The Best Songs For Karaoke | Crowd Pleasers!!

Next time you grab the mic and step into the spotlight, make sure you pick the right song to showcase your vocals.

Hopefully you will find a song to suit your vocal range from our top 20 picks of the best songs for karaoke.

As long as you don't take it all too seriously and you have the confidence to get up and perform in the first place, you will smash it.

Easy Songs To Sing

Unless you are a professional at karaoke with an exceptional set of pipes you would be well advised to focus on some failsafe party songs.

These songs are excellent crowd pleasers and you will have no worries about crowd participation to help you along.

The best songs for karaoke are generally easy to sing for most people unless you are blessed with a great voice, you can attempt the more difficult songs that most of us avoid.

Have fun with them as this will ensure a bubbly party vibe for eveyone to get involved in.

Apart from being fun party songs to sing, they will be virtually impossible for you to mess up!

Update Your Playlist

I daresay you already have a great playlist on hand covering many different genres of music which will include many of your favorite karaoke tracks.

Hopefully we will help you to add some more of the best songs for karaoke to your list.

How good will you feel if you choose a song that will make you sound like a genuine star at your next karaoke party.

If you love music and dancing, karaoke gives you the perfect opportunity to pull out all the stops and smash each and every performance with confidence.

Let's take a look at some of the best songs for karaoke especially the fun tracks that you can 'Ace' with ease.

The Best Songs For Karaoke Playlist:

ronettes be my baby

Take a step back in time with this classic song.

Ronnie Spector formed the group in 1957 and released this hit single in 1963.

A great song for karaoke.

b-52s love shack

This 1989 hit always gets the crowd going.

It is a great song to lift the mood at any karaoke night.

ben e. king stand by me

A classic 1961 hit and a real tear jerker.

Who doesn't need a good karaoke cry now & again?

Sing, Cry & Enjoy!

eurythmics sweet dreams (are made of this)

Annie Lennox & Dave Stuart, what a combination!

This 80s hit with repetitive lyrics will go down well with any crowd.

carley rae jepsen call me maybe

A truly infectious track. 

You will be lucky to get the verses out before everybody starts singing out the chorus!

tina turner the best

It is, simply the best!!

Leave this soft rock number until later in the night, because when you have had the best what else is left?

jackson five i want you back

Get some of those Jackson Five moves on display for a showstopping performance that will win any crowd over.

elton john & kiki dee don't go breaking my heart

Fancy a duet?

Two great artists recorded this classic back in 1976 & this was Eltons' first No.1 in the UK.

A karaoke winner!

katrina & the waves walking on sunshine

This is one of those great feel good songs for karaoke that everybody knows and will be more than happy to sing along to.

Greenday time of your life

Let's hope you have the time of your life with this Greenday classic.

Always a hit at karaoke.

dolly parton jolene

Any song by this iconic artist will always go down well at any karaoke night.

Get your 'Dolly Twang' going & you will bring the house down.

journey dont stop believin'

Get the party off to a great start with this classic.

One of the easier songs to sing & get the crowd going.

Don't stop believin', you can do it!

abba waterloo

No worries about taking a chance on this Abba Eurovision Contest winner.

A great choice at karaoke for everybody to get involved.

billy joel uptown girl

One of those hit songs that never gets old!

Covered by various artists but never a match for the Billy Joel original.

toto africa

Who doesn't know this song?

Always sure to get a crowd singing along.

A definite karaoke pleaser!

sonny & cher i got you babe

Not only a great song for a duet but a song that you can have lots of fun with whilst you sing.


rick astley never gonna give you up

You will be singing this song for days after your performance.

It is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head!

jennifer lopez jenny from the block

We could never leave J.Lo of the list of the best songs for karaoke, could we?

wilson phillips hold on

'I know there's pain' Well lets hope not!

Get the girls together and give this one your all!

adele someone like you

Adele has written & recorded some of the greatest hit songs ever.

She is an amazing artist with an outstanding vocal ability.

Let's face it, you are going to need some pretty good 'pipes' if you take on any Adele song!

Don't say we didn't warn you!

Keep On Singing!!

Our picks of the best songs for karaoke will keep you 'warbling' long into the night.

Virtually impossible to mess up (well in most cases). Have fun singing them & be sure to add them to your karaoke party playlist.

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