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Rock N Roll Pusha T Lyrics - It's Almost Dry Album

Pusha T was born in May 1977 in the Bronx borough of New York City. His family eventually relocated to Virginia Beach, Virginia where he and his older brother Gene Thornton grew up.

In 1992 the brothers began pursuing a career in Hip- Hop and formed a group called 'Clipse'. Throughout the group's duration his brother Gene was known as 'Malice'. 

The brothers were originally known as 'Terrar and Malicious' but after converting to Christianity, Gene changed his stage name to 'No Malice'.

Rock N Roll Pusha T Lyrics. In 1997 not long after forming 'Clipse', they were introduced to Pharrell Williams, a fellow Virginian and record producer who was instrumental in securing the brothers a record deal with 'Elektra Records' in Los Angeles.

After recording their debut album 'Exclusive Audio Footage' and releasing only one single 'The Funeral', they were dropped from the Elektra Records label due to achieving no commercial success.

'Terrar' changed his name to Pusha T shortly after been dropped by the record label.  

Despite not being signed to any of the major record labels, he made several appearances on other talented artists songs:

  • Good Stuff - Kelis 
  • Run Away (I wanna be with U) - Nivea

Pharrell Williams stepped up again and signed the brothers to 'Arista Records' in 2001 where they started working on their major label debut. 

'Grindin' their debut single was released in May 2002 and became a summer Top 40 hit. 

They followed this up with their second single 'When The Last Time' which peaked at No.19 in the charts and then released their debut album 'Lord Willin' in August 2002.

The album reached No.1 on The Billboards Top R&B / Hip-Hop Album Chart, No.4 on The Billboard 200 and in October 2002 was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Rock N Roll Pusha T Lyrics. After their third album release, Pusha T and Malice decided to take time apart to focus on their solo careers. 

Not long after, Pusha T was signed to Kanye West's 'Good Music Label' and made his first appearance on the 'Good' roster on Kanye's:

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy appearing on his hit 'Runaway' which he premiered with Kanye at the 2010 MTV Music Awards.

In 2011 Pusha T released his solo debut (mix tape) 'Fear of God' which included 'My God' and featured both freestyles and original songs and included features from, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, 50 Cent, Rick Ross and Kevin Cossom.

The mix tape was well received and Pusha T began working on his debut extended play (EP).

Fear of God II: Let Us Pray

Rock N Roll Pusha T Lyrics. The EP included 4 songs from the mix tape and several new songs. The original release date came and went, but eventually the EP was released in November 2011 and received favorable critic reviews.

In 2011 Pusha T appeared on the second season on HBO's 'How To Make It In America' playing the role of a henchman for 'Urban Caribbean League'. He then went on to work on a solo debut studio album which was produced by Kanye West.

After the release of his album and the 'Re-Up Gang' mix tape 'Long Live The Cane' Pusha T said that 'Clipse' would reunite again to record another album.

Rock N Roll Pusha T Lyrics - It's Almost Dry Album.

In May 2022 Pusha T hit the top of The Billboard Charts for the very first time. 'It's Almost Dry' won No.1 album and topped The Billboard 200.

The Rock N Roll track was produced by Pharrell Williams, with Pusha T and Kid Cudy ft. Kanye West. Lyrics were written by Pusha T, and Kanye's verse was produced by Pharrell Williams. 

If you are into rock music then the lyrics to this song certainly make for a great listen. Pusha T lyrics always 'Pack a Punch', whether he preaches about struggles in life or rallying against injustice, he never fails to deliver one hundred percent.

The energy and passion in his lyrics reflect an urban edge with authentic realism. Pusha T lyrics always relay messages and the Rock N Roll lyrics are no exception.

Rock N Roll Pusha T Lyrics:

There is no question that 'It's Almost Dry' is an outstanding, beautiful and meaningful album from start to finish. It is sure to inspire and motivate all rappers around the world. 

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