Seriously! Does Karaoke Improve Singing?

The Simple Answer is Yes!

If you are intent on improving the quality of your singing voice then “practice” is the keyword.

As the saying goes, Practice Makes Perfect, that is not to say you will end up with a voice like Adele or Beyoncé who were born naturally gifted.

Does karaoke improve singing? Your voice is an amazing instrument and has the potential to make you a good/amazing singer. So what makes a good singer you might ask?

Well, to improve your singing voice you need to look at someone like Adele who has a “killer” voice and begin to unravel her vocal technique. If you are still wondering does karaoke improve singing? the simple answer is that we are all born with different voices and vocal ranges. Your voice is a tool and to improve it you need to focus on coordination, balance and the correct exercises.

When you gain control over your voice, your journey to becoming a better singer will begin.

With effort, time and focus you can certainly improve the quality of your singing voice. There are also other benefits such as building confidence and decreasing stress levels.

Who would have thought that singing would be good for your health? Think about it, whenever we sing it generally makes us feel happy, relaxed and stress free.

Does Karaoke Improve Singing?

Simple Techniques

Improving your singing means having patience to learn some simple techniques that will at least help you on your way to better vocals and style.

I know it may seem counter intuitive, but practice for a couple of hours each day taking air into your lower lungs.

Learning how to breath properly is very important so as not to leave you gasping for air halfway through your performance.

Don’t hold back, give it your all when you perform as so many people are nervous and ultimately afraid of failure.

Get up there and enjoy your 3 minutes of fame and do not let the word failure ever enter your mind.

No Fear

We have all been there, Saturday night out on the town with friends, a few tequilas later and we hit the karaoke bar ready to get up to the mic and impress the bunch of hangers on that have some how managed to infiltrate our karaoke night out.

“”Here we go”” Stumble on to the stage and through bleary eyes select a classic that you are sure you can smash. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

Looking down at the crowded bar, your palms begin to sweat and that all too familiar feeling of dread kicks in.

“”Tequila””  “”Tequila”” are the only lyrics swirling around in your head 

A wave of inspiration somehow sweeps over you and you realize what is needed. Some crowd participation for this song is a must. Struggling your way through the lyrics which seems to take forever, your prayers are answered. You hear the roar of Sweeeet Carrroline…thundering throughout the bar like a mini earthquake.

Who would have ever thought that Neil Diamond would save you from a lynch mob, but there you go.

Another shot of tequila and you are ready for your encore.

Find Your Voice

There are many tips to help you improve your vocal ability which you need to put into practice.

  • Select a song that you can identify with, your feelings and emotions will come across when you are singing which is very important. We all know that on tv shows like Americas Got Talent, Simon Cowell is very fond of stopping a performer within seconds of them starting to sing and informing them that they have chosen the wrong song and would they sing something else. Generally they usually pull it out of the hat with their second choice showing their emotions and absolutely connecting with the words they are singing.
  • Does karaoke improve singing? It is important to find your vocal range. That is, find the lowest note you can sing and the highest note you can sing. Although, you may be able to reach notes that are in more than one range, choose what you are most comfortable with so as not to stretch your vocal chords. The average vocal range for men and women are different depending on voice type. Normal vocal range for a man is 1.4 to 2 Octaves. Although many artists who have been practicing music for a long time can actually have a range of somewhere around 1.7 to 2.4 Octaves. There are generally 3 male voices which include Tenor, Bass and Baritone.
  • Bass - Lowest Range
  • Baritone - Middle Range
  • Tenor - Highest Range
  • There are 3 types of female voices Contralto, Mezzo Soprano and Soprano. Most females would fall into the category of Mezzo Soprano as basically it is in the middle between Soprano and Contralto. The vocal range for women Mezzo Soprano is mostly between the G note to C note in other words a vocal range of 2 Octaves or more. Having found your vocal range do not over strain, always stay within your vocal comfort zone. Even stars like Adele who has a range of over 3 Octaves developed polyps on her vocal chords due to improper training.

Breathe and Sing Loud

Breathe! If you do not train properly you will run out of breath before the end of your performance. Practice breathing exercises regularly, breath in for 5 seconds, hold for 4 seconds and release slowly for 7 seconds.

When you concentrate on your breathing technique it will not only help you to perform better but will also help to calm nerves and reduce fear and anxiety.

Singing louder is important as your voice will sound better if there is power behind it. However at the same time you do not want to stretch or hurt your vocal chords beyond your vocal range.

If you want to sing loud like a professional make sure you rehearse song/s so that you know the lyrics off by heart. When you know your vocal range remember to stick to it! If you are still wondering does karaoke improve singing?, the tips I have recommended when put into practice will certainly impact your vocal ability.

It is important to remember the relationship between vocal harmonics and breath control. If you over strain or feel pain in your throat it is time to stop as it could severely damage your vocal chords.

Can’t Sing,Don’t Worry

If you don’t think you can sing, don’t worry. Does karaoke improve singing?

You do not have to be a good singer to get the karaoke bar rocking but the more you get up and strut your stuff the better your singing performance will be.

If you are lucky enough to have a karaoke machine at home then use it. If not you can check out our buyers guides with some top choices selected especially for you.

At home you can practice singing in the shower, bath or even when you are cleaning the house. Try to practice in front of a full length mirror or use your phone to video yourself. You can then watch it back and see what improvements are needed until you are well and truly comfortable with your own style.

On that note, if you happen to record yourself, do not freak out when you hear it. It always sounds pretty weird at first. Most people hate to hear their own voice when it is played back to them.

You will still reap the benefits of your practice sessions and with each song choice ensure that you understand the emotion within the lyrics and learn them off by heart.

Before you know it, you will never again have to ask does karaoke improve singing. You will have become perfectly comfortable with performing and will knock them out on karaoke night with your stunning vocals and impressive style.

Wondering why is karaoke so popular?