love this funky karaoke system. As well as having plenty of fun, it will also help them to improvise as they are reading lyrics & singing at the same time. 

JYX Karaoke Machine

This simple but sleek machine is the perfect karaoke set-up for any party big or small. With 2 speakers that provide you with excellent sound quality and the option of 3 different sizes of the JYX karaoke machine, you are really spoilt for choice. You are still looking at an awesome machine at an affordable price.

It utilizes Bluetooth to connect with any of your favorite karaoke apps. How good is that! If friends and family want to join in the fun there are 2 extra mic ports allowing you to connect more mics for a great party singalong.

So when the party is over and you simply want to hear somebody else singing you can also tune into your favorite radio station with the built in FM tuner.

Stay tuned wherever you go with one of the most highly rated karaoke machines under $100!

Whether entertaining at home or outdoors this lightweight & portable machine has everything you could ever want at a great price.

An absolute little gem!


>  HD stereo sound.

Wireless & portable. This lightweight design with handle makes it easy to carry outdoors.

Bluetooth 5.0 transmission.

Adjustable shoulder strap.

Multiple usage - includes wireless mic, make the speaker a karaoke machine when paired with mic. Use as a recorder or radio.

TWS function - Dual wireless bass stereo pairing for higher level audio. 

Rechargeable battery - Up to 8hrs playback time.

What more can you ask for? This classy machine will give you hours upon hours of great family entertainment.

EARISE T26 Karaoke Machine

WOW! A sound system with a big mouth. This little beauty will be the life & soul of any party, indoor or outdoor with a gathering of friends & family.

It is portable, lightweight & rugged and a very versatile piece of equipment. Birthday party, garden party, long drive you name it this awesome machine is perfect.

At first glance you may think it is more of a kids' toy that will not create a good sound or last very long for that matter.

All I can say is: hold on to your earplugs!

It has plenty bass pumping out through a strong speaker and the wireless mic pairs up easily producing a strong rich sound. The unit can sync 3 mics at the same time. It can be used as a speaker, radio or karaoke machine.

The battery lasts for a good 6 hours so it will probably outlast the party. Karaoke Kooks recommend the Earise T26 as one of our top picks in karaoke machines under $100.


>  Bluetooth & AUX input - stream music from any device, iPhone, Tablet etc.

Lightweight & portable - size and weight means you can take this device anywhere.

HD stereo sound - small speaker but extremely powerful.

Rechargeable PA system with FM radio.

Wireless mic - comes with simple echo setting & internal voice modulation.

Remote control - easy all round operation.

 Battery - 4.5hrs playback on a single charge. 

If you want more bang for your bucks then this is one of those great karaoke machines under $100 that delivers every time.


Remember high priced equipment does no always equate to great quality.

We hope our selection of karaoke machines under $100 will help you in finding a budget friendly system to meet all your requirements.

Let the party begin!