What are Lyrics in a Song? Powerful Expressions!!

Lyrics are words that make up a song and usually consist of verses and choruses.

It is the lyrics that give any song meaning and although many songs do not have lyrics to enhance them, they do give a song a story.

So, what are lyrics in a song? Generally lyrics are powerful expressions of feelings and emotions from the writer...

Lyrics are a way of conveying sentiment and a story to music. They are simply words that are sung and any song that does not have lyrics is an instrumental.

Some lyrics are just plain words, some are poetic and some are totally inane to a point where the lyrics don't matter.

One exception to this is 'scat singing' where there are no words, just a bunch of nonsensical syllables usually found within the Jazz culture.

What are lyrics in a song that typify scat singing?

These vocals allow the artist to move vocal expression towards abstraction and modes of meaning that are musical rather than verbal.

A good example of this is:

"da la be she - bo do - wa!! or do- be-do - bap-di-she-wah"

Artists like Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, Cab Calloway and Mel Torme were most famous for 'scat singing'.

What are lyrics in a song that inspire and motivate us?

Generally a lyric is an expression of a writers' thoughts or emotions put to music.

Song writers create their own masterpieces by knowing the typical song layout.

What are lyrics in a song?


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    Chorus & Bridge


This sets up the song and is found at the beginning. It establishes important elements such as the key, rhythm & tempo.

The intro is more than often the same music (without singing over it) as the verse or even the chorus.

Often an intro will not have any material found later in the song. Ultimately this is to create interest & encourage the listener to keep playing it.

Typically the intro lasts up to 4 bars.


This is where we here the 'Story'. 

There are usually multiple verses with different lyrics although the melody will most likely remain the same.

Each verse / lyrics continue 'The Story' for the listener.

Most commercial songs last for approx. 3-4 minutes, so it is a good idea to keep the song verses to just a few lines or under 1 minute.


The Pre-Chorus is often shorter than a verse or chorus and is not a necessary component.


This is where the big 'Pay Off' comes in.

The verse & Pre-Chorus are reduced to a repeated sentiment.

The chorus is usually the song title and is similar each time it repeats.


This section has different lyrics from the verse & chorus and provides some relief from the repetitive nature that many songs tend to have.

The music is slightly different too as generally it will start on a different chord than the verse & chorus.

Continue to enjoy listening to music with a better understanding of the common elements of each song.

You will have an insight into how writers & musicians use these different components to relay their stories.

Do You Listen To The Lyrics Of Songs?

Many of us will often hear a song on the Radio, TV or YouTube and instantly think "Wow That's A Cool Tune".

We often like the sound of the music and generally overlook the lyrics. Not paying attention to the lyrics means that we never grasp what the song is actually about.

Music is not something that is simply pleasing to the ears, it stands out on its' own as an art form. It is a platform for creative expression describing your joy or your pain.

What are lyrics in a song telling us?

Lyrics allow your emotions and inner most feelings to become known to one and all.

Music brings everyone together, and if you are one of those people who does not take time to listen to the lyrics of the songs then we would encourage you to do so.

You will find that the words will speak to you giving you a new outlook on the song itself, and you will soon find that you will fall in love with a song instantly.

If however you are a person who always listens to the lyrics of a song, then I have no need to tell you (But I Will!), that the feeling of being absolutely in love with a song is a powerful emotion.

Your Choice Of Song Defines You?

We are all exposed to music in one way or another throughout our lives, generally from a very early age. 

Singing nursery rhymes & learning the alphabet through music and repetition are in their own way creating within us a love for music.

Although we may not realize it at such a young age, we are learning to appreciate and gain an understanding of music that will be a constant throughout our lives.

What are lyrics in a song and how do they impact our lives?.

Does this influence us in how we act & feel?. 

General opinion is, that music does define a person. Music itself is a most powerful art form and we gravitate towards it due to its' message, beat and atmosphere.

We all have different tastes and different experiences of how music makes us feel. Some of us have a broad taste in music and will listen to certain artists depending on our mood.

It can impact depression, illness, productivity, spending and our perception of the world in which we live.

Music can make us feel lots of different emotions some positive, some negative.

It has power over our feelings and it has been said that:

laurel trainor

prof.psychology Neuroscience & behavior

No other species has evolved in such a way to ascribe meaning and create emotional responses to music as humans...

Music definitely defines us greatly because it was meant to!!

That is why music is simply mesmerizing.