Toddler Karaoke Machines – Sing & Learn

There is no doubt about it toddlers can be a handful! Keeping them occupied & entertained with engaging activities can be a full time job on its' own.

The toddler stage is where your child is developing emotionally, physically & socially and they are ready for more structure and fun challenges in their lives.

Toddler karaoke machines are an excellent beneficial activity that will help your childs' development in several ways. 


Singing is not only a fun activity for a toddler it also helps them physically as it requires deep breathing which in turn helps to strengthen their lungs.


Your little ones brain will learn to focus on different things at the one time such as words, rhythm & pitch.


A childs' emotional wellbeing should take priority over anything else. Singing not only improves a childs' self confidence it also makes them feel happy.

Regardless of a toddlers age, give them a microphone and even if they are not fully talking yet, they will get enjoyment from 'babbling' into the mic and using the features & effects such as voice changing that toddler karaoke machines incorporate.

Some toddler karaoke machines have interactive games that not only pique there curiosity but also provide them with lots of entertainment.

Check out or Top 5 Toddler Karaoke Machines Below:

Singing Machine Kids Pedestal (SMK1010)

Kids will absolutely love this pedestal karaoke machine. Mom & Dad can join in too as the unit comes with 2 mics & 6 fun voice effects for double the fun!

Singing Machine Kids Pedestal

Singing machine

Detachable - Main Unit Detachable from the Base.

2 Wired Mics - Toddlers can Duet with their Buddies.

Adjustable Base - Adjusts from 25 to 36 inches.

Voice Effects - Robot, Chipmunk, Male, Female & Radio.

Bluetooth - Connect via Bluetooth or Line-in and sing your favorite songs.

Memory to Record - Record Up To 3 mins of your Performance & Playback.

Device Holder - Keep Bluetooth Compatible Device Secure in Cradle.

The SMK1010 is a bundle of fun and one of the more popular toddler karaoke machines that will keep all the family entertained for hours on end.

WosToo Electric Karaoke Keyboard

One of the best multi-function toddler karaoke machines designed specifically for 'little fingers'. Made from ABS material which is not harmful, the machine is sturdy and has a sleek design that kids will love.

All toddlers love to sing and this is a great way to develop their interest in music form an early age. They can learn to play piano & sing along using the attached wired microphone to all their favorite songs.

With a record & playback function they can learn how to develop their technique. Features include many different kinds of rhythm & toner sounds & 50 demos with adjustment of beats & volume.

This is the perfect karaoke keyboard for a little beginner and will provide hours of fun and entertainment for everyone.

WosToo Electric Karaoke Keyboard


Mic x1 - Attached wired Mic to Play Music & Sing ( Detachable).

Electronic Piano - 61 Keys Made of Plastic & Electronic Components. 

Built in Lithium Ion Battery - Up to 10hrs of Playing Time.

USB Cable - Connect via Cable (Included).

50 Demo Songs - Plenty to Keep Toddlers Entertained.

Record / Playback Function - Have Fun Listening to Your Recordings.

Speakers x2 - Duel Speakers Ensemble.

Multi-Function - 100's of Rhythm & Tone Sounds. 

This popular electric keyboard enables kids to enjoy hours of wonderful music and is a perfect gift for little ones to practice & develop their musical talents.

VTech Zoom Jamz Rock and Roar Karaoke Machine

The 'wheels on the bus' will be going round & round when your toddlers get their hands on the real working microphone on the VTech Zoo Jamz.

With 30 kids popular songs & melodies they can sing along with or without the lyrics. The 30 songs introduce kids to both numbers & letters and they can watch the animations on the LCD screen as they sing & dance.

The wacky voice changing effects include low & high pitched, echo & robot. To add to the fun kids can play games by pressing the 5 light-up buttons.

Before you know it, the 'alphabet song', 'wheels on the bus' & many more kids favorites will be ringing in your ears all day long!

VTech Zoo Jamz Rock and Roar Karaoke Machine


Voice Effects - Wacky Voice Changing Effects for Lots More Fun.

Interactive Games - Blow into the Mic to Make Bubbles or Help Lion Catch Music Notes & More. 

Light-up Buttons - Choose Songs to Sing that Introduce Numbers, Letters or Animals.

Mic x1 - Kids will Love Singing with a Real-Working Mic.

Battery operated - Requires 3AA Batteries.

Without a doubt this is one of the more popular toddler karaoke machines that will not only provide hours of fun and entertainment but will also introduce your child to new sounds, numbers & letters.

Learning whilst having fun, what more could you ask for?

Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine

Never mind little pretenders, there are sure to be some 'big pretenders' getting in on the act with this gem of a toddler karaoke machine!! Unleash your childs' (or your) inner diva with this popular karaoke stage microphone. 

The high quality & child- friendly design will appeal to any child and will keep them entertained all day long.

The adjustable stand supports one sing along microphone and an additional handheld mic which will allow one of their buddies to join in the fun too.

An optional handle allows them to carry the lightweight speaker as they sing & dance wherever they wish. It is easily assembled/disassembled for a quick set-up and storage.

An Aux cable is included to connect to compatible devices & stream music for kids to sing along to all their favorite songs. All kids love flashing lights and they will not be disappointed with the built-in multi-color stage lights that flash when they are singing.

To add to the fun and take singing to the next level, the little budding pop stars can press the left foot pedal to add some tunes & the right foot pedal to hear lots of applause for their performances.

Little Pretender kids Karaoke Machine

little pretender

Adjustable Stand - Optional Handle to Carry Lightweight Speaker.

Mic x2 - 1 Singalong Mic & 1 Handheld Mic.

Flashing Stage Lights - Create a Fun Party Atmosphere.

Audio - Excellent Sound Quality.

Volume Control - Adjust to Your Requirements.

Aux Enabled - Connect to Compatible Devices.

Battery Operated - 4AA Batteries Included.

The Little Pretender is one of the best toddler karaoke machines that will provide all 'little stars' & maybe 'big stars' too, with never ending hours of entertainment!

eKids Frozen Sing Along Boombox With Mic

You can't let this adorable Disney Frozen 2 Sing along Boombox go!!!

Kids will sing their hearts out with this fun musical toy that has everything they will ever need to be the star of the show. They can sing along to the built-in music which includes the well known song 'Into The Unknown' as eye-catching flashing lights create the perfect atmosphere for their performances.

They can 'ditch the hairbrush' & grab the real working microphone and they will feel like they are part of the much loved movie Frozen 2 as they dance & sing to the music.

The built-in Aux speaker connects easily to compatible devices that have a 3.5mm jack. They can listen to their favorite playlists through the built-in karaoke speaker.

The kid-friendly design has a built-in handle, easy to use controls and is light weight & portable. 

Kids can show off their singing talents anywhere & everywhere keeping themselves in the spotlight for everyone to see!

eKids Sing Along Boombox Speaker With Mic


Mic x1 - Real Working Microphone.

Graphics - Inspired by the Movie Frozen.

Flashing Light - Create a Fun Karaoke Experience.

Built-In Speaker -  Provides Quality Audio.

Built - In Music -  Includes 'Into The Unknown' for all Elsa Fans to Sing Along Too.

Portable & Lightweight - Take the Party Anywhere.

Ages 3 & Up - Suitable for Ages 3yrs+.

The eKids Frozen Sing Along 2 Boombox is the perfect gift that will provide endless hours of karaoke fun, especially for all those little princess's who love to perform as Disney's Elsa. You will enjoy watching them have the time of their lives singing and dancing to all of their favorite Disney songs.

"There is a princess inside all of us"

Final Thoughts

Toddlers love to sing, and next time they ask you to 'Look At Me', hopefully they will not be holding a wooden spoon as a pretend mic. They will have 1 of the Top 5 toddler karaoke machine microphones in their hand!

You never know you might have an up & coming toddler rock star on your hands!

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