What is the Greatest Karaoke Song of All Time? – Results are In!

Next time you grab the mic to soak up the spotlight, make sure you select the right song to sing.

What is the greatest karaoke song of all time that will bring the house down?

As we all know song choice is vital as it can make or break a great karaoke night.

With so many great songs & genres to choose from you are bound to find a song in our list of great karaoke songs of all time.

Remember, you don't need to have a great voice to knock it 'outta' the park' and you can always double up with a buddy for a duet and have double the fun.

Our top selection range from fun karaoke party songs to soppy love songs giving you plenty to consider.

Whichever you decide is best suited to your vocal capabilities, we are sure you will find your inner superstar when you get up and grab the mic.

What Is The Greatest Karaoke Song Of All Time? Top 20 Countdown!

Frank sinatra My Way

From Mr Smooth himself, this is a great song for all to join in with at the end of any karaoke party night. My Way is considered to be one of Sinatra's best known tracks.

Eminem lose yourself

All the wannabe rappers will no doubt request this song to perform. When it comes to rap music this is an ultimate crowd pleaser & because everyone knows the chorus your audience will be more than happy to rap the night away.

human league don't you want me

What is the greatest karaoke song of all time that will make any party go down a storm? Great for duets, groups & couples to perform, this 80's song always gets a great reaction from audiences as they are all sure to know the chorus.

amy winehouse valerie

Intro & verses on this catchy number always get the crowd up on their feet. The chorus is catchy and everybody loves to sing along, so come on over and join in the fun!

rick astley never gonna give you up

An ultimate crowd pleaser across all age groups. When the intro kicks in everyone will be on their feet and will never give up. Never gonna leave this smash hit off my karaoke playlist.

britney spears  hit me baby one more time

Groups & soloists are always prepared to give this one a shot. Britney burst on to the 90's scene with this catchy little number that went straight to the top of the charts.

b-52's love shack

Coming in at No.14 of what is the greatest karaoke song of all time are the B-52's. Impossible to mess up, Love Shack is a great choice for karaoke. Although it is not everyones' favorite song it is still high on the list of popular karaoke songs of all time.

madonna like a prayer

Not an easy song to sing but who cares? Even if you are not the greatest singer, you will still put on a crowd pleasing performance with this classic from Madonna.

robbie williams angels

This cheesy ballad is nearly always requested near the end of any karaoke night. Loved by both young & old this is a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

proclaimers 500 miles

Who cares if you can sing or not to this classic hit from the Scottish duo. Just jump up and down & make some noise!

oasis wonderwall

An absolute karaoke favorite in the UK and sung in most karaoke bars around the world. Catchy & light, Wonderwall will always be on every Karaoke Kooks playlist.

The beatles | hey jude

Over 50 years old believe it or not!! This Beatles classic is still being requested regularly at karaoke. Perfect for the middle-age group who want a bit of nostalgia on a night out.

spice girls | wannabe

Group songs are always popular at karaoke and Wannabe is up there with the best of them. This iconic pop classic simply has to be on everyones karaoke playlist.

whitney houston | i wanna dance with somebody

Amateurs should leave this one alone. As we all know Whitney had one of the greatest female voices of all time so there is a lot to live up to. If you are confident enough, don't hold back & give it a shot.

queen | don't stop me now

This classic hit remains popular with karaoke singers all over the world. There is no need to question what is the greatest karaoke song of all time, as the iconic rock band Queen will always be in the running.  Although one of the easier Queen songs to perform you will still need a good 'rock voice' to carry it off, not forgetting a good vocal range. Get your best Freddie on & Smash it!

abba | dancing queen

You will most certainly be 'having the time of your life' when you get into the groove & start dancing to this classic hit. Over 40 years after they split up, Abba are back again with a new album topping the No.1 spot in the charts. This is the ultimate karaoke crowd pleaser.

the grease cast | summer nights

What else is there to say except "Tell me more, Tell me more". This has to be one of the greatest movie & karaoke songs of all time. Both young and old can join in. This classic will remain a firm karaoke favorite for many years to come.

neil diamond | sweet caroline

Not-so-great singers love this classic, and guaranteed, it is always played at some point during the night. It has become an anthem all over the world and really, it is impossible to mess up.

journey | don't stop believin

Due to featuring on the hit TV show Glee, this cheesy 80's rock song has had a huge surge in popularity over the last few decades. Love it, or hate it, generally this song gets a great reaction from the audience.

michael jackson | billie jean

What is the greatest karaoke song of all time? - TOP SPOT

This classic 80's hit is rumored to be the Most Popular Karaoke Song Of All Time. MJ composed the music for this song in his head as he drove down the freeway. He became so engrossed in it, he failed to notice that his car had caught on fire until a passing motorist informed him... This not only saved MJ's life but also this classic song.

Top 20 Greatest Karaoke Songs Of All Time.

From Sweet Caroline to Dancing Queen & Billie Jean we have selected 20 of the greatest karaoke songs of all time. We would love to here from Karaoke Kooks across the Globe with all your favorite songs to add to our top picks.