Timeless Hits..

A collection of hits to get you singing on the right note.

Many of us are not blessed with the vocal chords of Whitney or Mariah, but we can still enjoy belting out lots of great songs that are virtually impossible to mess up.

Timeless hits

Best Rock Karaoke Songs – Rock Your World!

Rock karaoke songs have become much more popular in recent years, allowing [...]

Best Rap Karaoke Songs: Unleash Your Inner Rapper!

Best Rap Karaoke Songs Are you a fan of rap music and [...]

Disney Karaoke Songs – Let The Magic Begin!

Introduction Disney karaoke songs are a great way to bring the magic [...]

Best 80s Karaoke Songs: Top Picks for Your Next Singing Session.

Introduction If you are looking to take your karaoke game to the [...]

20 Karaoke Songs For Low Female Voices: Showcase Your Range!

Introduction If you are a woman with a low voice who loves [...]

Funny Karaoke Songs: Top Picks for Your Next Party!

IntroductionAre you looking to add a little humor to your upcoming karaoke [...]

Best Karaoke Duets – Unforgetable Harmonies

Introduction It takes two!! If you are looking for the perfect karaoke [...]

50 Boot Kickin’ Country Karaoke Songs.

IntroductionCountry music is a genre that resonates with people from all walks [...]

Top 50 Best Karaoke Songs for Women – Essential Guide!!

Table of ContentsIntroductionBest Karaoke Songs For Women: The Classics (1-10)Pop Hits to [...]

Top 10 Karaoke Songs Of All Time – Party Favorites!

IntroductionMost Karaoke Kooks will have a special go-to song that they love [...]

2000s Karaoke Songs – Relive The Noughties!

Warm up those 'pipes' and get ready to party the night away [...]

Classic Rock Karaoke Songs – Epic Anthems

It's time to channel your inner Freddie Mercury or Bon Jovi with [...]

Good Karaoke Duets – It Takes Two!

There is nothing more satisfying than performing some good karaoke duets with [...]

Top Karaoke Songs – Party Favorites!

From golden oldie favorites to current chart toppers, when it comes to [...]

Female Country Karaoke Songs – Top 15

Love it or hate it, Country music is here to stay!Country songs [...]

What Is The Most Requested Song At Karaoke? Revealed!!

Many people often ask the question' What is the most requested song [...]

Most Common Karaoke Songs – Popular Top 20 Hits!

It's karaoke party time again, get ready to 'let your hair down' [...]

Easy Karaoke Duets – Double The Fun!!

Do you love karaoke but are a little hesitant about climbing up [...]

Golden Era – 90s RnB Karaoke Songs

​IntroductionIf 90s RnB karaoke is your thing, then you have come to [...]

Best Eminem Karaoke Songs – Rap God!!

If you don't know who the infamous Marshall Mathers is and the [...]

Best Spanish Karaoke Songs – Classic Latino Hits

​IntroductionWhat better way to impress your friends and family than with a [...]

Elton John Karaoke Songs – Top 10 Classic Hits!!

Sir Elton 'Hercules' John is an iconic British singer who has released [...]

Irish Karaoke Songs – Come Into The Parlour

IntroductionIf you are looking for some Irish inspiration for your next karaoke [...]

Best Queen Karaoke Songs – Top 12 Killer Tracks!

Deciding which are the best Queen karaoke songs out of the phenomenal [...]

Karaoke Reggae Songs – 15 Jammin’ Greats

IntroductionReggae is a music genre that is popular throughout the world. There [...]

Karaoke Songs That Make You Dance – Disco Fever!!

If you love to sing and dance then karaoke is an absolute [...]

20 Classic Karaoke Songs – Unforgettable Hits!

It's karaoke night and time for you to get your best 'superstar' [...]

Ultimate 60s Karaoke Songs – 15 Golden Oldies!

​IntroductionIf you are not old enough to have grown up in the [...]

70s Karaoke Songs – Peace, Love & Karaoke!

​IntroductionIt's time for some 'Saturday Night Fever'....  Get those 'Good Vibrations' flowing [...]

Top 20 Reggae Karaoke Songs – We’re Jammin’!!

Fancy a little Jammin' with a glass or two of Red, Red, [...]

Unforgettable 50s Karaoke Songs – Rock ‘N’ Roll Days!

Get those blue suede shoes on, get ready to shake, rattle, roll [...]

Easy Karaoke Songs For Women – Girl Power!

​IntroductionHave you got a karaoke party coming up and are not sure [...]

Nostalgic 80s Karaoke Songs – Smash Hits

A Nostalgic Decade With Nostalgic 80s Karaoke Songs80s Music & Karaoke... Simply [...]

Karaoke Songs For A Group – Final Countdown!

Unforgettable party nights with classic karaoke songs for a group performance!!We all [...]

What Are The Top 10 Karaoke Songs For Females?

Introduction​There are so many brilliant songs from different eras and genres that [...]

Best Song To Karaoke The Night Away | Must See!

Oops - We Did It Again!!We went on a search for the [...]

What is the Greatest Karaoke Song of All Time? – Results are In!

Next time you grab the mic to soak up the spotlight, make [...]

Best Christmas Karaoke Songs | Top 15

It definitely is the most wonderful time of the year, and it's [...]

Best Karaoke Songs R&B

Karaoke is all about getting everyone to sing along regardless of talent. [...]

16 Best Karaoke Songs 2000s

Millennium...Nostalgia for the 2000s is now gaining in popularity for themed nights [...]

10 Best Karaoke Duets Country Style

The Grand Ole Opry!Don't we all just love a lil bit of [...]

What Are The Top 10 Karaoke Songs?

Showcase Your Voice...I'm sure most of us at some stage in life [...]

30 Best Karaoke Songs Of The 90s

What Music Defines The 90s...Regardless of the era that brings back your [...]

24 Best Karaoke Songs For Duets

It Takes Two...You either love them or hate them, but there is [...]

19 Best Karaoke Songs For Bad Singers

Are You The Worst Singer?When it comes to karaoke you have two [...]

32 Best Karaoke Songs of the 80s

A Decade of Iconic Sounds! The '80s heralded a decade of iconic [...]

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